Vansh Is Finally Back To VR Mansion. Till Love Do Us Part 8 February 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 126



The Episode started with Anupriya asking Kabir to handle Riddhima. Riddhima thinks how will this marriage stop now. He twisted her hand and scolded her. He said think like Vansh was a bad chapter in our love story, which ended, you had dreamt to have a life with me, your dream will turn true, you should be happy. She said it was my big mistake, I will never repeat it. He said mistake has happened, think of any miracle, one who messes with me never wins, you, your life, both are in my control, waiting is useless, nobody will come.

He smiled and said just you have to come to the marriage mandap and he left. She said why did he say this, Kabir can’t win, Vihaan answer my call please. Kabir said game set, winner is Kabir, there is no speed breaker now. Anupriya said she had to lose her jewellery. He said keep an eye on her.

She said don’t worry. Vihaan is leaving. Kabir pointed gun at him. He said I knew Riddhima is planning something, how can she be a fool to get a roadside hacker in the plan, sorry man and he shot. Riddhima shouted no… and realized it was all her imagination. She said no, if Kabir knows it and killed Vihaan, I can’t go out, where shall I go. She recalled Meher’s words. Anupriya came and saw Riddhima/someone lying on the bed. She said I know this marriage is a trouble for you, you won’t get freedom from this cage. Riddhima came to Vihaan’s house and said why is the door locked. Aryan called Anupriya.

Anupriya said I will let her live, just 15 mins left for her freedom. She checked and saw Chanchal there. Flashback showed Riddhima saying I have to calm down and think. Chanchal came there. Riddhma fainted her and said sorry, I have to do this for the family, I will get Vihaan and come back soon. Anupriya called Kabir and said come fast, there is a problem. Riddhima tried to open the door with a rod. She went in and said it’s all empty, did Vihaan run away with the money or Kabir did anything to him.

Flashback showed Riddhima asking will you cheat me, I am trusting you. He said my mom is the most precious to me, I swear on her, I will not cheat you. She said Vihaan can’t cheat, it means Kabir has done this, how shall I find Vihaan. He got a video form Kabir. She became shocked and dropped the phone. She saw the bomb near the mandap. He called her and said Riddhima, just 15 mins left, if you don’t come, then everything will be over, this family, VR mansion, everything, come, stop this bomb and save your family. She said I am coming, you won’t do anything as such.

Anupriya did Kabir’s aarti and said you always have smart plans, I am so proud of you. He said she was trying to fool us, now she will madly come running. Angre came. Kabir said you worked for Vansh, you have to play the same role for me, same dedication and loyalty. Angre said I will better die than being loyal to you and he left. Kabir then became angry. Anupriya calmed him down. She asked him to break the coconut in one time. Kabir hits coconut and but it didn’t break. She said do it again.

He left the coconut and said I don’t need your good luck, I have already cleared the hurdles, no one can stop this marriage. Riddhima came home. She looked for the bomb. Kabir said it’s with me, Riddhima and he showed her the bomb. She said you lied to me. She said I had one way to call you back, I promise everything will be true next time, pandit is coming, go and get ready, you are going to become Mrs. Kabir in 5mins and Anupriya took her.

Kabir thinks my plan will work. Pandit asked them to call the bride to mandap, the mahurat is starting. Dadi recalled Vansh and cried. She prayed that Vansh returns. Ishani said we all miss him Dadi. Anupriya said family will doubt seeing you like this, forget the past and move on, it won’t hurt you, congrats for the marriage and she took Riddhima. Riddhima thinks Vihaan, where are you, I can’t be of anyone except Vansh, my family security is in your hands.

She came downstairs. She thinks of Vansh and Vihaan. She thinks my life is over now. Pandit asked them to stand for varmala. Riddhima recalled Vansh. Anupriya gave her garlands. Riddhima was sad. Pandit said the girl will make the groom wear garlands first. Kabir looked at Riddhima. The door opened, Vihaan came there and said this marriage can’t take place and Riddhima looked on.

Riddhima run to Vihaan and hugged him. Kabir and everyone became shocked. Dadi said my Vansh has come back. Vansh said inspector Kabir, Vansh has returned to his place, won’t you welcome me….Read more