Kabir Saves Ridhima. Till Love Do Us Part Wednesday, 3 November 2021: Episode 21-22


Till Love Do Us Part Wednesday, 3 November 2021

The Episode started with Vansh saying I have changed the wedding time, so that the person gets helpless to make a mistake, someone will try to give Shera, the traitor will be found when he gives Shera away, Aryan hates me, but I can’t be sure that it’s him, it can be anyone, I just want to know the traitor. He got ready. He asked Angre to increase the security, declare red alert, the traitor and Shera won’t go out today. Angre said sorry. Vansh said I hate sorry, I like challenges, life surprises, games, fun, victory, Vansh Raisinghania.

Riddhima saw the bridal dress and recalled Kabir. She showed the bridal dress to Kabir. He said it means you want to get married in your favorite hero style. She said yes, SRK wins girls heart by his charm. He said I will get this for you, you will look amazing and Flashback ended. Riddhima said I had promised you, that I will wear the bridal dress, mehendi and haldi of your name, but it’s with Vansh’s name, I can’t do this marriage. She threw the bridal dress and lights up a matchstick. She said I am just yours, Kabir.

Kabir got ready to enter the mansion. The matchstick fell down. The curtain caught fire. Vansh came to Riddhima. The curtains flew by the wind and fall over them. He looked at her. She tried to pull the curtain away. He saw the fire and saved her. He blew off the fire and he asked how did this happen. She said mistakes just happen, your hand burnt. He said I can bear this pain, it heals soon, I can’t heal from the wounds of cheat, I hope you won’t give me such a wound, one has to pay a big price to play with fire, many times by giving your life and lives of dear ones, manage your bridal dress, colour red is for love. She said colour of blood is red. He said colour of danger too, you be careful and he left.

Riddhima went after Chanchal. She tried to take the keys. Kabir came there and thinks I won’t let Vansh succeed, I will take you and the evidence against him. Kabir and Mishra get down from the car. They delivered the food packets. Kabir asked Mishra to go inside. Riddhima hid from Chanchal. Angre stopped Kabir and Mishra, and asked them to show their id card. Chanchal didn’t see Riddhima. Riddhima run away. Kabir said yes and they showed the id card. Kabir recalled making the fake ids. Riddhima came there and didn’t see Kabir.

Kabir and Mishra gave the fake names. Angre said fine, you shouldn’t remove the shield and mask and he left. Maa stopped Riddhima and said you always try to go out of here, what’s the reason. Riddhima said it’s nothing like that. Maa said the marriage is in one hour. Riddhima said I came to seek Chanchal’s help. Maa said I can send Ishani to your room, don’t make mistakes, it doesn’t look good. Riddhima said I am sorry and left. She cried and thinks how shall I take Shera. Kabir asked Mishra to go in. He went to find Riddhima. Ishani came to Riddhima. Riddhima turned and said Kabir… Ishani asked what did you say.

Riddhima asked do you have any work. Ishani said yes, I came to ask you the secret, you would have some secret quality, that Vansh wants to marry you, we couldn’t invite many people, else there would have been ten designers and make up girls for us, let’s just start. Riddhima said I don’t need your help, I will get ready. Ishani said you can’t do the make up alone, I will help. Riddhima said I can get ready on my own. Ishani said fine, you can look like a cartoon , she left and Riddhima cried. Dadi said we couldn’t invite our relatives, thank God we got a pandit at least, where is Anupriya, she went to take Vansh. Maa got Vansh downstairs. Riddhima got ready. She cried and thinks of Kabir. Kabir thinks where is Riddhima. He looked for her.

Kabir said I won’t let this marriage happen. Kabir and Riddhima run away. Vansh got a gun and left. Riddhima became shocked seeing him .

Till Love Do Us Part Episode 22

Episode started with Dadi asking Ishani to check if Riddhima is ready. Ishani left and Kabir checked the rooms. Ishani came to Riddhima and said mahurat is today. Riddhima said just 5 mins. Ishani got angry and went on a call.

Kabir heard Ishani and went to see. Riddhima cried seeing the ring. Kabir dropped the glasses down. Ishani scolded him. Kabir thinks Riddhima, please open the door. Riddhima opened the door and Kabir went in.

Ishani thinks where did he go, any way. Kabir said it’s me, Kabir and she cried. She asked why did this happen. Dadi and Vansh met. Riddhima said I got Shera, everything will be fine when you get it. Kabir said statue, I didn’t just learn to love you, but also this. He look at her in the bridal dress and said it’s the same lahenga which you dreamt of wearing on our wedding day.

She said yes. He said who can dare to snatch our dreams, I won’t let this marriage happen, don’t worry. Aryan saw Vansh and said Riddhima will be suffocated, it’s not easy to tolerate Vansh.

Ishani asked Riddhima to be ready, she will be called soon. Riddhima said okay and Ishani left. Riddhima said I was waiting for you, I was sure you will come. Kabir said I have come and didn’t break your trust, I will marry you and take you to my home, come. She said Shera. He asked what. She said I got a big proof against Vansh. She told her everything. She said you can get Shera and fulfill your duty. He asked where is aunt’s room. She told him.

She said you need the keys and then everything is sorted. Kabir said I will get Shera, you meet me at the back door in 15 mins, my assistant Mishra is near the caterer’s vehicle, come there, I will meet you there. She said good luck, Vansh asked Angre to keep an eye on everyone, take care, I love you. He said I love you too, your love will take care of me, once I get Shera.

Vansh will be punished, we will punish him, he has hurt you. He went to Chanchal and made Mrs. D’souza drop the food plate on Chanchal. Chanchal scolded her and kept her purse aside. Kabir took the keys from Chanchal’s purse and he left. Angre came there and stopped Kabir.

He asked where are you going, help them. Kabir said yes Sid. He kept the key under a glass. Chanchal took her purse and left. Mrs. D’souza took the tray. Kabir looked for the keys. Ishani said Riddhima would be ready, she said she will come downstairs in 5 mins. Dadi asked her to respect Riddhima.

Angre talked to someone and said you have sent the staff and instructed them. The caterer said I have sent two people. Angre recalled and said it means intruders have come as the caterers. Kabir said I will do the work. Mrs. D’souza asked why do you look worried. He said it’s fine. He looked for the keys and found it and he left. Riddhima also covered herself and left.

Kabir went to Chanchal’s room and looked for Shera in the safe. He said where did Shera go, Riddhima said it will be here. Chanchal stopped Riddhima and asked where are you running to? Riddhima asked how can it happen, I was going to do make up. Chanchal said I was joking, I will give this idea to Chitvan to write a novel, cheater bride. Riddhima said I was going to Siya’s room, Dadi said none should see the bride, I will take the shawl and she left.

Chanchal praised her beauty. Aryan asked Chanchal to focus on the marriage, he has taken care of it. He recalled seeing Shera with Chanchal. He asked how did you get it. Chanchal asked how did you get interest in my jewellery. He said it’s Shera, not a jewellery, its a pendrive, it has Vansh’s secrets, give it to me and she gave it to Aryan.

He said if Vansh knew you have stolen Shera, you would be killed. She said it was in a haldi bowl, I will give it to Vansh. He said Vansh will never believe this, I have to do something that Vansh never doubts you, I will hide it at such a place that none can think of. Dadi asked Ishani to get Riddhima. Kabir said where can Shera go, I have to go with Riddhima. Angre saw him and thinks he is the intruder.

Dadi said Riddhima didn’t come. Angre said our enemy is in our captivity, he had come to the marriage. Vansh asked him to give the gift with his hands. Riddhima went to the storeroom. Angre said boss ordered us to kill that intruder. Riddhima heard him. She said he is talking about killing Kabir, no, this can’t happen and she prayed. Angre went and pointed the gun. He said game over and shoots. Riddhima became shocked hearing the gun shot.

Kabir said we have failed, we have nothing. Riddhima said I will go to any extent. Kabir asked can you marry Vansh for my motive and she became shocked.


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