Vansh Reveals His Masterplan To Ridhima. Till Love Do Us Part 7 June 2022, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 287


The Episode started with Vyom saying I wanted to become the hotel manager to know the person who shot me. Aryan said I am in Mumbai and Vyom shouted on him. Aryan said fine, I will come. Vyom said I will wait for you. Riddhima came to Vansh, hugged him and kissed him. She didn’t let him go but he moved her away. She held his face and said please talk to me once, heart will burn if you keep things in your heart, share it with me. He asked can we stay as normal couples.

She said that’s my point, you think I don’t trust you, but it’s not such, I trust you a lot, you told all the planning to Angre, not me, you didn’t think what I went through, you should have told me once, it was a task to find you, I used to wake up with fear that something happened to you, every night I used to console myself.

He said I didn’t inform you to protect you, why do you worry for me, nothing will happen to me, if you are with me, then something will happen to both of us, I can’t see something happening to you. She said you worry for me, can’t I worry for you, you and me are we, if anything happened to you, then I would have died, we can’t share our problems and just keep worrying. She asked am I saying wrong. He said your intention was right, your reaction was wrong, you can’t do anything like blaming me, by joining hands with my enemies, it’s wrong, punishment is just one, death, we both touched death and came back, stay out of my business, okay, if you do this again, then I don’t know what I will do.

Aryan dragged the manager and Angre didn’t see them. Vyom then came. Aryan said welcome Vyom, I can’t keep him here, help me out. Vyom said you could have killed him. Aryan said I am not so great, please open the door. They saw Angre coming and hid the manager. Angre then saw Aryan there. He asked what are you doing here. Aryan asked why, will I ask you and before I come here. Angre said I want to meet the manager, I have some work. Aryan said he isn’t here, I am also waiting for him.

Angre said thanks but no thanks. Vansh greeted Sara and said you didn’t come for lunch. She said it was a family lunch. He said thanks, I had to face many hurdles in getting the diamond, you helped me and faked death. She said don’t thank me, Riddhima is my best friend and you are her husband. Vansh said your favor is due to me, you can ask me anything, I owe you one. Sara said oh, so settles will then get equal, you gave me a big offer, I will use this chance and he left. She asked Riddhima to come out, did she come to hear Vansh or keep an eye on her. Riddhima said I came to thank you Gayu. Sara said my name is not Gayu, call me Sara.

Riddhima said no, thanks for helping Vansh. Sara said I didn’t wish Vansh to catch me, I have to shoot him, Vyom came in between, I didn’t understand that time. Riddhima said I spoke to a doctor, you don’t need to take any medicines, you will be fine. Sara asked how did the doctor come in between, get me a new identity, I shall go with the new passport, else I will fulfill my contract of killing Vansh. Riddhima said I will do this soon. Sara said we have less time. Aryan said you have become the hotel manager now, I hope we are even, no more work now. Vyom said you will work for me as long as I want.

Riddhima recalled her promise to Sara. She said sorry Vansh, once Gayu goes from your life and you get saved, I won’t do anything, I promise and she checked some files. Vansh came there, Dadi called him out and Riddhima hid. Dadi asked about the black box. Vansh said it’s safe. She asked didn’t you open it and see.

He said no, it’s not the time yet, I am fine, don’t worry and she left. Vansh then entered the office and recalled Riddhima tying the blindfold and asking him to find her. He caught her and said I got to know you by your fragrance, it’s unique like the breeze getting the floral fragrance. Vansh thinks I know you had come here and saw the gate open.

Vansh asked did you come to my office. Riddhima said no and he scolded her. She said I am not cheating you, I can’t tell you anything now. He said come to me when you want to tell me. He left the room and she cried…Read more

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