Ridhima Seeks Vihaan’s Help To Drive Kabir Away. Till Love Do Us Part 3 February 2022, Thursday Pt2: Episode 122


The Episode started with Riddhima saying I didn’t wish to hurt Dadi, I have to do something, find some way to tell you the truth, I didn’t cheat you, I can never cheat you and she cried. Kabir said Vansh, I will have right on this house, I will erase all your memories. Anupriya said I don’t understand how did Riddhima say yes so soon.

He said she had to say yes because of her emotions, she has no courage to fight with me, never. Riddhima said Dadi please refuse for this marriage, I hope Dadi reads this letter, I will put this in her room, I will never marry Kabir in next 7 births. She placed the letter for Dadi. Ishani said I know you are hurt because of Riddhima’s yes, give me permission, I will throw her out of this house. Dadi cried and Kabir came there.

He said I have to talk to Dadi in private. Dadi held Ishani’s hand and she left. Kabir said I want to tell you about myself, if you think I am wrong, then I will take mum and go far from this house, I am walking on your son’s path, he did a good thing, he gave support to my mum and gave her all the happiness, I am trying to do the same, I have favors from this house, I want to take up Riddhima and this house responsibility on myself, Vansh also wanted this, that I take up this responsibility, even if you feel that I am doing wrong, then give me a sign, I will go away from this house, very far, don’t stay upset, I want to get happiness in the house, I can’t see you hurt. He thinks didn’t she get any sense after this big drama. She looked at him and left.

Riddhima said did Dadi read the letter or not, she should have replied by now, I think she read the letter and Dadi came to her. She said Riddhima, you can marry Kabir and Riddhima became shocked. Dadi said I have no complains if you are happy. Riddhima thinks why is Dadi saying this. Dadi said Vansh will always be my son and you will be his wife, but you can’t bear the burden of relations forever, no need to clarify, I understand and she left. Riddhima said Dadi had to say no, how did she say yes. Kabir came with the burnt paper. He recalled Aryan calling him. Flashback showed Aryan saying Riddhima had written a letter for Dadi, she wants Dadi to refuse for the marriage.

Kabir went and stepped on the letter. He picked the letter after Dadi left. He said make one mistake and see, then I will have ashes of the family members, not this paper, family said yes, you also said yes, so now Riddhima, just three days, I will marry you and he sang. He said three days is important, then next mahurat isn’t for 6 months and she scolded him. He said I am the one who can do anything for my wish.

He made her wear a dupatta. He showed Kabir Riddhima written on it. He said wearing this dupatta, you will be mine, from Mrs. Riddhima Vansh to Mrs. Riddhima Kabir, countdown has begun, 72 hours more, then I will fill my name sindoor in your maang, you will be mine completely and he left. She thinks of his words. She said I was Vansh’s wife and will always be his wife, I have found a way to avoid this marriage.

Vihaan checked the the door and saw Riddhima. He asked what happened now, did goons get after you again. She said I need your help and showed him Vansh’s pic. He asked why did you photoshop my pic, I look very handsome in beard. She said he is my husband Vansh Rai Singhania, I want you to take his look and help me, shall we get inside, I will explain everything.

He asked what, Vansh, your late husband, how is this possible, it’s impossible, just this beard and hair are different, now I understand, that’s why you got shocked seeing me that day, you thought you have seen your husband’s ghost and left. She nodded and asked will you do my work. He said not so sure, you are asking me to play a game which can be dangerous, I mean I find ways to earn quick money, but this game is dangerous, just face matches, everyone will know that I am not your husband, but his first copy. She said I qm ready to give you as much money as you want. He turned and smiled.

She said and about becoming like Vansh, I will tell you his habit and train you, it will be my work. He said the proposal is interesting and tempting. She said don’t go in any other direction. He asked what’s the catch, what’s your profit. She said it not important for you to know this, I will tell you according to the plan, tell me if you are ready, else I will find an other way and she turned to go. He joked on her attitude. He said you know well that you need my face, Vihaan is just one in this world, I will tell you the price of my exclusive face, 5 crores. She asked what. He said maybe this work is last for my life, booking payment is 50 lakhs.

She asked how will I get such a big amount. He said you can get it, my time is precious, if you don’t get money in 24 hours, then the deal is off and he went to his chair. He said shut the door while going, I don’t like it cold and she left. He said am I right or am I right. He smiled and drank his coffee. Riddhima came home. She thinks of Vihaan’s words. She saw everyone and asked what’s all this. Anupriya said it’s preparation of your roka, come, everyone is waiting for you.

Kabir asked Riddhima to sit calm. Anupriya said this house lost a son, it’s just 40 days, we can’t do all rituals so we thought to do this, pandit ji said the mahurat is good today. She asked Ishani to feed sweets to Riddhima, Siya isn’t here to do the ritual. Ishani argued. She said I don’t regard Kabir as my brother, if I could, I would have thrown these sweets and Kabir out of VR mansion, sorry Dadi I can’t tolerate this drama more and she left. Kabir thinks once this marriage happens, I will take revenge for my insult. Riddhima thinks to get Vihaan to VR mansion and arrange 50 lakhs.

Kabir reminded Riddhima that she’s going to get married to him. She said she has conditions. He will have to take FIR back and destroy all proofs that he has against Vansh in front of her. He agreed and burnt everything. She thinks everything will change soon. A new game will begin. She went to Vihaan to give him advance money and said 2 lakh rupees is less, but she will arrange it soon. Kabir heard her conversation and he entered the place where Riddhima and Vihaan were…Read more

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