Tumhari Pakhi Friday, 17 September 2021 started with Veer coming to see Ayaan. Pakhi said he went to school. She showed him Riya’s designs. He liked it and said she is so good. He said my daughter is an artist. She said she made it working all night, she is so dedicated, if we support her, she can go a long way ahead and become a good person.

Anuja told them that a call from Ayaan’s school came, I am worried. Pakhi and Veer go and met the principal. Anuja joined them to add fire. The principal said this won’t work in our school, it’s not acceptable. Pakhi asked what happened. He said the cigarette boxes in Ayaan’s bag.

He said Ayaan got this to school today. Anuja said no, this is impossible. He said parents are responsible if a kid gets into bad company, talk to Ayaan. Veer said we understand and we will check this matter, thanks. Pakhi said how did this cigarette packet get into Ayaan’s bag.

Ayaan cried and said he doesn’t know about this, I got punished. Anuja said I know who did this, Riya. Anuja said when they fought, Riya has threatened him. Ayaan said what, did Riya do this. Pakhi took Ayaan. Veer asked Anuja to stop it, as Riya can’t do this in revenge.

Anuja said the lighter has R written on it, R for Riya, you won’t say as she is your daughter, but don’t forget Ayaan is my blood, my grandson, I will talk to Riya, I can’t bear if Riya does this, not done and she left. Pakhi told Ayaan that she will talk to the teacher and hugged him.

Girish looked at Lavanya master her designs and wants to make the exhibition world’s best. She asked her assistant Sunidhi to do all the work. She said she will give personal invitation to my clients.

Girish talked about Riya to exhibit her designs too in her exhibition, she will be encouraged, I hope you don’t have problem. Lavanya said yes, I don’t have, but she may have problem, as I am old and have exclusive designs, she is new and can lose her confidence.Anuja came home angrily and scolded Riya.

Riya said calm down, why are you shouting. Riya asked what did I do. Anuja asked did you keep this cigarette and lighter in Ayaan’s bag. Riya said she did not. Anuja said I know girls like you. Riya argued. Pakhi, Veer and Ayaan asked on. Anuja insulted Riya.

Riya asked Veer. Anuja said Riya has done wrong. Pakhi said ask her once, don’t blame her. Anuja said Ayaan is my blood, Riya has come in my house. She asked Riya not to look at Veer and taunted her. Riya said yes, I kept it in his bag, I am very bad, fine. 

Riya said what people think about me, I don’t give a damn and she left. Anuja said see It old you, she did all this. Veer asked Ayaan to go. Veer told Anuja that the kids were here, so I did not say anything. He said there was no need to blame her. Anuja said she accepted it. She asked will you go and ask her again, tell her I will kick her out of this house.

Riya came into her room and threw things around. She asked Veer why did he come now, she said she didn’t put cigarette, I am the worst girl in this world. He asked do you use cigarette, have it.

She said fine, and smokes to prove it. She coughed and he took it back and he left. Veer said Riya did not keep it in Ayaan’s bag, she doesn’t smoke, who kept it, I will find it out, when I know. I will not leave that person, don’t talk to Riya about this matter now.

Anuja asked on. It’s night, Pakhi came to Veer and gave him coffee. He thanked her. He asked do you feel Riya did all that. She said no, if you think she did not, then she did not do this. He said I did not tell anything to Riya, no one should feel I am favoring her. She said the father who favors, kids are not annoyed.

We don’t know why she behaves like this, but you should have not ignored his mistakes, you should not say yes always, you should give good values and I know you understand. She said Ayaan was blamed first, I knew Ayaan did not do this, as I understand him well, like you understand Riya.

He thanked her. Anaju came to Ayaan and said Riya will take your mum, Veer and everyone, you have to fight against her. She filled his ears against Riya and said you have to take revenge by spoiling her designs, it’s your fight, no one will help you. Ayaan burnt Riya’s designs. 

Precap:Ayaan told Pakhi that Veer does not love her and even she is scolding him taking Riya’s side. He became annoyed. 


The Episode started with Ayaan burning Riya’s designs. Riya came and was shocked. She scolded Ayaan and tried to save the designs. She called for help. Veer, Pakhi and Anuja came there. Riya and Ayaan fought. Anuja smiled. Veer scolded Ayaan and asked him to get out. He pushed Ayaan and Pakhi held him.

Ayaan left annoyed. Veer said Ayaan. Anuja came and said see the kids, they are trying to harm each other. Riya said my designs, he ruined everything. Veer said listen to me. Riya said don’t act like a father, just go to your son. She cried and said all this is my mistake right, you got me here to let Pakhi get Ayaan’s custody who is the heir of this property. 

Ayaan told Pakhi that Veer is very bad, he doesn’t love me, he loves just Riya. Pakhi scolded him for burning Riya’s designs. Ayaan said why did she keep the cigarette in my bag. She said she did not do it. He said she said it. She said try to understand. He said you listen to me. Pakhi shouted Ayaan.

Ayaan said everyone is on Riya’s side. Veer came to Ayaan and Pakhi. Ayaan became angry and left. Veer said sorry. Pakhi said Riya. I will call Girish, the exhibition is tomorrow and designs and she left. Lavanya called her friends to come to the exhibition. Girish came to her and heard her talking.

He said Riya can’t participate as her designs caught fire. She said fine, confirm again. He said he will let her know. Maha ji said Ayaan and Riya are not ready to have food. Pakhi and Veer was upset at the dining table. Veer said his fate doesn’t change when it comes to relations.

Veer said I don’t want Ayaan to go away from you, as you are trying to bring Riya closer to me and he left. Anuja smiled seeing Pakhi alone, even Veer will go far from you, you will be left alone, this is your first big failure, relations were your strength, now it will become a curse and she left. Ayaan came to have food and Pakhi smiled. She made him eat food.

He said first you and made her eat. She said you used to say you love dad and mum both when we fought and did not take anyone’s side. Veer treated every child equally, he loves both of you. Ayaan said but he scolded me.

Pakhi said you also talked angrily to mum sometimes, it doesn’t mean you don’t love me, I know you love me, same way Veer loves you, as he agreed to become your dad with you saying it once. She said Veer did not buy a new tablet, he said the old one was gifted by Anshuman, so he will repair it, he cared for you.

She said Riya did not keep the cigarettes. Ayaan asked then who. She said don’t know. Ayaan said sorry. Pakhi brought food for Veer. He said no, I don’t want it. She tried to convince him to have food. She said Ayaan and Riya’s fight is good, as they are talking to each other, they are not like strangers.

She said the relations which start with fights become very strong in future. He said he understands it very well. It’s morning, Riya was leaving for the exhibition after making the designs again. She bumped into Veer and her designs fell. He said sorry. Riya scolded him. He told her not to go in an upset mood, keep a smile on your face, don’t take tension.

He gave his car with driver. He said you can’t travel on scooty, it’s not safe. Anuja looked on and left. Riya asked is this bribe to make me say in court that you are a very good father, this won’t happen. Veer said no, you are my daughter, so I thought this for your convenience, best of luck. Don’t say no.

He gave her the keys. She said wait and said she has the diary as she has mentioned all that he spent on her, she will work and return back the money, but not give him the good father certificate. She noted the car amount and left. Veer looked at the Lord idol and prayed for Riya. Pakhi came and smiled seeing him. 

She said you are praying for Riya’s success. He said no, I was just, he laughed and said yes, it’s parent’s exam more than kids’. He said he has to drop Ayaan, is he still annoyed. She said don’t know, you ask him, I won’t come in between. Ayaan and Veer looked at each other.

They walked to each other and talked to each other via the vase. Veer said sorry. Ayaan asked him to take the family for Chinese. Veer said done. Ayaan said sorry. Ayaan hugged Veer. Anuja was shocked seeing them.

She said Pakhi did this, she ruined my plan, till when will she win, I will keep trying and fail her. Precap:Anuja asked Veer about the company’s finance and taunted him to take his wife and daughter from here. Lavanya scolded Pakhi and Riya looked on.


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