Kabir Is Caught. Till Love Do Us Part Wednesday, 27 October 2021: Episode 13-14


Till Love Do Us Part Wednesday, 27 October 2021 Episode 13 started with Riddhima thinking did Kabir do this. Angre saw Kabir running away. He shouted and followed. Kabir saw Ishani outside and placed the cutter in her purse and he hid. Angre said you can’t go out, there is an intruder in the house. Ishani said maybe that intruder slipped this into my purse. Vansh asked where were you going, were you helping someone escape. Ishani asked are you doubting me now, you should doubt this girl. She pointed towards Riddhima. She said I don’t care. Vansh said limit it, I am just protecting my family. Uncle said none could be forgiven for the family’s protection. Riddhima went aside. Vansh looked at her. Uncle argued with Aryan. Dadi came and asked them to stop fighting. She said I hope that someone could teach you the importance of relations. Riddhima and Vansh held Dadi.

Vansh said I will find out who the the intruder is and the person who helped him. Riddhima worried. Kabir said Vansh doubts a lot, he will not doubt on Riddhima now, it’s not a time to celebrate, he will not keep quiet. Vansh thinks of everything. He played basketball. He asked Angre to check the cctv footage. Angre said I will go and check. Vansh saw Riddhima plucking some flowers. Some lights blocked his eyesight because of mirrors. He missed the shot and got hurt. Riddhima asked what happened. He said I missed the shot because of you. She said I will tell you about stretching, it’s fine and she taught him. He saw her ring in the chain again and she hid it. She asked what’s the need to play basketball with such passion.

He said it’s not just a sport, I get my answers, I get clarity, I didn’t get clarity today. She asked about what. He said you. She asked him to stretch. He said I am better now. She said you act strong, but you can’t handle this pain. He said external pain is easy to bear, not internal. She said I know, I know pain being a physiotherapist. He said yes. She asked don’t you give any theory now. He said it said, that we should have not enmity with doctor and lawyer, I can’t take any risk, you may drift any nerve, you know like and she laughed. He praised her way of hiding the secrets. She said your sprain will get better, I will get medicines, I came to get flowers, I am going for Siya’s therapy and she left. Angre came and said I didn’t get anything in the cctv footage. Vansh asked did you get what I said. Angre gave him a box. Riddhima treated Siya. Vansh came and gave the gift to Riddhima. He said it’s for you, don’t worry, it’s not a gift, but a fee for treating my pain, I am actually feeling better. Riddhima said it was my work, this isn’t needed. He said I am doing my work, it’s better to settle scores, who knows life gives a chance or not. He placed the gift and left. Siya asked Riddhima not to upset Vansh. She asked Riddhima to keep it for her sake. Riddhima checked the box. She saw a phone. Siya said wow, phone, Vansh never did this for anyone, it means he trusts you. Riddhima thinks I have succeeded in gaining his trust and she left.

Maa asked Ishani not to get angry and eat something. Ishani threw the food plate and argued. She said Vansh just saw Siya and Dadi, not others. Maa said Vansh managed his things his way, no one knows his limits. Riddhima happily went to her room. She said I can call Kabir anytime, he will be happy to know that Vansh started trusting me. Vansh said Riddhima will call him and we will trace the location of the person receiving the call. Kabir got the call and thinks who can it be, unknown number. Vansh got Kabir’s location. Riddhima said it’s me, Riddhima, Vansh started trusting me. Kabir asked whose number is it. She said Vansh gifted me a phone, I am calling from it. Kabir was shocked. She said I can call you anytime now. He asked did Vansh gift you the phone. She said yes. He said disconnect the call and don’t call again. She asked why.

He said listen to me, it’s Vansh’s plan. She became shocked. He disconnects the call. Vansh said I want that man here in ten mins. Angre nodded and left. Kabir said Vansh would be knowing my location by now. Riddhima asked is Kabir in danger. She thinks how can I be so stupid, how did I make such a mistake. She got a call and thinks is it Kabir. She answered. Vansh said guess what, your secret is safe with me, I got to know, whom did you call first by my gift. She thinks of Kabir. Angre was beating someone. Vansh said I think I will get my answers. Riddhima became worried and said Kabir. She came there and saw Kabir getting beaten up. Vansh said I used to get cheated since my childhood, that’s why I identify every cheat, now see the result of your mistake. Riddhima’s dream ended. She thinks thank God, it was just a dream. She reached the godown. She run inside and saw Angre beating some guy. She cried. Vansh looked at her. She recalled Kabir.

Vansh asked Riddhima why did you call on this number, your number was activated just for few hours. Riddhima was shocked to see Kabir.


The Episode started with Vansh beating someone. She saw someone else and stopped saying Kabir. Kabir said I had to dump my phone, Riddhima called me, Vansh would have traced my location, I had to throw my old phone. His assistant asked where did you throw it. Kabir threw the phone in some car. That car owner was caught. Riddhima thinks who is he, he isn’t Kabir. Vansh asked why didn’t you tell me his name, tell me, what were you saying, what’s with K, Kanhaiy, Kumar and she cried. He asked her to say the name. She shouted stop it.


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