Ridhima Gets Arrested As She Poison Kabir. Till Love Do Us Part 7 March 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 159


The Episode started with Vansh saying you will see my revenge now. Kabir said chill bro, so much anger isn’t good for your health and he left. Ahana then smiled. Vansh recalled Kabir’s words and he angrily ruined the Gazebo. He thinks, my love lost today, I lost, Riddhima you broke me, there is no place for love in my heart. Ahana said now Vansh will vent anger on Riddhima, bad luck Riddhima, you will need it a lot. Riddhima was crying in her room and she recalled Vansh’s words. Vansh came to her. She apologized and begged him.

She said it’s not easy for me to take someone’s life, forgive me, give me another chance, sorry. He move away and left. She said I will find another chance to convince him, Vansh has to agree. She asked him to listen for once. She said what shall I do, how to convince him and Dadi called her out. Riddhima wiped her tear while Dadi asked her if she is worried.

Riddhima thinks Dadi shouldn’t know this, else she will worry and she said nothing, everything is fine. Dadi asked her to make Mithibhaat, Riddhima said okay and Dadi left. Riddhima said Vansh also liked it, if his heart gets happy, maybe he will talk to me and she looked for Vansh. Kabir looked at her and said Mithibhaat is prasad, everyone eats it, be it friends or enemies, give it to me and she gave him some. Vansh then came there and she went to him. Ahana came in between and asked Vansh to have it and Vansh thanked her.

Kabir coughed. Ahana asked what happened, are you okay and Kabir signalled towards the bowl. Ahana asked was there something mixed in the prasad. Riddhima write to Kabir and said his pulse is falling, Vansh do something. Kabir then closed his eyes. Ahana said no, please open your eyes. Vansh checked Kabir’s pulse and dropped Kabir’s hand. Riddhima said I didn’t add anything to the Mithibhaat, I am saying the truth, Vansh trust me. Vansh held her and asked did you had such pain when I had died. Ahana said you killed my fiance, I will not leave you and she called the police.

Riddhima was arrested. She said trust me inspector, I didn’t kill Kabir but the Inspector doesn’t listen. She asked Vansh to tell them. Vansh said I can’t favor any criminal, please take her away. She said leave me, I didn’t do this while she cried. She looked Vansh and her foot got twisted. She fell down and fainted at the door step,. When she became conscious, she was locked inside a coffin. She said where am I, this is like a box and she shouted for help.

She saw blood on her hands and recalled Vansh’s words that she killed Kabir. She shouted no, help me Vansh. Ahana said game is over, it happened as you wanted, Riddhima is gone forever, she couldn’t prove her loyalty, but I have kept my promise, now it’s your turn, Vansh…. you will keep your promise, right, answer me, don’t make me angry but he just left. She took a bottle to hit him. He then turned, stopped her and broke the bottle.

She screamed out loud and he pointed it to her and warned her. She said why is Vansh behaving like this, there is some matter, I have to find out. Riddhima came out of the coffin and said who locked me in this, what’s this place and she saw a door. She pushed it and came inside the house. She said it means I was locked inside the VR mansion, why is it so dark. She called out everyone, Vansh came there and she hugged him.

She said the police took me, who locked me here, why are you smiling, I didn’t kill Kabir, I am saying the truth, you know, I can never do this, I can do anything to prove my innocence. She then saw Ahana getting Kabir on the wheelchair. She said Kabir is alive. Vansh said yes, my intention was never to kill him. Flashback showed Ahana mixing some liquid in the sweets. She said yes, Vansh, I did as you told.

Vansh said you are asking how did you come here, it’s just an example to show your punishment for you to know the pain I felt when you framed me in Ragini’s false murder, everything was a lie, like you are a liar, when crime is so big, then death punishment is also less, your crime is very big, love, cheat…. marriage, cheat…. everything was a cheat, when I see your face, I feel someone had pierced thorns in my heart, until you feel the same pain, how will the scores get even, it’s your turn now.

Vansh said you will get ten times the pain, I promise, the drug given to Kabir wasn’t life threatening, you were my shadow, I had given you my heart and life, you crushed my heart, my enemies know that I give a life that is worse than death and she recalled his words.

Riddhima said trust me, I love you a lot Vansh. Kabir said lie, my life matters more to you, it’s fate, Vansh can’t make me lose. Vansh said you proved that you are your mum’s son. He dragged Kabir out and warned him. Kabir said you didn’t win, I will come back…Read more

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