Tumhari Pakhi Thursday, 12th August 2021 Episode started with Anshuman giving a presentation and everyone liked it a lot. He thinks of calling Pakhi and the secretary came with Aryaman’s blood reports. He called Pakhi and didn’t see the reports. He gave her the good news that the investors were very happy and ready to invest, no need for any loan now. She said it’s by the Lord.

He said I am seeing my dream getting fulfilled and they both are really happy. He said if this dream gets fulfilled, there can’t be anything more than this. She said now I know this project is very special to you. He said I made many houses and now I am making home, I knew family is importance to you. She said ok enough now, sometimes we catch our bad sight too. Anshuman said can’t I express myself.

She said I am going for mahendi, Congratulations for this, come home early. He said congratulations, I love you Pakhi. She said I love you too. He ended the call and saw the blood reports. It was O positive. He thinks how can this be.

He said it was AB positive in the previous report, maybe it’s wrong. He called the diagnostic centre to confirm about Aryaman’s blood group. The man said no, it’s O positive. There is no mistake from our side. Anshuman was shocked and how can this happen.

Pakhi’s mahendi looked very good. Lavanya felt unwell. Pakhi kept a cushion for her back support. Lavanya said see your mahendi spoiled. Pakhi said let it be. Lavanya said you are very good, you take care of all of us, you are perfect. Pakhi said no, even I make mistakes, I am cunning that I don’t let anyone know. Lavanya said you accepted Ayaan so well, it looks like you are his real mum, look at me, I accepted Naina after so long, it was tough for me. Anuja smiled.

Still On Tumhari Pakhi Thursday, 12th August 2021

Pakhi said Ayaan is my son. He is my life, I feel we are related since many births. She laughed. Pakhi said sometimes I feel I love Ayaan more than Anshuman, I can do anything for him, I love him. Lavanya said I wanted to say this. She said he might be at school now. Anshuman came home calling out Aryaman.

Maha ji said he is not at home. He asked Maa and Pakhi. Maha ji said they went to Lavanya’s home. The principal called him and said your visitor card is here, when you came to take him. He said what, did I come to take him. She said you took him 15mins before.

Anshuman thinks how Aryaman did this. He became angry and said he always wanted to be around him, how will I solve this, he came in this house to kidnap Ayaan, how to find him. He called Aryaman and got his number unavailable. He thinks of tracking watch of Ayaan and went to find Ayaan.

Ayaan asked Aryaman why are they going in a taxi. He laughed and Ayaan said Chachu, where did your moustache went. He said you look like dad, it this your game. Aryaman said yes, there will be your game today.

Ayaan said you play good games. Aryaman said you just see. Anshuman was on the way finding Ayaan and tracked him by his watch. He called Pakhi but Anuja stopped Pakhi. He thinks he can’t anything say to Maa, thinking she was annoyed with him. She kept on the speaker and Anshuman didn’t tell her.

Pakhi said come on time. He said I hope she calls me. Anuja teased Pakhi. He called Pakhi and left a voicemail. He said Aryaman picked up Ayaan as Anshuman Rathore, he wanted to kidnap Ayaan, he took the key to get visitor card, I feel he is not my brother. He saw a truck and turned his car.

He got saved by it. Aryaman and Ayaan stopped at some point. Anshuman recorded the message again and said Aryaman’s blood group is O positive, don’t worry, I will not let anything happen to Ayaan, alright you take care. He tracked Ayaan. Aryaman waited for Sandeep. Ayaan said let’s go home, it’s raining.

Aryaman said the game will start here. Ayaan said everyone will worry for me at home. Aryaman gave him chocolates. Ayaan said I can’t eat, as Maa kept fast for me. Aryaman said so what. Ayaan said Dadi kept fast for me.

Aryaman checked his tiffin and said you did not eat anything. Ayaan said we should keep fasts for our mum. Aryaman said I don’t know what’s mum. Ayaan said his past life and then he got Pakhi as his mum. He said Dadi loves you a lot. Aryaman said fine, we will go home, sit there. Anshuman got a call from the diagnostics and came to know Aryaman and Anuja’s DNA hair tests didn’t match. He said fine, alright, thanks. He says Oh my God, I knew this Aryaman.

He said Ayaan I won’t let anything happen to you. Sandeep came there with goons. Aryaman said let it not be today, we will kidnap tomorrow. Sandeep asked are you mad, why. Aryaman said his mum kept fast and he wants to break fast with him. Sandeep said what was our plan, to kidnap him and take 20 crores.

Aryaman said my mum also kept it. Sandeep laughed and said you are not related to him, you are an orphan. Aryaman said you are an orphan, you did not see their love. Sandeep said fine, I will kidnap the plan, they will beat him when they know their truth. Aryaman stopped Sandeep.

Sandeep and his goons beat up Aryaman. Anshuman saved him from the goons and took Ayaan in the car.


The Episode started with Aryaman arguing with Sandeep asking him to let him take Ayaan home today as his mum kept a fast for him. Sandeep said no, I knew you will turn so I came with preparations. Sandeep asked his goons to beat Aryaman. Ayaan asked why are they beating him. Ayaan came to save him and hugged Aryaman.

Aryaman said Ayaan, leave the lid. He asked Ayaan to run fast. Anshuman was on the way. Aryaman beats the goons. Ayaan looked on. Ayaan beats the goon with a stick and he slapped Ayaan. Aryaman saved Ayaan and runs with him. The goons followed them.

Pakhi came home and asked Maha ji about Ayaan. Maha ji said Anshuman went to take Ayaan from school. Lavanya said I think they went to buy a kamarbandh for you. Pakhi smiled. Anuja asked them to get ready as brides today. Aryaman run with Ayaan and came on the main road.

End Of Tumhari Pakhi Thursday, 12th August 2021

They hid in the trees and the goons looked for them. Ayaan asked Aryaman why are they after us. Aryaman said he is playing a prank with us. Ayaan asked who are they. Aryaman said now we will play prank with us. The goons caught them and they run again.

Aryaman beats them and asked Ayaan to run. Anshuman came there and saw Aryaman and Ayaan running on the road. He asked Anshuman to take Ayaan and go. Anshuman left. Ayaan told Anshuman that Aryaman’s life was in danger, he saved me. The goons beat up Aryaman.

Ayaan convinced Anshuman to go back and save Aryaman as Anuja kept a fast for him. Aryaman fell on the car. Anshuman said come sit fast. Anshuman beats the goons to save Aryaman.

They sat in the car and left. Aryaman asked why did you come to save me after getting Ayaan. Anshuman asked who are you. I did your DNA and blood tests again. Aryaman said if you knew this, why did you come back. Anshuman said you should have taken Ayaan, then why not. Ayaan slept in the car.

Aryaman said I got tangles in the family’s love. He said I did not have mum and a family, so I got touched and changed. Anshuman heard him. Aryaman said you risked your life and came to take me, I am ashamed, your son is like me, who did not have mum in childhood, no one loved me as mum and now I got her.

The goons went after them. He said I will kidnap Ayaan tomorrow, I am bad. Anshuman said don’t fool me, if you know love and then you will understand it. The ladies did the puja at home. Pakhi looked gorgeous.

Anuja smiled and said you are looking very beautiful. Lavanya smiled. They took their children’s name and prayed for long life, wellness, happiness. The goons hit Anshuman’s car and Aryaman shouted to be careful. All the mums thinks about their children and prayed for them. Anshuman tried to control the car.

The car accident Happened as the car rolled over and fell into a valley.


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