Tumhari Pakhi Wednesday, 8th September 2021 Episode started with Pakhi blaming Veer for everything. She scolded him and said you can go and celebrate that you won and I lost. She said you made me helpless, you have failed me. She said always remember this, you are the one who ruined my family, you took my son’s innocence and my courage.

She said she curses him as she has hurt a mum’s love. Veer was shocked. Anuja said this is not right, what’s the need for Veer to talk to marry, if he wants to go, he should go. Lavanya said Pakhi is very clever, don’t know why she did this. Girish said your mum is playing games and taunted Anuja.

He said Lavanya is blind that she can’t see her games. Pakhi asked Veer to leave as her aim to ruin everything was over. She pushed him our and shuts the door crying.Veer became angry. He came downstairs. Everyone looked at him. Pakhi came out and looked at them.

Veer said he is ready to do this marriage. Pakhi and everyone became shocked. She thinks she was fooling around saying she will marry Veer, but he really said yes. Maha ji said congrats to him and Pakhi. Ayaan said Maa, uncle agreed and will become my dad.

Ashok said we knew it, we are happy, thanks. Bhaisa asked Pakhi is she sure of her decision. Bhabhisa said she is happy for Pakhi and blessed her. Pakhi came to her room and cried.

She looked at Anshuman’s pic and said see them, they are playing with my emotions, he said yes to marry me, it’s his plan, I m so helpless, I don’t know what to do, I am very lonely. She said your Pakhi failed. I am sorry, forgive me. Girish asked Veer what is this new game.

Veer said there is nothing left now, he has broken up and can’t see in his eyes. He said Pakhi was right, I did a mistake, but it changed Pakhi and Ayaan’s life, I have made them stand at this point, I did not think what will happen if things go wrong.

He said he did not leave any option for Pakhi, it will be hell for Pakhi both ways, I can atleast make Ayaan’s life good.He said he will always support Pakhi always after knowing Bua’s truth, I assure Bhaisa that as long as I am here, no one can touch Pakhi.

He said Pakhi did this for Ayaan, and I can’t let Ayaan’s mum fail. Girish smiled. Pakhi cried. She said she will always be his Pakhi forever. She hugged his pic. Ayaan thanked Veer for becoming his dad and Maa’s best friend. Pakhi came downstairs.

Anuja asked Pakhi to forget everything, free Aryaman and bring him home, why marry Veer, you don’t even know him, decide whether you want to sign or Mandap.Pakhi went to the Mandap.

Lavanya said stop Pakhi, what do you want to show, you are ready to marry Veer, what about my brother Aryaman, you want to ruin everyone’s lives. Anuja said stop Lavanya, if she decided, let her marry, if they both want to marry, who are we to come in between them.

Anuja said it’s true that I was not happy with this marriage, I was thinking if everyone agrees, we will be happy, it’s fine Aryaman can’t be happy, you stay happy. She said Pakhi is our daughter and will always be our daughter, don’t worry for her. Veer said things look good if change slowly, if fast, it looks bad, be careful.

Anuja smiled and said a person said a lot in anger, I am your Bua, won’t you forgive me. I always regarded you my son, you know me. He thinks yes, that’s why I know a big plan is behind this. Anuja thinks Veer can’t understand her, he doesn’t know that he was used.

Pakhi and Veer sat in the Mandap to get married. She thinks about her and Anshuman’s marriage. Veer made her wear the mangalsutra. He filled sindoor in her Maang. They exchanged the garlands. They took the rounds.

She thinks about Anshuman. Anuja looked at them angrily. The wedding was completed. Everyone clapped. Veer and Pakhi signed the legal marriage documents. Veer told Anuja that now I am in between you and Pakhi, so think and do what you want. Anuja smiled.

Precap:Bhaisa and Bhabhisa left. Lavanya said she will leave. Ayaan said take Dadi along, as she did not like my Maa.


The Episode started with Veer and Pakhi taking Anuja’s blessings. Anuja blessed her to be always Suhaagan and asked Veer to take care of her.

She thinks she will not let Pakhi be happy. Veer thinks it was hard to fight as it was dark before, now it’s easy as everything is out, he will save Pakhi’s happiness. Bhabhisa and Bhaisa hugged Pakhi. Veer looked at the mandap.

He said my life changed in one moment, when my family knows, they will beat me that I married without asking them, and got a son too. Ayaan came to him and said hi ND, new dad. Pakhi looked at them.

Ayaan said he always talk in short forms. He said he feels like before now. Veer thanked and hugged him. Ayaan said thanks ND for becoming my ND. Veer said it’s time to sleep. Ayaan asked him to go to Pakhi’s room, not the guest room.

He said he will take her.Pakhi came to her room and looked at the decorations. Ayaan brought Veer there. They looked at each other. Ayaan took Veer to show where to keep his clothes. He asked Sukhi to keep ND’s belongings at dad’s place.

He asked Veer to take Anshuman’s place. Pakhi became angry. Ayaan asked Veer to do all things which his dad used to do, Ayaan held Veer and Pakhi’s hands and asked Ashok to take a pic. He asked Pakhi to smile. Ayaan promoted Dare 2 Dance. Pakhi and Ayaan met Bhaisa and asked him to stay for some days.

Bhaisa said he has to go.He said everything is fine now. Bhabhisa gave Nek to Ayaan. She said we will leave in the morning. Anuja greeted them. Pakhi hugged them and asked them to take care.

Lavanya said I will also go home now. Ayaan said take Dadi also with you, she liked to be with you, she doesn’t like me and Maa. He said you take her with you.

Pakhi became shocked and said this house is for Dadi, she loves you a lot. Ayaan said no, she doesn’t love you. Pakhi said Ayaan. Anuja became angry and acted sweet.She said she was angry so he scolded him. Pakhi asked Ayaan to say sorry to her. Ayaan said sorry and left. Lavanya said Ayaan can’t say this without anyone telling him and she left.

Pakhi went to her room. Anuja thinks time will change soon. Veer removed the flowers from the bed. Pakhi came and looked at him. He said this flowers, I am allergic to them. She ruined the decorations in anger.

Veer was shocked. He said we both worked together and see it happened so soon. She looked at him angrily.He said your anger is justified and I understand. He said he did this marriage only for Ayaan’s sake. I was always wrong, but it’s right that Ayaan got a dad.

She said how many faces do you have to fool people. She said she will see his real face soon. Veer thinks it’s right, you can’t trust me, but I will do my duty. Lavanya told Girish what Ayaan said. Girish defended Ayaan and said he might have heard it anywhere.

She said maybe Pakhi told him. He said we know who was filling his ears, Pakhi is innocent. They argued. She looked at the poetry note in the drawer and read it.She looked at him and asked what’s this. He said you have given it to me. She said me?

He said yes and did shayari. He said this is right for Veer, Pakhi and Ayaan. She kept the notes back. She got a call from Anuja’s. Ayaan polished his shoes. Veer came to him and asked what’s going on. Ayaan said shoe polish. He said dad taught me and I forgot.

Veer said shall I teach. Ayaaan said yes and he taught him. Ayaan looked at him and thinks about Anshuman. Ayaan hugged Veer. Veer felt his emotions.Ayaan said thanks uncle, sorry dad. Veer said ya. It’s morning, Pakhi made Ayaan ready and sang birthday song for Girish. Girish thanked them.

Ayaan asked what gift did got. He said she will make a plan when he remembers. Ayaan said Veer will drop me at school and I will introduce him to my friends. Anuja said yes, it will be good party for them. She asked Ayaan to have laddoo. Ayaan looked at Pakhi.

Pakhi asked him to eat it. Ayaan ate it. Anuja became angry and said do you do every work asking mum. She said Pakhi will spend time with your new dad now and said she will manage home without her. She asked her to focus on her new married life.

Veer made breakfast and packed Ayaan’s tiffin too. Ayaan liked it. Veer and Ayaan asked Pakhi to taste it. She tasted it and did not like it. Veer said yes, it can’t be perfect like her. Ayaan showed the shoes which Veer polished. She said I will do it tomorrow.

Ayaan asked Veer is he not ready. He said I am ready and I have to go the office too. He said we will have breakfast in the car, let’s go. Ayaan said you will be at home today as before. Pakhi said yes, I will make your favorite lunch. Anuja stopped Pakhi and asked her to apply sindoor of Veer’s name, like Anshuman’s.

She smiled and taunted Pakhi. Pakhi was stunned.Pakhi thinks about Anshuman. She applied the sindoor. Anuja said she understands her pain, when Ayaan makes his friends meet Veer, you have to look Suhaagan.

She said you are Pakhi Veer Pratap Singh, not Pakhi Rathore. Girish took care of the baby, Lavanya got ready and said she is going to meet Maa and then have a meeting. He asked did she forget anything. She said nothing. He said fine. She asked what happened.

He said I felt you are forgetting something. She left and he became upset.Riya came home with a gift for Girish. She said I got to know it from the internet. She hid the gift from Lavanya. Lavanya asked her to final the designs and she will approve it tomorrow.

Riya asked for salary as she needed it today. Lavanya gave her money and left. Riya said it’s a special day to make Girish’s day memorable. Anuja talked to Veer and she said we did not do any ritual. He said I came leaving office. She said yes, sit.

She asked Pakhi to sit beside him. Anuja did their tilak and blessed them.She told Veer that Pakhi has applied sindoor to his today. She asked them to eat in one plate. Veer said is this necessary. Anuja said yes.

Veer thinks it’s her plan. Anuja asked what are you thinking, start with sweets. Veer ate the sweets. Anuja asked Pakhi to eat now after Veer has eaten. Pakhi took the sweets and dropped the spoon. She asked what’s this bags, are you going somewhere.

Anuja said no, you guys are going. Veer and Pakhi looked on. She said this is Vidaai ritual done now.Veer said the plan was this right. Anuja said what. Veer said I planned to meet my family on weekend, we will shift later.

Anuja said you don’t worry about office and Ayaan. She said Ayaan won’t go anywhere, he will stay here, only you both will go. Veer said what nonsense, this marriage is because of Ayaan, Ayaan will stay with Pakhi.

Anuja said no, he won’t. He is Anshuman’s son, Pakhi got his mum’s right as she married Anshuman, as she decided to marry someone else, Ayaan is not her son. Pakhi was shocked. Lavanya looked on. Anuja said no one has right on my grandson.

Anuja asked Veer to take Pakhi and go home. She said you don’t have right on Ayaan. Pakhi asked what are you saying, Ayaan is my son. Anuja said he was, not now.

She said you have sindoor of Veer’s name, you are selfish. You married for yourself, not Ayaan. She said that’s why I told you to marry Aryaman.

Pakhi said whats all this, what’s the connection of sindoor with mum’s love. No one can separate me from Ayaan. Lavanya asked Pakhi to leave and not worry about Ayaan.

Pakhi became angry and said no one can separate me from Ayaan, I married for Ayaan, you filled his ears, don’t you know how much I love him.She said how can you separate a mum and son.

She asked Lavanya about mum’s love. She said no one can dare to separate me from my son. She said she can do anything for Ayaan. She said it’s time for Ayaan to come and went to cook. Veer taunted Anuja and said Pakhi still respects you, keep your respect, remember.

He said a weak animal also fights for her son, and Pakhi is a tigress. He called her Maa and left. Anuja said yes, he is right, mum can fight with anyone, I can fight with anyone to save Aryaman.Pakhi brought coffee for Anuja. Pakhi apologized for speaking so badly.

She held her ears and said sorry. She said we are mum and daughter, and such things happen. Pakhi cried and said forgive me. She reminded her of the Delhi days.

Anuja said we are reason for each other’s pain now, this coffee looks bitter now. She looked at Aryaman’s pic and said you like to be in old memories, I don’t. She said you can’t be my friend and bahu.

She said now you are Ayaan’s mum and I am Aryaman’s pic, don’t think I am weak, you are Yashoda for Ayaan, but I am Devki for Aryaman, his real mum.

She said you took away my son, I will take your Ayaan from you, it’s fight of two mums and I will always hurt you now.Precap:Veer told Pakhi that its court’s summon, as Bua has filed the case against her to get Ayaan’s custody. She became shocked.


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