Ridhima Tells Vansh She Is Pregnant. Till Love Do Us Part 29 March 2022, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 191


The Episode started with everyone dancing at the party. Ishani sees Vansh and Riddhima together and left. Vansh said Riddhima. He went after Ishani and stopped her. He said you remember, we used to go for dance classes together, how we used to dance, I know you are worried, please trust me and danced with her. He then recalled the incident. She went to dance with Angre and Vansh went away. Riddhima said Dadi, I will just come.

Kabir thinks I will fix my name rose in your hair today. Kabir went to Riddhima and fixed the rose. She smiled and said Vansh. She turned but didn’t see anyone. Kabir went away. Vansh came to her and she asked where did you go, I was looking for you, lets dance and they danced.

Everyone smiled. Vansh opened her arms for Riddhima and she smiled. Vansh thinks why didn’t Riddhima complete her flying step like always. Riddhima went and hel Vansh. She said I can’t do this step. He asked why, you okay. She said yes, but I can’t do this step to keep someone special safe. He asked who is it, Riddhima. She made him hold her tummy and smiled. She said you know what I feel, you will become the world’s best father.

He became shocked and recalls the lady’s curse. She said you aren’t finding words to express happiness, my state was the same. Vansh stepped back and left. She said what happened to Vansh, he went without reaction and she went to call him out. She asked where are you Vansh and looked for him. She said you are here, I tried to find you everywhere, I have given you a big good news, aren’t you happy, tell me, you didn’t celebrate this good news with me, I am talking to you and Vansh looked at her.

She said I thought you will be so happy, what shall I think of your silence, you are nervous, you don’t understand how to react. Vansh said leave me alone. She asked the matter. She stopped him and said I won’t let you go until you talk to me. She asked him to go, be alone, but tell the reason for his weird behavior. She swore on him and said I won’t move from here. He turned and saw her keeping hand over the candle and he went to care for her. She said I am hurt by your silence, Vansh, we are going to become mum and dad, it’s a big happiness, it’s the sign of our love. He asked what’s the need, aren’t we enough to keep our love.

She said our relation is getting a new identity, you tell me that you love me and want to spend life with me, you don’t want to become a dad, aren’t you happy. He said stop it Riddhima, I can’t fulfill this responsibility. She said look at me, why do you think so, you can fulfill this responsibility easily, you felt that you can never fall in love after Ragini but you did, you have taught me to take up responsibility, I have made you a husband and will make you a good dad.

He said you don’t know my past. She said listen to me, you always tell me that past doesn’t matter, it’s our future that we are going to become mum and dad. He said I don’t want to become a dad and he left. It’s morning, Riddhima came from the washroom in a weak state,she ran back to vomit. Vansh asked are you okay, Riddhima, open the door. She said I have stomach ache, call the doctor, please. He made her lie down and called the doctor for her.

Doctor checked her. She said nothing to worry, everything is fine, this happens in pregnancy. She asked Vansh to relax, his wife and baby are fine, this will go on, he has to be patient, get Riddhima to the clinic for sonography. Vansh said sure and the Doctor left. Siya and everyone came. Siya asked why did the doctor come. Ishani said she is a gynac, she was attending to me during pregnancy. Dadi said I understood.

She hugged Riddhima and said congrats. Siya asked what happened. Dadi said Riddhima is pregnant and everyone looked on. Ishani clapped and said congrats bhai, I am going to become Bua, I will free the toy room now and she left. Siya said congrats, I am very happy. Dadi asked Riddhima to take care. She asked Vansh to take care of Riddhima. They all left and Vansh looked at Riddhima.

Aryan got angry and hits a dark at Vansh and Riddhima’s pic. He said if this baby comes into the world, then he will get all the business and property, my plans will go waste, this baby can’t come into this world at any cost. Ishani recalled and said Vansh saved Riddhima because she is pregnant, he took my baby’s life to save her baby, Riddhima came to give me the good news, that baby is alive on the cost of my baby’s life, this is cheating Vansh, Riddhima can’t live the happiness of my share, she can’t be happy.

Dadi asked Riddhima to take care and have anything she wants. Chanchal got angry and said Aryan won’t get anything if Riddhima’s baby comes into the world. Her finger got hurt while cutting the vegs. She said this blood is the solution of all my problems. Dadi applied colour to Riddhima’s hands and Siya took a pic of them. Riddhima thinks I have to do something that Vansh loves this baby. Kabir looked on and said I know Vansh doesn’t want to become a dad, very soon Riddhima and her baby will be mine and smiled looking at her.

Vansh was getting romantic with Riddhima saying the meaning of love for him is Riddhima. On his heart, only Riddhima is written all over. She asked if he can make her name size on his heart a little smaller and write another name. He became serious and said he doesn’t want to talk about that topic. Later, Kabir told Vansh that he will raise the child and give father’s love. Vansh got angry, grabbed him, and warned him to stay away from Riddhima. If he even thinks to go closer, then he can’t imagine what kind of things Vansh will do to him…Read more

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