Ridhima Exposes Vansh’s Secret. Till Love Do Us Part Tuesday, 9 November 2021: Episode 29-30


Till Love Do Us Part Tuesday, 9 November 2021 Episode started with Riddhima trying to lie to Vansh. He said you got wifey feelings today, what shall I burn here in the backyard, someone’s ego and attitude. She said I am your wife, but not the way you want, I was amazed that you behaved that way with the woman who raised you, I was curious to know what you want to hide, I can have this right. He said you are right, there is a difference in wife and servant, so I am forgiving you, but remember, don’t make such mistake again and he left. She also left. She went to her room and  washed her face. She thinks of Mrs. D’souza’s words. Mrs. D’souza brought food. Riddhima asked whose statue is that in the backyard. Mrs. D’souza asked did you go there, don’t tell anyone, don’t ask about it. It’s regarded a bad omen. Riddhima said try to understand. Mrs. D’souza said don’t do this, else and she left.

Riddhima fell down. Ishani said you will be killed, you are becoming desperate to know about the backyard, you could have asked me, I would tell Vansh and then… I feel shivering with the thought. She laughed and said it will happen the same like her. Riddhima asked who. Ishani asked Vansh why he married you, Vansh has lava in him, none gets saved from him, he will make you history and she left. Riddhima said why did she say this. She went out and heard Angre and Vansh talking and she hid. Vansh said first mistake should be forgiven, do justice on second one, Riddhima has to know the consequences of disobeying me, she shouldn’t know the secret of that statue, whoever tries to know it will die and threw the ball. Riddhima was saved and Vansh left. She said he is hiding something, I will find out. It’s morning, Riddhima woke up and saw Vansh beside her. He greeted her. She said you, what are you doing here. He stopped her. She asked him to leave her.

He said relax sweetheart, why are you so scared, we are happily married husband and wife, you can’t be an incomplete wife, when you can roam anywhere with wife’s rights like a drone, then you should let me sleep on the bed with a husband’s right. She said jokes should be done in limit, I don’t like such jokes. He asked and gifts? He said every girl likes gifts. He made her wear the ring. She looked at the the ring and recalled the statue wearing that ring. He said this ring is special to me, the person who wears this is also special to me, and you are very special to me, Riddhima and hee left. She said what does he want, he called me special, what’s going on in his mind, why did he give me this ring, I had to wear Kabir’s ring in this finger, but fine, this ring will make Vansh reach his end, I will find out his past. Riddhima treated Siya in the physio session. She thinks how to know about this ring. Siya saw her ring and became shocked.

She asked this ring, how did you get it? Riddhima said Vansh gifted it to me in the morning. Siya said but this…. Riddhima said the backyard statue also had the same ring, right. Siya asked do you know about the statue. Riddhima said yes, I want to know the truth behind it, you won’t hide it from me, right. Siya said I don’t know anything. Riddhima said you know everything, please tell me, I came here as physiotherapist on your saying, I am your Bhabhi now, I want to know the truth, tell me, I am also family now. Anupriya came and scolded Riddhima. She asked her to stop spying, every house has a past, not everyone can see the past picture. Riddhima said you are misunderstanding me. Anupriya asked did you see D’souza, she was getting punished, then you went to spy, you won’t get a treasure but just ashes.

Precap: Riddhima said I will find out the secret myself. Vansh said this statue is of my ex fiance Ragini. He went and played piano in anger. Aryan said when love gets too much for Vansh, it becomes poison, poison just gives death. Riddhima became shocked.

Till Love Do Us Part Episode 30

The Episode started with Anupriya asking Riddhima to be a bahu and keep the family happy. She said it’s better that you change according to this house, don’t dare to trouble my son again, else I will tell you something that you will regret a lot. Riddhima thinks they will never tell me about the statue, I have to make Vansh say it. Vansh looked on. Riddhima thinks if I Vansh angry, he may tell me about the statue and she removed the ring. Vansh came and saw her. He said I told you that I make my special people wear this ring, you removed it from your finger, how dare you. She said yes, I removed it, I will be special if you tell me the truth about the ring. He asked wife? Interesting… the wife who spies on me, who asked family, I have seen you in Siya’s room, you would have not removed and thrown my ring.

Riddhima said I removed it, I don’t like it, it reminds me of that statue, don’t I have the right to know, you had many girls in your life, I am not one of those, sorry. He said I felt you can just burn in anger, I didn’t know you are jealous. She asked jealous of you, no, you have scared the family, family doesn’t stay in this house, it’s just you and business. He said shut up. She asked why, I am saying the truth, you have caged the family by your fear, you caged yourself too, you do anything with your family, I am not scared of you now, this cage isn’t for me. He asked really, do you have a choice. She said it’s about courage, I will do anything I want, tell me about the statue, just sins are hidden. He said enough. She said no, start calling your family as servants, you don’t answer because you don’t want to bond with anyone, you are scared, you just know emotion of fear, why shall I care for your feelings, you have no feelings in your heart, you are stone hearted, you have no respect for anyone. He threw a vase and she became shocked.
She said you are getting angry, you aren’t habitual to hearing the truth, you don’t want to say, fine, I will find out about the statue. He said you want to know it’s history, I will tell you. She thinks maybe he will speak every truth. He took her and showed her the statue. He said you want to know it’s secret, I gave the ring to her, she was very special, she is my ex fiancee Ragini, I don’t let anyone come here, none has permission to look into my past. She said you gave me this ring, you shouldn’t hide things, if she was your fiancee, then why did you marry me.

He said she isn’t part of my life now. She asked why did you put her statue here. He hits his hand aside and asked her to stop asking. She asked him to talk. She said fine, don’t say, it’s difficult to spend a moment with you, you see an enemy in everyone, loyalty asked for respect, you keep everyone in your clutch that they get helpless to cheat. She argued and he left. She thinks it will be a big secret. Vansh played piano and Riddhima came to him. He recalled her words. Riddhima thinks why is Vansh behaving like this, did I do something wrong. Aryan came and said if I was in your place, I would have stayed away from Vansh. She said I am Vansh’s wife, I want to know about Ragini and his relation. Aryan said it happens when love goes beyond limits and becomes poison, poison can just give death, not life. She asked Vansh is a murderer also, what proof do you have and Aryan left.

Riddhima said Vansh killed Ragini, I have to inform Kabir. She took Siya’s phone and messaged Kabir. Ishani got the phone and called out Vansh and Riddhima became worried.


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