Tumhari Paakhi 14th April 2021 On Atinka Tv- Episode 15-16

Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Monday, 19th July 2021

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The Tumhari Paakhi 14th April 2021 On Atinka Tv episode started with Anshuman and Pakhi talking over lunch. Pakhi asked him, how did you think of having lunch with me? He responded, I actually got the idea from you, I thought to… and she said thank you. He said, I am going to keep a dinner at home, for my business associates. Pakhi said, it will really be nice.

He said, I thought of giving you the responsibility. Lavanya used to do this, but this time you do it. Pakhi said don’t worry, I will see to everything. Anshuman said, let me tell you, many big people will be coming, so the food has to be of good standard, tell me if you can’t do this. Pakhi laughed and said, I am happy to do this, you don’t worry.

Anshuman discussed the cuisines and desserts. She made it specific and named few dishes. Pakhi said fine as you say. Anshuman was trying to scare her with the dishes but was shocked to see her so much with ease.

Pakhi got tensed and thought, how should I keep the big party with so much less money. She said, I have to keep up his respect and pride. She thought of what to do and how to. She thought of some ideas. Lavanya told Anshuman that Pakhi will not be able to manage, maybe she will run away, it would be impossible for her. Girish heard them talking and said some shayari.

Anshuman said what do you think,I am not getting any fun in this, I don’t have a choice, she won’t leave me and won’t give me a divorce easily if I don’t do this. Girish said, tell her the truth, she will go by herself, she will not blame herself for the divorce. Lavanya said, the truth is something else, we will be insulted infront of the guests if Pakhi fails.

Anshuman said, I have made the dinner arrangements and Pakhi will definitely fail. Maa ji and the servants were discussing about Pakhi in the kitchen. Pakhi called Maa ji and asked her? what they do in the business parties. Maa ji told her about themes. Maa ji asked why are you asking. Pakhi said, it is a business dinner tomorrow and I am responsible for preparing everything.

Pakhi said, I have arranged the dinner for the whole baraat in my place, but I don’t know about business party, will you help me? Maa ji happily agreed and talked to the servants. He said, Anshuman always gave us one week for arrangements but gave Pakhi only one day. Maa ji asked the cook what to tell to Pakhi.

Pakhi came to them. Maa ji said, don’t worry, Ramesh will cook whatever you say. Ramesh said, I will make continental. Pakhi said it will be good, you decide the menu and tell me what you need, the food should be tasty that people will praise it. Pakhi talked to Maa ji about decorations and cakes.

Maa ji smiled thinking Pakhi won’t manage easily. Pakhi ordered cakes. Anshuman looked at her and smiled. Pakhi thought about her budget. She prayed to the Lord to make everything fine. He asked, have you done the arrangements? she also asked, when did you come? He said, you are doing much work in less time. He said, I trust you and want Lavanya to see and change her thinking and Pakhi smiled.

He gave some money to Pakhi and asked her to keep it and that he will take it when he wants. She asked how much is this. He replied I did not count. She sat and counted the money. Anshuman saw her counting the money and thought, she will take the money if she need it and that would make her become a sinner, the party will need money and you will take money from this and I won’t keep you in this house if you do so.

Pakhi got under the bed to catch the notes which flew by air. Her hand got stucked and she called out to Anshuman. He came into the room and asked, where are you? She replied, I am here, below the bed. He asked, what are you doing under the bed and she said, my hand is stuck.

He also came under the bed and looked at her back. She asked, where did you stop? He said yes and came to take out her hand. He held her hand and she said slowly, I don’t want to get hurt, easy please. He said, yes, you are talking as if I do this daily. He tried to take out her hand and she looked on.

She said I am getting hurt and he finally relieved her. They both come out from under the bed. Pakhi fell on him and hugged him, while they had an eyelock. She said, it looks like you do this daily, I was not hurt and even the bangles did not break. Anshuman looked in her eyes holding her.

He asked, what were you doing under the bed? She showed him the Rs 1000 note. He said, you mean you went after it, its only rs. 1000. Pakhi laughed and I got stuck because of this, but it is your hard earned money, it means lakhs and crores to me. Anshuman looked at her honest reply. She said, you sleep, I have to work about tomorrow’s arrangements and she left the room.

The next morning, Pakhi was going through the budget for the party and was making the list. She saw Ayaan’s photo and said, you don’t know how much I am waiting for you. She said come soon, we are going to have lots of fun. She laughed and kept the photo back.

She got milk and laundry bill and said, it is the last day of the week, I will bring the money. She saw that the breakfast was not ready and got worried. Maa ji came and said, we got a big problem, the cooks went on leave. Pakhi asked why, you know we have a business dinner at home, why did they take a leave today. Anshuman smiled upon hearing this and Maa ji looked at Anshuman. Pakhi got tensed.


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The Episode started with Pakhi in a state of panic as she came to know that the cooks left. Maa ji said, they left because someone died in their family. Anshuman heard all this and smiled. Maa ji laughed as Pakhi did not know how much will be the flowers bill. Pakhi came to her room and saw Anshuman. Anshuman called Pakhi and she came to him. He said actually, I want you to make me wear this tie.

She said, I will be busy all day as your special guests are coming, but nothing is important to me than you. He asked her about the party saying everyone would like to see how you arrange your first party. He said, I hope you don’t disappoint Lavanya. She tied the tie, thankef her and left.

Pakhi was worried about the party. Maa ji said, we will ask the agency to send the cooks or we will order food by a hotel. Pakhi said no, I will make the food and Maa ji was shocked. Pakhi said, people eat the hotel food as normal, but today they are going to taste something different.

Pakhi said I don’t know how to make continental food. Lavanya came to Pakhi and Pakhi was happy to see her. Lavanya said, I came to see how you are managing. She said, the cooks are not here, I heard you are making the food. Pakhi said, yes, I will make everything ready.

Lavanya said, it is very impressive that you are making continental food, but don’t bring disrespect to our family. Pakhi said I will take care of everything. Lavanya instructed Maa ji and told Pakhi that, if you fail in your attempt, then you will not be able to live in this house. Pakhi was upset with Lavanya’s taunts. Lavanya left saying, all the best. Lavanya talked to Maa ji and said, Pakhi should not succeed in her attempt and Pakhi should fail, do anything you like, but make her fail. Pakhi saw the recipes online and started cooking.

Maa ji thought of what to do. Pakhi said, I have decided to make Thai food. Maa ji asked, suddenly? Pakhi replied yes, the cook are all gone,so we should make what we know well. Maa ji got an idea and took Pakhi with her. Maa ji asked her to wash the crockery in the dish washer. Pakhi agreed and said, I don’t know how to use it. Maa ji said, I will teach you. Maa ji was planning to fail Pakhi.

Lavanya talked to her client giving her a designer show. She asked her about Girish. Lavanya said, he is fine. She said, I saw Girish with a girl and Lavanya was shocked and said yes, he meets many people for work purposes. She said, you are super cool, you trust your husband a lot. She asked Lavanya to be alert and said Girish is in between beautiful girls. Bua came and took Girish’s side calling Girish a diamond and taunts that lady and she left.

Pakhi saw Anshuman at home. He spoke sweetly to her and said, I came home to have food. She said, I am very, busy, so I won’t be able to have food with you. He said it doesn’t matter, I will wait for you and Pakhi smiled. Maa ji called Lavanya and told her plan to her about washing the crockery in the dish washer. Lavanya said, Pakhi should fail at all cost. Pakhi had lunch with Anshuman and said I am ok now, I have work now. He said, no way, first food, then the preparations can come later. Maa ji told the servants what they had to do.

Anshuman asked? what is the party menu. Pakhi said, it would be a five course dinner. She named the dishes and Anshuman wad shocked. He asked, will you be able to make it, where did you learn all this? Pakhi said, I went to many restaurants and saw the cooking and I liked the food. It is like Indian food and I thought of making it. He asked, are you nervous? Pakhi said, I am very much afraid and Anshuman became happy.

Pakhi said I need a favour. He said, tell me if you want me to order food. She said hold my hand please, he said, what? and held her hand. He looked at her puzzled. She closed her eyes and got strength from him. She opened her eyes and said, now I am feeling good, my fear has vanished, now there won’t be any problem. She said, I will go now, everythong will be ready by 7pm. Anshuman was tensed seeing her confidence.

End Of Tumhari Paakhi 14th April 2021 On Atinka Tv

Maa ji came with the crockeries and said, I will put it in the dishwasher. Pakhi saw the procedure. Maa ji was happy and said, this will make Pakhi more busy. Maa ji kept a silver spoon in the dish washer. Pakhi asked Maa ji where is Dal chini. Maa ji was tensed and guided her. Pakhi placed the crockery in the dish washer.

Maa ji asked the servant to take Pakhi with her and he insisted. Pakhi went with him. Pakhi asked the servants to arrange the flowers in good style. Maa ji was keeping the plates in the dish washer. Pakhi went back to the kitchen. Maa ji asked her to go and open the dish washer and was happy. Pakhi went to switch it on and the screen froze on her.

Pakhi saw that the crockery had broke, she was shocked. She thought of buying crockery from a mall and looked at the money Anshuman gave her.

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