Kabir In A Big Trouble. Till Love Do Us Part 29 April 2022, Friday Pt2: Episode 238


The Episode started with Angre coming home hurt. Ishani worried seeing his state. He said I am fine. She then saw his leg bleeding and got the first aid. She asked how did this happen, it’s because of Vansh, you won’t go for his work, listen to me, Vansh puts everyone’s life at risk, you are my husband, it’s important to remind him, stay here and she went to Vansh.

Riddhima said I swear, I didn’t do anything. Ishani came and said how dare you do this, this is my husband’s blood, it’s because of you, you sent him on a dangerous missions. She asked Riddhima to stay out of it. She asked Vansh not to rule Angre’s brain, stop using him like a bullet proof jacket and she left.

Vansh became angry and hurts his hand. Riddhima asked are you hurt. He said I am hurt, you are robbing in the house, why are you doing it. She said I don’t want to say. He asked why, what’s wrong, tell me if anyone is threatening you, what happened in the six hours, you don’t trust me. Riddhima said I trust you.

He asked why don’t you tell me. She said I don’t want to tell you and Vansh left. She said I would have told you if it was just about me, it’s not just about me, how long will I play this game, once I give the black box to Vyom, the deal will be over, I will tell the entire truth to you.

It’s morning, Vansh woke up and didn’t see Riddhima beside him and he went to Angre. He asked Ishani to open the door. Ishani asked what do you want. He said I need to talk to Angre. Ishani asked why don’t you leave Angre. Vansh said she is angry, she loves you a lot, Angre, I want that cottage location. Angre said I will forward it, I will come along. Ishani asked can’t you see he is hurt, you should respect him, he is the son in law of the house. Angre said he is my boss. She asked him to value himself and remember his status. Vansh said sorry, I will go myself, I won’t use him like a bullet proof vest, rest Angre and he left.

Vyom talked to Riddhima. She said I am not your partner, I will fulfill my deal today, then I will get for what I am doing this. He asked will you really get it. She said it’s none of your business. Kiara stopped Vansh and said I need to talk to you, it’s important. Vansh said focus on Aryan, it will be good for us. She said I need to talk to you, give me 1 min. He said fine, tell me,he got a call and asked her to wait. She said I think there is a connection between this tattoo and the black box, nobody else can understand this.

Kabir became angry at Riddhima. He fell down and she smiled. She recalled shooting Kabir. She said the one who make death trap for others get trapped in it, you wanted to kill Vansh, it’s next to impossible. He asked why didn’t you kill me.

She said this game will go according to me, I also play well, I am not the old Riddhima, I am a new Riddhima, you have changed me, I used to live a simple life, I wanted a happy married life with you, your plans were different, you burnt my dreams, you taught me planning, I got this second chance to punish you, trust me, I won’t lose. Kabir said you will lose, when Vansh learns your secret, he won’t be happy, he will do worse, I know him well, he isn’t of anyone.

She asked him to take rest and he lay in chains. He said you are foolish and will always be, you think you will succeed, Vansh is very clever, he will not let you succeed, he will not leave me and you also. He laughed and said go and complete your deal. She asked the man to shift Kabir, Vansh is coming here. Kabir acted and the guard asked him to come. Kabir pushed the guard outside. Riddhima said we have to take him out, we don’t have time.

Aryan asked did you understand it. Ishani thinks. Aryan said you will believe me now right, Vansh has fooled us well. She said it means Riddhima had no duplicate, well played Vansh, why didn’t you tell Dadi. Aryan said you had seen the family drama, we can’t get lucky always, I will find a proof and prove to Dadi that Vansh is playing a bad game.

She said I am with you, Vansh and Riddhima will not win, once Dadi knows it, we will get what we wanted, you will get Vansh’s position, I will get my husband who is in Vansh’s clutches, we have to snatch Vansh’s power, he has exploited his position. He said I need one proof, then it will be the end of Vansh and Riddhima’s story.

Vansh reached the cottage. He entered and checked but didn’t see anyone there. He saw the chains and saw the blood stain on the wall. He then saw an address written on the wall. He took a pic of it and left. Riddhima and the man got Kabir to the new place. She got the keys and recalled getting inside the door.

The man beats up Kabir. Riddhima then injected Kabir. She wrote the address on the wall when she saw Vansh coming. She said keep this money, our work will end soon, give this dose when he gets conscious, don’t give him overdose. She thinks before Vansh knows that address is fake, I have to do another important work.

Vansh said Riddhima fooled me, interesting. She stole the black box and showed it to Vyom. Vyom asked him to fulfill the deal. Vansh saw her stealing the box and followed her.

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