Tumhari Pakhi Wednesday, 15th September 2021 Episode started with Pakhi cooking and Veer coming to help her. He fell and Pakhi laughed. She slipped and fell on him.

The mangalsutra got stucked and he helped her out. Riya came with Girish and liked the decorations. Girish coughed and said he has allergy to flowers. Riya worried for him. She said she will get water and came to the kitchen. She saw Veer and Pakhi in an odd situation. She said I am sorry, I came to take water.

Veer and Pakhi got up. Riya looked at them angrily and left. Riya gave the water to Girish. The servants came and welcomed Riya. Girish asked for Pakhi. Pakhi came and said we were waiting for you, mostly Ayaan. Ayaan came and met Riya. Pakhi introduced Riya and Ayaan.

Ayaan gave the welcome card to her. He said come, I will show you the room. Girish said she assisted Lavanya so I know her, but I did not know she is Veer’s daughter, I tried to know why she hates him, but she did not tell me. Ayaan showed his room and toys.

Riya asked him not to call him Didi and scolded him. Riya didn’t get on well with Ayaan and she won’t live in his room. Girish came and Riya changed her tone, she praised Ayan and asked him to call Riya Di.

She said Girish is like family to her and tried to show her good side. Pakhi and Veer arranged the food on the table. Ayaan came with a ball. Veer asked him to keep the ball somewhere else and come eat.

Riya came and Pakhi talked to her. She said we made everything as we did not know your favorite things. Riya became angry. Girish came there and she started acting sweet and smiled. She thanked Pakhi.

Riya looked at Girish. Riya did not like the food and still praised it seeing Girish sitting infront of her. Riya and Veer took the same bowl and look at each other and Veer left the bowl.

Riya looked at Girish and gave the bowl to Girish. Lavanya and Anuja looked on. Girish smiled. Veer served food to Riya and She thanked him.

Anuja became annoyed seeing Pakhi and Ayaan happy. She said I am not feeling well and left. Girish signalled Lavanya. Veer said he got gifts for everyone. He started with Ayaan and then Riya. He then gifted Pakhi.

Ayaan clapped. Pakhi thanked him. He said it’s hard to find friends and gifted Girish and then Lavanya. He asked her to give the gift to Bua. Lavanya asked Ashok to take it. Veer gifted the servants too and said finally we are a happy family. He said as Riya is here, I am really happy, you can see the gifts.

Girish praised Veer and thanked him for giving a complete happy family to Ayaan. He said Riya will be with you, right. Riya smiled. Girish asked Riya to be happy. She thinks she is waiting for his love, then she won’t see their faces.

Girish said we will leave now, as the kids are alone at home. He asked Pakhi to talk with Riya, he will keep coming. Riya asked when will he come. He said, I will come. Everyone went to see them off at the door.

Riya kept a gift box and smiled. Veer got the gift as Pakhi forgot it in the living hall. He said I thought you will need it at bight. She opened it and saw the western dress. Veer was turned away reading the book. She became irked seeing the nightie.

She asked did he get this, so I will need this at night, I became his friend and he did this. He said yes, I got it from searching a lot, I thought it will look good on you, do you like it. She asked seriously, you thought I will like this.

He said yes, come on, I know you, you should wear this, person gets boring wearing same things, you should wear this, I am your friend, we have to start sometime, you will love it. She showed him the dress and said she doesn’t wear such things. He became shocked.

He said no way, how did this come, I did not bring this. She said right, you are talking about this, He said I got Kashmiri Kadai suit. She said yes, it changed into nightie. He said maybe the shopkeeper packed it.

She said you should not cross limits. He said I did not buy this. He said how will you hear this ad imagined. Riya came and asked do you like my gift. Pakhi asked what. Riya said I think Veer liked it. Pakhi asked did you get it. Riya said yes, newly weds are given such gifts to come closer.

Riya scolded Pakhi for marrying in six months after Anshuman’s death. She taunted Veer for not marrying, as he did not get a hot wife before. She said you both married to get physical, so stop acting now.

She clapped for them. She said Ayaan can be fooled, but I am not a kid, I understand everything. Pakhi said Riya. Riya said I saw you both in the kitchen too, so I got this gift to complete your movie.

Pakhi asked what way is this to talk. Riya said I am not related to you both. She asked Veer to stay away. Veer wad shocked. Pakhi looked on.


Anuja said she will make Ayaan and Riya hate ach other. Ayaan asked Riya to leave her room and throws things. Anuja said I will write their fate and smiled.


The Episode started with Riya telling Pakhi and Veer that she will make the 30 days cheap and difficult days. She said she won’t let them win the case. She said you will regret a lot and sorry to interfere in your romantic night.

She said you will need all passion and love in this hatred. She winked to Pakhi and asked her to enjoy and left. Anuja came to Pakhi and taunted her. She said Riya’s hatred was heard outside his room, it’s just the beginning, how will you bear her for 30 days, take my advice, choose defeat.

She said no? It’s fine to go through pain to get peace of death. Veer came and saw Anuja leaving. He gave coffee to Pakhi and she thanked him.

She said she came to tell us that we will lose this 30 day challenge. He said did she become Jotshi. She said no, she heard Riya. He said I am sorry for what Riya did, like the way she behaved, it was pathetic.

She said it’s fine, I know she is very annoyed, kids do this. He said it’s difference in hatred and annoyance, she hates me, you really think she will change. She asked do you also doubt.

He said no, I came to know Ayaan hated you earlier and then he accepted you, Ayaan is a kid, Riya is grown up. She does opposite of what I say.

She said it’s her age, we have to do something, we have to find some way to make her walk on the right path, it’s good we know this. She said lets tell her the opposite then, to make her do as we say.

Girish came to Lavanya. She said you supported Veer and Pakhi, but I m with my mum, like we chose our sides, the wall is between us. He said we are not apart if our thinking is different, we have a right to express opinions, we have two lovely daughters who joins us.

Lavanya became annoyed. He said she is very important for him. Riya said she came here after her love, Girish. She called him. Girish said Riya called me. Lavanya said now? Riya talked to Girish and said I think my wallet is in your car, can I come tomorrow.

Girish said fine, come tomorrow. Riya thanked him and asked about a Ghazal. He said the lines and Lavanya was annoyed. Riya smiled.

Ayaan came and annoyed Riya. Ayaan took the phone and talked to Girish. Riya asked him to give her the phone. Girish said everyone is fine, why did you not sleep. Ayaan said I have to talk to Riya now. Girish said fine, good night.

Ayaan asked Riya what happened. She asked him to sleep. She heard music. Ayaan came to her and asked which song are you listening. He said we will hear it together, give me one ear phone. She pulled his cheek. Ayaan said leave me, don’t do this.

She said why and pulled his cheeks. Ayaan shouted on her. She said you too don’t irritate me, you be in your zone and let me be in my zone, else I will pull your cheeks and Ayaan slept. Riya threw his card in the dustbin.

It’s morning, Veer ironed his clothes. Pakhi looked on. She said it’s already ironed. He said the crease was bad, so I press the clothes again. She asked how much time more. He said can’t say, it’s a very serious art.

She said great, that ironing people are such big artists. He showed his shirt and she smiled. He said he will press her saree. She said it will take the whole night to iron it. He said it’s 42 size shirt, it will take time. He said sharing is caring, it’s good. She thinks he will take time for this, what about business.

She made the clock go ahead of time. He showed her the time and he run saying he has a meeting. She said complete your art. He said incomplete art is fashion. Ayaan was angry as Riya waa not coming out of the bathroom. He started throwing things in the room.

Pakhi heard Ayaan shouting and went to see. She stopped Ayaan. Ayaan said he has to go to school. She said if Riya is there, wait for sometime. She said sharing is caring.

Ayaan asked Riya to come out fast. She said come to my room and took him. Anuja saw this and said Riya and Ayaan won’t adjust ever, I will make them hate each other and stay alone, I will write their fate.

Pakhi asked Veer to come out soon, as Ayaan has to go to school. Veer said fine and came out. He said is it good to come outside while bathing. Pakhi said see the floor is getting wet. He said yes, and roamed.

She said stop and stand at one point. He said sorry. She asked is this an art too. He said if I did not come out, Ayaan would have done art on this floor. She said chee and ge laughed.

She cleaned the floor. He said I will do it. She slipped and he held her. He asked why do you always slip. Ayaan said he is done. Veer left Pakhi and she fell.

Ayaan came out and Veer went to resume his bath. Anuja scolded Maha ji to clean house soon. Anuja asked Sukhi to give her the card and thinks to use it against Riya and Ayaan’s bonding. She said she will divide and rule.


Ayaan and Riya had an argument, Anuja filled Ayaan’s ears against Riya.


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