Black Mamba Is Caught. Till Love Do Us Part 6 June 2022, Monday Pt2: Episode 285


The Episode started with Vyom sending an audio message. He said your highness, have faith in me, I am going to meet Vansh tomorrow, I will get the diamond and also my revenge. Riddhima said I know that Vyom, Vansh and tear of Laila have some old connection, I don’t know something, I forget that your boss set a limit for you, you won’t tell me anything, thanks for the help. Angre said don’t meet Vyom, else you will fall into trouble, what will I tell Vansh. She asked what, do contact him, tell me, please Angre, tell me, where is Vansh, in which state is he, he is sending me notes, but not coming along, tell me, what is it.

Riddhima said I have no one to answer to, I can’t expect anything from you and she recalled Vansh. She said you don’t care for me, even if I go mad. Angre said Vansh is fine, you have felt his presence around. She asked why isn’t he coming along. He said he can’t come out. The prince has cheated Vansh and dealt with Vyom, he had to do this kidnapping drama to keep an eye on Vyom, Vyom is after you to reach Vansh, he is making stories, he was trying to trick you. She said I understand it now, Dadi told me Mallika’s story, it was also a drama, this was a plan. Angre said it was his plan. She asked was the kidnapping fake. He said no, it was true, but it was his plan to get kidnapped by them.

Flashback showed Vansh getting kidnapped. The Goons talked and said you can’t steal the diamond easily, you aren’t like we have heard about you, you just look good. Vansh said interesting, you will like me a lot if you know about my other talents. He heard them talking about the diamond. Vansh said my phone is ringing. Goon asked shall I put the call on speaker. Vansh said no, it’s for you, don’t disconnect, else it will ring again and the Goon answered. Angre said I have been calling you for a long time and he pointed the gun from far. He said give the phone to boss, Vansh is my boss.

Goon asked what will you do if I don’t give him the phone and Angre threatened him. The Goon then gave him the phone. Vansh said these goons were giving me info about the tear of Laila. Angre said sorry boss, I had called to say that Riddhima is under the threat of Vyom. Vansh said I am coming. Goon asked are you captive or are we captive. Vansh laughed and said yes, I got kidnapped, it was my plan, it’s time to go. He freed himself and hits the goons. He asked how do you like my action along with face and personality. He left and Flashback ended.

Angre said Vansh had to make this plan, he left from there, when I told him the location of the tear of Laila. Riddhima said he messaged me to save him. He said he was in danger, Vyom and the prince had joined hands, you indirectly helped him, Vyom left from there and Vansh escaped, Vansh knows you have the diamond. She asked why didn’t you tell this to me before, don’t you trust me, you kept misleading me. He said sorry. She said Vansh will give me the answers now and she left.

Sara got the pendrive. She said does this have any clip where I am killing Riddhima. She called Riddhima and said come to my room, black mamba has sent a gift. Riddhima came and asked pendrive? I have already seen it. Sara said it’s from our names, Gayatri and Riddhima. Riddhima asked her to play it. They saw two girls with their masked, going to meet some professor and they killed the professor. Riddhima said just we both know about our past, just you can do this. Sara said I didn’t play any prank, why would I make this video, I didn’t do this. Riddhima said who is this black mamba, you have to help me. She checked the video again and said I have found a way to know about this person and Sara asked how.

The man brought the blood reports. Riddhima checked the reports and left. Ishani said you would have stocked up something. Riddhima came to Siya and threw the reports at her. She said it’s the blood reports of the person who made those videos and sent us, you both will be surprised to know that the videos were made in this hotel, I got the blood stains there and got the tests done, the sample matches with your blood group, I can’t imagine you can do this, tell me the truth now and Ishani looked on.

Riddhima asked who is black mamba, tell me. Siya said I don’t know anything about it, Ishani and I also got that video, I had heard about black mamba in the pendrive video. Ishani asked how dare you blame Siya, Vansh, me and Siya have the same blood group, O negative, I can also blame you, if the reports are true or fake, don’t point finger at us next time. The man gave the real reports to someone else. The person was in black clothes and he/she tore the reports. Riddhima said fine, one more proof and I won’t leave both of you. Ishani said don’t worry. Riddhima got Vyom’s message. She thinks to find out if Vyom’s story is real or fake.

In the morning, Riddhima and Vyom went to meet Vansh. He said I don’t believe you, you both are fooling me and they argued. He pointed a gun at her and said Vansh won’t understand the pain of losing dear ones and he shouted Vansh. She said no Vyom, put the gun down. He said no, Vansh see whom i caught, your life, I will kill her if you don’t come out and she worried.

Vansh shot at Vyom’s hand. Vansh said you can’t kill Riddhima and Riddhima went to him. Vyom said you tell her, you ruined my life, tell her. Riddhima said Vansh, tell me that you didn’t do this. Vyom said he can’t deny it.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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