Breaking! Ridhima Falls From A Cliff. Till Love Do Us Part 8 March 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 161


The Episode started with Vansh and Riddhima being on the way and she fell asleep. He drove on looking at her and he thinks when I see you, I regret that I didn’t get the first rights on your love, it’s hard for me to tolerate this and stopped the car. She asked have we gotten to the temple. He said no,we are at a hotel, the journey is long, we shall take a break, we will freshen up and then go to the temple and she said fine.

They came to the temple and climbed the stairs and she got hurt. He asked what happened. She said I think it’s a sprain. He asked can you walk. She said yes, one minute. He said we will go back if there is much problem. She said no, we won’t go back after coming here, it’s fine, I can tolerate this pain and she tried to walk. He lifted her and she looked at him.

She thinks he is angry, but still he cares for me, this care and love, it’s the hope for me. They then came up the stairs to the temple and he dropped her down and she thanked him. The pandit said your rasam is complete. Vansh said we just came, we didn’t do any rasam. The man said you lifted her and got her here. Vansh said she had a foot sprain, she couldn’t climb the stairs, so I got her. The man said that’s the rasam, people come here to pray for their companionship for 7 births, husband lifts wife and gets her here to the temple, your rasam is completed and he blessed them.

He said there is a story, a married couple was coming to this temple, they were annoyed with each other, the wife jumped down the mountain and Mata rani saved her, today, there is an eternal story of the couple here. Riddhima asked about the mountain. The pandit showed her the mountain and she smiled. The pandit asked Vansh to fill sindoor in her maang. Vansh turned to leave and the sindoor fell. The pandit asked what did you do, you made the sindoor fall. He asked Maiyya to forgive Vansh, Vansh left and Riddhima also leaves.

Riddhima went to Vansh and sang.She tried to convince him but he was still angry angry and she kissed his hands. He turned to leave, she then run after him and stopped just he pushed her away. His hand got hurt and he said stop it, I can’t behave like nothing happened. She said you dropped the sindoor, I am your wife, why didn’t you fill sindoor in my maang. He said marriage is a pure relation, you married me on Kabir’s saying. He scolded her and walked away and she recalled the pandit’s words.

She said Vansh, you wanted to know to what extent can I go for your love, I can’t take anyone’s life, but I can give my life for your love, I am going to jump down this cliff, like you had jumped down the cliff for my sake, because I love you. He asked her to stop it. She said no Vansh, it started with cheat, but it will end with faith. He run to save her but she jumped down. He also jumped and held her hand and then took support from the tree. She asked why do you want to save me, let me die. He said stop the nonsense.

She said what will I do knowing you don’t love me, what will I do if you are not with me, just remember that I have loved you till my last breath, leave me. He pulled her up and the tree bark broke and he fell to the down side of the cliff and she got saved. She shouted Vansh, wait I will save you and she shouted for help. She asked him to hold her shawl. He held the shawl and came up and she hugged him.

She asked have you gone mad to do this, if anything happened to you, how could I bear the pain of losing you again, now I will not let you go away from me and he held her. She asked him to forgive her. She said I promise, I will never hurt you. He said it’s going to be night, come, she nodded and they left. She was listening the radio and they heard about Manali’s bad weather. She said I think the weather didn’t get bad for no reason, I think it’s a sign that we spend time together. They heard about the land slide and she said maybe we can’t travel. He said there is one option left now.

Riddhima looked for Vansh and panicked. She prayed for him. A car speed towards her, she fell aside and was hurt and she cried…Read more

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