Ridhima Is In A Big Trouble.😳 Till Love Do Us Part Thursday, 18 November 2021: Episode 42-43


Till Love Do Us Part Thursday, 18 November 2021 Episode started with Riddhima getting a glove. She recalled seeing the shadow. She said Vansh won’t believe me, I have to get a proof first before telling him. Vansh sat down sad. Dadi and the others performed the aarti. Riddhima said it’s about a son’s love for his mum. Someone poured kerosene in the mystery room. Riddhima looked for the glove. She saw someone and went to see. She slipped by the oil and fell down. She said what’s this. She smelt the kerosene oil and went to check. She opened the door and the candle fell down. The kerosene got lit and the started painting burning. She shouted no…. Everyone heard her scream and rush to see. Vansh became shocked. They saw Riddhima. Vansh shouted Maa and tried to save the painting. Dadi said your hands will burn, get back. Angre came and stopped Vansh. Vansh angrily beats up Angre. He shouted leave me. He turned and saw the painting burnt to ashes. Vansh and everyone became shocked. Vansh cried holding the ashes. Vansh looked at Riddhima and held her neck. He said you burnt my mum’s last sign. She said no, I was looking for it. He said you burnt it, right. He became angry.

She said I didn’t do it and he recalled their first meeting. He asked Angre to send her out of the house. Riddhima said listen to me, trust me, there was someone her, I am sure he did this. Vansh said I don’t want to hear any false story. She said I didn’t do it, I am saying the truth, he had worn a black colour glove, it had a silver motif, I was just holding the kerosene can, I didn’t do it, you misunderstood me, I can’t separate a son from a mum, that person is still in the house, we can together catch him, listen to me. Vansh shouted Angre…

Angre held her hand and asked will you take the luggage or shall I drop you out. She said I made relations for Kabir, I wanted to get Vansh punished for Ragini’s murder, I am blamed for the mistake I didn’t do, it’s about my self respect, I will bring the real culprit out, just show me the way. An apple fell down near Anupriya. Riddhima picked up the apple. Riddhima looked at Vansh there. Angre took her out. Vansh canceled all his meetings for some days. He saw Angre fall on the ground. He asked what happened to you. He checked Angre’s pulse and breath. He asked him to come to his senses but Angre ho
held his head. Vansh asked what happened. Angre said Riddhima….. He recalled Riddhima hitting on his head with a vase. She run back to her room. Vansh took Angre to the sofa and shouted Riddhima..

Everyone went to him. Vansh asked Riddhima to come out. Dadi asked didn’t she go. Chanchal said such a cheap act after the insult, this girl likes to stay in the big house. Vansh said she attacked Angre, what does she want, she has hurt me, she burnt mum’s painting, enough, I won’t leave her this time, Angre, Aryan, find Riddhima and get her to me alive, I will punish her. Angre checked all the rooms. Ishani joked that Riddhima fainted him. Angre said it was sudden, I was not ready, Riddhima said she had seen some shadow, who burnt that painting. Riddhima checked the black coat in Ishani’s cupboard, hiding inside. She thinks did Ishani do it. Angre asked Ishani does she know about it, why is she nervous. Ishani said I don’t know about it. Angre didn’t see Riddhima. She said I will expose that person somehow. Aryan looked for her.

Someone wore the black clothes and kidnapped Riddhima. Riddhima got up and said remove the mask, it was a drama to catch you, show me your face, you are the unknown enemy. She removed the mask and saw Anupriya. Riddhima scolded her. Riddhima said I had done it to catch you red-handed. She recalled smelling kerosene smell from Anupriya’s saree and seeing a stain. Riddhima said I knew you will follow me and try to catch me, see it happened, you got caught, how can you do this with Vansh who regards you as mum, why did you burn that painting, I have the answer, you are his step-mum, right. Anupriya cried and said yes, I am his step-mum, I loved Vansh more than his mum, I stood by him in his every pain, I did this since I can’t tolerate his pain, I have raised all the kids, I couldn’t lessen his pain, I wanted to free him from this suffocation for his betterment, if you think you should tell him, you can go and tell him. Riddhima said I will tell everyone about it.

Riddhima did the puja. She thinks of finding out the truth even if she puts her life in danger. Dadi asked her to break shagun coconut and everyone looked on.


Till Love Do Us Part Thursday, 18 November 2021 Episode started with Anupriya saying I wanted to show Vansh that every woman isn’t a cheat, then you came and played with his emotions, you started spying, you took his mum’s avatar to make him admit his crimes, I knew it’s the right time to break him from that link with his mum, my intention wasn’t wrong, I don’t think I did wrong, if you think you should tell him, go and tell him. She asked Riddhima to take the coat. Riddhima said I will tell Vansh and everyone, Vansh blamed me for the crime which i didn’t do and she left and went out. Vansh came to her. Riddhima said I lied that I had seen a shadow, i burnt your mum’s last sign, I regret for my mistake, before you throw me out, I qm leaving this house myself. She apologized to Bappa and left. Dadi stopped her.

She said I know Riddhima did a mistake, but is Vansh doing the right thing? Vansh said yes, she has hurt me a lot, I will never forgive her for that. Dadi said you are forgetting the difference between right and wrong, decisions taken in anger are wrong, when the person realizes mistake and regrets. Vansh said but Dadi…. Dadi said everyone should get a second chance and Vansh agreed. He said I can’t go against Dadi’s words, so I am permitting you to stay here, but remember, your shadow shouldn’t fall on me, else I will burn it, stay away and he left. Riddhima thanked Dadi. Dadi said remember, don’t make this mistake again. Riddhima said I promise. Anupriya asked why didn’t you tell the truth. Riddhima said Maa is a second name of faith, I told you I will tell the truth, but I thought Vansh will lose faith, I don’t want any tensions between you and Vansh, I am an orphan, I value this relation a lot. Anupriya said wow, amazing speech, you wanted to become great. She taunted Riddhima and asked her to just leave and Riddhima left. Anupriya said Riddhima is still in the house, very soon she will be thrown out, I don’t want you to spy in this house and know the secrets, I can’t let this happen and she blew off a diya.

Aryan stopped Riddhima and clapped for her drama. He said you had hit Angre and came back home, you are saying you burnt the pic, shall I share the psychiatrist’s number. Riddhima stopped him. She asked him to remember the slap. She said be thankful that I didn’t tell your real intentions to Vansh, you misled me and helped me in reaching the mystery room, I got the last warning, don’t mess with me again and she left. He said you should have thought once before challenging me, you made a relation of enmity with me. Riddhima found the room door shut. She said I think Vansh doesn’t want to come inside the room. Vansh opened the door and smiled. He burnt her belongings. She asked what did you do, leave me, she cried and recalled Kabir’s ring.

He said you should know the pain to see the memories turning to ashes and he left her. She took the water and poured on the things. He got her chain and said you felt like you burnt in this fire, right, you make this pain 100 times, you gave me so much pain by burning my mum’s last sign, you are staying here on Dadi’s word, you will not be forgiven, you will be punished, I will teach you a lesson and she left crying. She said I have to fight until I complete my aim. She prayed to Bappa to get strength. It’s morning, Riddhima apologized to Siya and thanked her.

She made Siya ready. Ishani came and scolded Riddhima for the theft. Siya said no, she was just taking it for me. Ishani said Riddhima’s greed will not end, she had stolen Vansh’s mum’s painting. Riddhima said I got the earrings for Siya. Ishani pushed her. Riddhima was hurt. Ishani said I know you are so cheap and selfish. Dadi came and asked Ishani not to get angry and she left. Dadi said don’t feel bad of her words, come with me, there is much work. Someone infused some chemical powder in the coconut.

Riddhima said I will find the secret, even if the price is my life. She took the coconut to break.


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