Ridhima Is Shocked As Vansh Goes Missing. Till Love Do Us Part 8 March 2022, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 162


The Episode started with Vansh and Riddhima coming to a resort and the Manager welcomed them. He said I will get the keys. Vansh and Riddhima went to their room. Riddhima said the resort staff have done a good arrangements, it’s done for honeymoon couples, right Vansh. She saw his hand and asked are you hurt.

She said I know you don’t trust me, you are upset, I will try my best to make things fine like before, I will make you believe that I didn’t do anything, just one person can prove me innocent, Siya, I wish that she gets well, you will trust me again. Vansh asked her to get freshen up, he will give an order for dinner. She nodded and left.

Vansh got ready, he turned and saw Riddhima coming, looking stunning in a saree. They looked at each other and she said it’s such a beautiful place, I feel like heaven. Vansh went and lights some fire in the fireplace and she hugged him. Riddhima saw a guitar and said I used to play it an she began playing the guitar and Vansh looked at her. While she sang. She held Vansh’s hands and they went out and enjoyed the time.

Riddhima got a ring and liked it. She said it’s a lovely ring, I will not lose it. Vansh asked her to come in, she may catch cold. She smiled and thinks how romantic, he planned to give me this ring. She went and covered up Vansh with a quilt. She also sat with him. She said thanks for everything, you were upset with me, still you did all the arrangements, you have given me a lovely gift.

I can’t say how happy I am, you know every relation sees such time when you think everything is over, if you know your relation is true and pure, you shouldn’t lose, I know you are hurt that I tried to give my life, you had risked your life to save me, I will not let you go away from me, you don’t know you are the other name of life for me, say something, you are hurt, I know, I had apologized, please say something. He asked what’s the most thing important for you.

She said my identity, which you have given me, I was an orphan, orphans don’t have an identity, we are known by our relations, I was just Riddhima, now I am Riddhima Vansh Raisinghania, I always used to think that I also had a good family, such relations, a lovely house, I got everything, all my happiness and sorrow are connected to you, so my identity is very precious, you know you are more precious and important, I love you so much Vansh.. It’s morning, Riddhima woke up and said where did Vansh go and she waited for him.

She said he hasn’t come till now. She went out to ask for him. She asked did you see my husband. The resort service guy asked husband? She said you placed our luggage in the room. He said yes, but you were alone. She asked him to call the manager. She said I was asking him did he see my husband or not. The Manager asked what, you came alone here, there was no one with you and she became shocked.

Riddhima asked the manager to show the cctv footage. She became shocked and looked for Vansh. She said what can it mean that he has disappeared and his phone is unreachable. She came in front of a speeding car. She then fell aside and got hurt…Read more

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