Angre Betrays Vansh & Joins Hands With Vyom. Till Love Do Us Part 30 May 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 274


The Episode started with Ishani saying but she… Sara scared her. Dadi said she is alive. Angre asked what’s happening. Riddhima smiled and said Gayatri is alive and Vyom is in jail, I did this to stop Vyom from reaching the tears of Laila. He asked but why. She said you all refused to help me, I have to find Vansh, Vyom won’t make this possible, I hope we all will together find Vansh, I feel he is in some trouble. Dadi said yes, he always made deals and came back safely, it’s the first time that we don’t know about him. Angre and Ishani also agreed to help. Ishani asked what’s your plan. Riddhima said we have to find the diamond’s location, Angre, make sure Vyom doesn’t get the bail. She asked Sara to be at the tea estate in the morning and Sara agreed.

Ishani asked Angre to watch her well. She said I know why I helped Rddhima, I could have framed her. He said yes, I am thinking of this, how did you change. She said I also want the tear of Laila for ourselves, we will steal it. He asked what rubbish, I will never go against Riddhima and Vansh. She asked can you go against your baby. He asked what do you mean. She said yes, I have a good news to tell, I am pregnant. He said you are joking. She said no. He asked are you serious. She said yes. He said I am so happy, it’s the best news. She said relax, I don’t want our baby’s life to be in Vansh’s influence, we don’t know if Vansh will come back, I don’t want him to come back in our lives. He asked what, I can never go against him.

She said I want us to have a new world, we will run our world the way we like, our life is dependent on Vansh, he insults us, he scolds us, I don’t want this life for our baby. He said you gave me a big happiness and asking me to get away from Vansh, no way. She said you have to think of me and the baby, Vansh is selfish, he rebels for Riddhima, he loves her a lot. He said I also love you a lot. She said I know, I want you completely, me and our kid needs you, think for once, if we get the tear of Laila, we will live happily ever after and she fell back. He held and asked are you fine and she nodded. She said you were with me, that proves you can’t hurt me, I want all your time, you are just mine, if my kid and I stay in Vansh’s influence, then we won’t be happy, think about us Angre. Angre hugged her and she smiled.

Sara went out of the hotel. Riddhima and everyone left. Vyom met someone and said thanks for making me out of the jail, we will work as a team, will you do my work. Riddhima came to the tea garden and said Gayatri sent this location, where is she. She saw some blood on the rock and went to see. She saw a cloth of Sara’s dress. She worried and called her out.

Sara came wounded. Riddhima became shocked and asked are you okay? Who did this to you, tell me. Sara gave her the cufflink and said Vansh… Riddhima said this belongs to Vansh, who did this, tell me. Sara said sorry, I had troubled you a lot and Riddhima shouted for help. Sara fell dead. Riddhima recalled her argument with Sara. She said I planned your fake death, you really left me, I am sorry. She heard some sound and turned. She said someone was here, who killed her. She buried Sara and apologized. She thinks I tried hard to take you away from this crime world, but I failed, I wish I could help you, I never thought that I have to bid bye to you this way, sorry my friend. Vyom asked is the work get done. The man said yes, I killed Gayatri.

Vyom said Riddhima thought to frame me in her murder case, she didn’t know we will make it real, it’s a wrong to lie. Angre removed the hood and Riddhima became shocked. Angre asked what to do next. Vyom said I am shocked, I didn’t know that you will leave Vansh and join me, anyway good decision, Riddhima thought to frame me with a fake murder, anyone can easily depend on you, there is one more work, we have to find out the tear of Laila and they shook hands. Riddhima thinks such a big cheat, I can’t believe that Angre can sell his loyalty, I can’t trust anyone, how will I find Vansh alone. Vansh was kidnapped.

Riddhima came to her room and recalled everything. She hugged Vansh’s jacket and thinks of him. She cried and felt uneasy. She said Angre killed Gayu, I trusted him a lot, I am going mad. She recalled Vansh’s words and calmed down. She said you come in my thoughts and I get fine, where shall I find you.

Riddhima saw someone and followed. She heard some sound. She was then locked in the room.

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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