Ridhima Finds Memory Card, Watch Video Of Ragini’s K!ller. Till Love Do Us Part 30 December 2021, Thursday pt2: Episode 87



The Episode started with Riddhima saying Vansh’s family has motives, Vansh loves them a lot and they do such things, after Siya and Dadi, just Vansh has a clean heart, he loves his family and protects them. He said you believe him more than me, right. She said I am trying to explain the truth, we should give importance to other’s opinion, I had come here on your saying, I risked your life to know Vansh’s truth, I have thought well, whatever happened with Ragini,.

I will prove Vansh’s role in it, if I fail to prove anything, this mission will end, you won’t ask me anything. He asked are you in your senses. She said yes, we have to end everything once the truth comes, I will make a new start, stop calling me, I will call you if I know anything, I don’t want anyone to doubt me, I don’t want to play this game and she ended the call. He said talk to me, hello… She turned and didn’t see anyone.

Anupriya said Kabir, she trusts Vansh more than us, she has become a big problem for us. She recalled hearing Riddhima’s words, she has fallen for Vansh. She said our plan will fail. Dadi did the aarti. Riddhima’s chunri flew away and she looked for it. Vansh said the truth is the foundation of every relation, she doesn’t trust me, she doesn’t want to come to my side, I don’t want to hurt my ego, I have to decide about this relation, I had given many chances. She asked what do you want to do.

Riddhima’s chunri flew out of the house. Riddhima followed it. She got to Ragini’s statue. She said chunri fell down, I have to get new chunri now, Vansh loved you Ragini, he loves his mum also, I was told that Ragini cheated Vansh, his mum is also cheating him, I promise, I will bring out the truth and get justice, I am sure Vansh isn’t the criminal, I will expose the real culprit. She recalled Vansh.

She said I know this won’t be easy, I can’t begin my new life unless I get justice for you. Anupriya joined the aarti. Riddhima saw something. She checked under the statue and she got a memory card. She asked what can be there, is there something about Ragini’s murder. Dadi said why hasn’t Riddhima come, she had to get suhaag items. Riddhima came and said I have come. She placed the plate and prayed. Dadi asked her to give aarti to everyone. Anupriya said it’s good you came, we were thinking you are spying. Riddhima thinks Vansh, our misunderstanding will end soon.

Riddhima said I need to use some laptop to check, shall I use Vansh’s laptop, no, he will think I am doubting him. Ishani threw the cushion and scolded Angre. She asked him to adjust on the carpet. She said you have no status to touch me. Riddhima checked Vansh’s laptop and thinks what’s the password. She entered random passwords and got it right and thinks I guessed it right, the password is Uma rai singhania, his mum’s name. She placed an ear plugs and played the video. She saw Ragini pleading with someone and Vansh turned. She thinks who has the gun and Vansh woke up, he got up but doesn’t see Riddhima. Riddhima hid behind the chair.

He said maybe she is in the bathroom. She tried to run out, he turned and said you, you were hiding here. She said no, I went out for a walk, I was slowly shutting the door, but you are already awake, he lay to sleep and she lay beside him. She hid the memory card under the pillow. She thinks I can just see the hand, the murderer is a leftie, Vansh is right handed. She smiled and thinks I knew it, Vansh can never be the murderer, he lied to me, it’s proved today, Kabir has to listen to me, I have to see the entire footage first.

It’s morning, Riddhima thinks I forgot to take my clothes in a hurry, thank God, Vansh isn’t in the room. Vansh came with his papers. Riddhima collided with him and fell into his arms. His phone rang and their eyelock broke, he looked at her and she went away. She said I forgot to take my clothes, so I had to wear your kurta, sorry. He said it’s okay. She said one thing, can I use your laptop. He asked what work do you have. She said I want to make a big rangoli, I wanted to see some designs and get printouts. He thinks I am trusting you and giving you another chance. He said okay, password is my mum’s name. She thinks I will not let this trust break, Vansh, I will prove your innocence to Kabir.

Riddhima danced in the function. Vansh looked at her. Dadi asked her to take the Akhand jyot carefully. Riddhima took the diya upstairs. Chanchal and Anupriya Placed a nail platform for her. Riddhima walked over and her feet were bleeding and she lost her balance. Vansh looked on……Read more