Tumhari Pakhi Update On Tuesday

Beginning of Tumhari Pakhi Update On Tuesday Pt 1: Episode 63

Tumhari Pakhi Update On Tuesday starts with Mr. Rana and Tanya talking about Anshuman and the seven days left for him. Ayaan told Pakhi about Anshuman’s smoking habit. Ayaan said, I will also smoke like dad. Anshuman talked to Tanya hiding from Pakhi. He said, I am talking in the bathroom with the shower on, she doesn’t leave me alone, she always knows what I am thinking, she knows I am tensed, she might be coming here. Tanya laughed.

Pakhi knocked the door and asked, what are you doing? He said, I am having a bath. She said, come out soon, I have to talk to you. Anshuman said, did you hear her? Tanya said, we will talk in the office. Anshuman ended the call. He came out and saw Pakhi. She asked, did you have bath? He said, I am going on.

She said, but you said you are having a bath? He made an excuse. She said don’t explain. He asked, what did you want to say. She said, you won’t smoke from now, for Ayaan’s sake, you are his idol, Ayaan said he will smoke like you, stop smoking, its affecting badly to Ayaan.

Anshuman said fine. She said, do you want your habit to harm us? He said no. She said, thanks for quitting smoking, I will support you at every step, I will always be with you, we have lots of time. Anshuman said, I have only seven days. Pakhi brought the sindoor box and he filled her maang. He went to take his bath.

Lavanya returned the laptop to Girish. She said, if you don’t sign the divorce papers, I don’t care, I don’t need you. I failed in our relation but soon I will touch new heights of success. Girish said, best of luck. Lavanya got a call from her work. Naina cried and Lavanya went to her. She thought, Naina is Girish’s daughter. She still lifted Naina and thought of what to do about her presentation. She removed her shoes and got an amazing idea.

Still On Tumhari Pakhi Update On Tuesday Pt 1: Episode 63

Tumhari Pakhi Update On Tuesday continues where Pakhi came to Anshuman’s office and asked him not to smoke. Tanya said, who will care if not wife, right. Pakhi said, I won’t disturb both of you, I am leaving, eat on time, carry on and she left. Anshuman said, see how she is after me always, I am fed up with her, it’s her mission to be after me. Tanya got close to Anshuman. Pakhi came back and was shocked to see Tanya so close to Anshuman. Tanya saw Pakhi and massages saying is this better.

Anshuman was shocked to see Pakhi and smiled. He said I was stressed, I am missing your massage. Pakhi smiled as she did not understand their closeness. Pakhi asked Tanya to have lunch with Anshuman. She left asking Anshuman to take care.

Anshuman said, I don’t like cheating Pakhi every day, when Pakhi comes to know about my plan, she won’t forgive me, she won’t talk to me. Tanya asked, so you are stressed that she won’t talk to you? Anshuman said no, are you crazy, what are you saying, I am trying to say if Pakhi comes to know, she will go to the Press and she will create an issue. He said, look at me, I am having lunch made at home. Tanya said, if this lunch box reminds you of Pakhi, lets throw it away, problem solved. Tanya asked him not to feel guilty as planning and plotting is part of business.

She said, think being away from her. He asked how? She said, let us go to Shimla, tell Pakhi that you have to go to Delhi for two days, then we will think how to get rid of Pakhi, we have only seven days right. She hugged Anshuman. Pakhi thinks about Tanya and Anshuman. Ayaan came preparing for his school trip. Pakhi talked to him. Ayaan said, I will bring gift for you. Pakhi was happy.

Anshuman came home and said, do my packing, I am going to Delhi for a business meeting. Pakhi asked, so sudden? he said, it’s an important work. She asked, when are you leaving? He said today evening. She asked, is there anything bothering you? He said nothing. She said, when I came to the office….. He interrupted, anyways pack my things.

End of Tumhari Pakhi Update On Tuesday Pt 1: Episode 63

The first part of Tumhari Pakhi Update On Tuesday ends where Anshuman was leaving. Pakhi and Ayaan said bye to Anshuman. Pakhi said, this is the first time you are leaving me alone. Anshuman said, it’s a matter of two days. She said, I will miss you, will you miss me? Anshuman thinks, I am going to keep you out of my mind.

She said, I will talk to your photo. He said, I will leave now. She said, I will pray that I get your every problem and you be successful that you become happy. Anshuman saw her goodness. She said, I wish you succeed. He said thanks and left.

Pakhi thinks about Anshuman. She saw plane crash report in the newspaper and got worried.

Beginning of Tumhari Pakhi Update On Tuesday Pt 2: Episode 64

The second part of Tumhari Pakhi Update On Tuesday starts with Lavanya talking to Mr. Raichand showing him her designs. Lavanya talked about Naina but stopped saying thinking Naina is Girish’s daughter. Pakhi applied sindoor and smiled thinking about Anshuman. She thinks about Tanya and little bit doubts on Anshuman. She said, it won’t be anything like that, I know, but I have to talk to Anshuman.

Lavanya thinks of getting the project. Lavanya said, I have experienced it myself. I have designed this by my personal experience as I am pregnant, who will understand better than me. She tried to explain to Mr. Raichand that she is really keen to get the project. Lavanya got the project.

Pakhi wished Ayaan all the best for the debate competition. Ayaan said, I am a little bit nervous. Pakhi kissed him and said, all the best, you won’t lose. She hugged him and said bye. Ayaan left for the school. Ashok said Ramesh wants to go to the post office, he will go making food. Pakhi said he can go, I will make food today. Pakhi read the newspaper and was shocked to read about plane crash in Shimla. She run to her room. Anshuman thinks about Pakhi’s words and her best wishes. Anshuman and Tanya were together in a hotel. Tanya got closer to Anshuman.

She asked, why are we leaving in different rooms? we can stay together. After seven days, your room will be my room. Anshuman said right. He checked his phone. She said, I have switched if off yesterday, don’t bring the world between us. Anshuman said, my office and business, I have to be in touch. Tanya said, think about your priorities. Anshuman said yes, no connection with the outside world, lets think what to do to throw away Pakhi. Tanya hugged him.

Still On Tumhari Pakhi Update On Tuesday Pt 2: Episode 64

The second part of Tumhari Pakhi Update On Tuesday continues where Pakhi called Anshuman and the call doesn’t connect. Pakhi got worried. She prayed to the Lord saying I am worried though I am sure he is fine. Anshuman got food with the newspaper. He asked for cigarettes. Tanya took the newspaper. Tanya said concentrate, I am doing this for us as I want to come in your life. Anshuman said, I will call to wish Ayaan all the best. She said, I have not seen you like this before, you are a good dad, call him. Pakhi wished to get a call from Anshuman and prayed.

Anshuman got Pakhi’s call. He received the call. Pakhi was relieved hearing his voice. She asked, are you fine? He said yes. She said, I was worried. He asked, why are you worried, I was in a meeting. Tanya hugged Anshuman. Pakhi said, I will come and take you. Anshuman said, what does that mean, I will come soon. He said, the flight was late. She understood that he was lying and she was shocked. He said, I want to talk to Ayaan to wish him. Pakhi heard train sounds. Pakhi said Ayaan left, is your work going on good?

Tanya took the call and cuts it. Anshuman and Tanya talked. Pakhi heard everything. Tanya purposely said everything so that Pakhi can hear it. Pakhi said it means Anshuman is in Shimla, he lied to me. Anshuman said, she might be knowing I lied to her, I am not liking this. Tanya said, you are overthinking. She said, she won’t know anything, relax. Pakhi thinks about Anshuman’s words and thinks the hotel is near the train track. She said, it’s Hotel Heritage Palace.

End of Tumhari Pakhi Update On Tuesday Pt 2: Episode 64

The second part of Tumhari Pakhi Update On Tuesday ends where Pakhi reached the hotel. Tanya asked Anshuman not to take tension. Pakhi asked the receptionist in which room is Anshuman Rathore. She got to know the room number. Tanya made Anshuman busy in her talk. Anshuman was fooled by her. Pakhi went to see Anshuman. Tanya opened the door and Anshuman and Tanya were shocked to see Pakhi. Pakhi was stunned.

Pakhi talked to the media. Tanya told Anshuman that Pakhi will tell everything to the press. Anshuman was worried.

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