Ridhima Steals The Diamond From Vyom. Till Love Do Us Part 31 May 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 276


The Episode started with Riddhima checking the ground for more sound. She thinks what can be underneath. Vyom came looking for her. He said Angre said Riddhima has come here, where can she go. A man tortured someone captive. Riddhima entered the underground chamber. She said no one can imagine such a big place underneath the tea state. She got Vansh’s phone and said it means he was here or he is still here, I have to find him. The girl stopped her and said you know we have to protect the tear of Laila, you are the team leader, come.

Riddhima thinks maybe Sabina was that girl, she is assuming me to be Sabina, I can reach the tear of Laila by her help. The girl showed the diamond and said it’s safe. Riddhima saw the diamond and the girl got a call. She stopped Riddhima and said you aren’t that girl, who are you. Riddhima tried to escape. The girl removed her veil and said Bhabhi… Riddhima removed her veil and saw Siya.

The light went out and the diamond disappeared. Siya asked where is the diamond. Vyom said finally, tear of Laila is with me, thanks Angre, your info worked a lot, if you didn’t tell me that Riddhima is going in an Arab dress, then I would have not known it. Vyom recalled stealing the diamond. He said I won’t let this diamond go away, you deserve your share. Angre said I am waiting. Siya asked who took the tear of Laila. Riddhima asked what are you doing here, where were you, you know we all were worried for you. Siya said I know I have….

Riddhima said you don’t know anything, since when did you get responsible, Vansh was everything for you, why did you cheat him, just for Vyom, Vansh wasn’t letting you meet Vyom. Siya said I was feeling sorry and wanted to apologize to Vansh and you, I came here seeing Vansh. Riddhima asked when. Siya said yesterday, he was cycling here, I called him out but he didn’t hear, I ran after him but he disappeared, I saw his cycle fallen there, I saw a girl wearing this Arab dress. Riddhima asked who was she.

Siya said I don’t know, I thought Vansh will forgive me if I get the tear of Laila, I got to know this after following that girl, but it got stolen now, Vansh is upset with me. Riddhima said what’s important is that you have come back and she took Siya with her. Dadi slapped Siya and scolded her and they all cried. Ishani said she was in touch with me, I knew she was safe. Dadi said she was with our enemy Vyom, how could she be safe, we were so worried.

Ishani said let bygones be bygones, she is home now. Siya said sorry, I respect you all a lot, Vyom isn’t a good person, he filled poison in my mind, when I got to know that he is cheating Vansh and wanted to kill him, I wanted to come back, but didn’t have courage, please forgive me. Dadi said fine, don’t do this again, we can fight in our family, but never join hands with the enemy, stay away from Vyom, Vansh would be glad to see you, I wish he is fine.

Angre asked Riddhima is she fine. She said yes, I need other’s support to live, I have to trust you, you are Vansh’s loyal man and she left.

Angre left from his room. He called someone and said I am coming. Riddhima then followed him and he turned to see. She run back to her room and hid. He asked who is there. He heard a cat sound and left. Riddhima said I know Vyom has stolen the tear of Laila, you are going to meet him, I won’t leave you for cheating Vansh. She recalled putting a tracking chip on his neck. She said I promise Vansh, I will get the diamond from Vyom. Vyom looked at the diamond and smiled. He said tear of Laila is finally in our hands, Majnu will cry now. Angre said it’s beautiful, congrats, where is my share then. Vyom said very soon and they heard a car sound.

Angre asked does anyone know about this place. Vyom said no. Angre asked what’s this sound. Vyom said we shall check. They left from the room. Riddhima entered the room and got the diamond but It fell down. She then tried to find it. Vyom asked who are you. The man said I am a cleaner. Angre said I think I should leave now, remember, I should get my share.

Vyom said of course, you will get your payment when King Akeel gives me the money. Riddhima got the diamond and she left from the room. Vyom came and smiled taking the diamond box. He heard some music and danced. Riddhima hid somewhere. She moved back and she fell inside a big trunk and she got locked. She said how would I come out. She called for help and thinks of Vansh.

Vyom checked the diamond box and became shocked. Someone then came to help Riddhima. Vyom became angry and looked for the diamond…Read more

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