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Twist Of Fate 11 February 2022, Update Friday Episode starts with Pragya telling Tanu that it was a song and not any sign. Tanu says she thought that she is not in her team. Pragya says I was in your team only. Tanu says I thought you want someone else to win. Pragya says she wanted to sing for someone’s happiness. Tanu asks her to sing and make her mehendi memorable. Aaliya asks Pragya to sing. Mitali asks Pragya to sing the song which she likes. Pragya says she doesn’t remember any song now. Abhi asks her to sing and says he will play guitar. Ranbir brings guitar. Abhi plays guitar.

Pragya sings the song kuch toh hai tujhse raabta….Ranbir gets a call and goes out. He sees Prachi coming there and gets mesmerized seeing her. He asks Prachi to tell, how to stay away from her. He asks her to do a favor on him and don’t look so nice infront of him. Prachi gets emotional. Song plays dil meri na suno…..He gets a call again and goes talking to his friend. Rhea comes there and gets upset.

Prachi asks why did you cut my dress? Rhea asks what? Why will I do this? Prachi says when anyone is doing some thing then shall not leave any proof. She shows her bracelet. She says you have done same old cheap act. Rhea asks why did you wear Ranbir’s favorite color. Prachi says she has worn old dress blouse, mix and matched and worn. She asks what do you want? Rhea says I want you to stay away from Ranbir.

Somdutt thinks to go out from the bathroom and thinks someone can come here. He looks at the window. Shahana’s turn comes, but she didn’t sing. Tanu counts and says 1 point minus. Next her turn comes, Tanu gets the letter. She says she wants to sing some special song. Abhi starts the countdown. Tanu sings jaata kahan hai deewana. Prachi comes there and says sorry for being late. She gets the chit. Abhi says you are in my team. Prachi sings Naina…Ranbir comes there and looks at Prachi. He recalls their moments. Shahana goes to Prachi and looks at her. Prachi gets emotional seeing him and stops.

Tanu says it is half song and says she needs to sing fully else will not get full point. Prachi says she can’t sing fully. Abhi says Ranbir will sing his song or will complete Prachi’s song. Tanu agrees. Ranbir sings Aisi kya chali hawa…..He gets up and dances with Mitali and Abhi. Aryan comes back and tells Abhi that there is nobody outside the house. Rhea comes there and says necklace is stolen and I knew you have done this. Abhi asks who? Rhea says who need it. Pragya sees Somdutt running out and tells Abhi.

Abhi and Ranbir run behind him. They catch Somdutt. Somdutt tells that he didn’t steal, someone from his house asked him to steal. He tries to run, but Abhi hits on his head and makes him faint. Ranbir asks if he is dead. Abhi says he is alive, just fainted. Ranbir and Abhi lift him. Prachi says that thief came this way. Rhea blames Prachi for getting the thief steal in her room, to prove that she is irresponsible.

Prachi asks her to use her mind. Pragya says she is your sister. Rhea says this is truth. Prachi says Rhea doesn’t want me to come to this function. Pragya asks them to stop fighting. Ranbir and Abhi bring Somdutt there. Abhi tells pragya that the thief was running with the jewelllery. Rhea says Prachi asked him to steal in the house. Abhi asks her to be quiet and says you both are my daughters and I know who can steal and who can’t.

Ranbir says he told that someone from our house asked him to steal. Abhi says we will ask when he gains consciousness. He asks Tanu to go home and says he enjoyed mehendi function. Tanu thinks she shall stay here, as she can stop Somdutt from telling anything. She says she will stay here, until her mehendi dries. Pragya says I will take you. She takes her to guest room. Tanu asks why she acts nicely with her.

Twist Of Fate 11 February 2022, Update Friday Pragya asks her to be happy as she is getting married. She then asks do you know him? Tanu asks why will I know the truth? Pragya says I was talking about designer Pulkit Awasti. Tanu says she has headache. Mitali brings sugar syrup and asks her to apply on her mehendi after it dries. She asks why you got sweat and searches for AC’s remote. Pragya asks Mitali to take care of Tanu and goes.

Aaliya talks to Inspector on call and informs him about the theft at home. She says we tried asking the thief but he didn’t answer. Rhea tells Aaliya that she was very sure that Prachi got the theft done from her house.Ranbir comes there and says Prachi can never done this. Rhea asks what do you think, she is right. She says she is not that innocent. Ranbir says she is innocent and revenge game is not in her mind.

Twist Of Fate 11 February 2022, Update Friday He says this is all in your mind, hatred, jealousy and anger. Aaliya says I am standing here and you are telling all this to Rhea. Ranbir says you was standing when Rhea was accusing Prachi. He says Prachi is also your niece, I don’t know why everyone just take Rhea’s side. He says I am really sorry, whatever you have done against Pragya, you know well and even I know well. He says let that thief gain consciousness, and he will tell everything. Aaliya sees Prachi getting tensed.

The Episode starts with Aaliya seeing Prachi standing there and asks Ranbir not to waste time and go inside. She says she is going to Bhai and Pragya. Prachi cries. Ranbir comes to Prachi. Prachi looks at him and continues crying. Ranbir wipes her tears. Song plays….Dil meri na sune….plays…Prachi closes her eyes. Ranbir goes from there. Pragya tells Abhi that Tanu knows that thief and is very worried since he is caught and is sweating even when AC is on. Abhi says I understood when thief told that someone from the house asked him to theft. She asks why didn’t you say anything then?

Twist Of Fate 11 February 2022, Update Friday Abhi says he was not having proofs against her and says Tanu is not trustable. Pragya says something else is happening too, I don’t think that everything is fine between Rhea and Prachi. She says Rhea accused Prachi of theft. Abhi says it is siblings rivalry and they are kids. He says that even he used to fight with Aaliya in childhood. Aaliya comes there and tells that she has informed Police and they are coming. Pragya says if police comes before the thief gains consciousness then? Aaliya says we will tell Police that he was running away and fell down.

Twist Of Fate 11 February 2022, Update Friday Pragya says then how we will make him confess that actually Tanu asked him to steal. Abhi says I don’t understand why Tanu asked him to steal here. Aaliya says Tanu might have to give a big amount to this thief and that’s why asked him to steal here, as she couldn’t pay him money. Abhi says I don’t think that this guy gave some money to Tanu. Pragya says I think Tanu asked him to do some work and that’s why he is asking for money. She says she might ask him to take Pradeep from here. Abhi says he will make him confess.

Shahana asks Somdutt to get up and tell who asked him to steal. Aryan asks her to be quiet for sometime. Shahana asks him to be quiet else she will wash him. Aryan gets angry on her. Ranbir comes there and asks Aryan to be there. He goes. Prachi comes there and goes sadly from there. Shahana tells Aryan that they have to keep an eye on him.

Tanu asks Mitali to go and asks until when you will sit here. Mitali says ok and gets thinking. Tanu thinks to open the rope and make Somdutt flee, before Abhi comes back to him. Mitali tells Tanu that she will be here as Pragya asked her to take care. Tanu asks if Pragya asked you to keep eye on me. She says don’t make me angry. Mitali says she is here for her mehendi. Tanu rubs her hands and says now mehendi is gone. She then says that she is hungry and sends Mitali to get something. Tanu comes to Somdutt and sees Aryan and Shahana there. She tells that Ranbir is calling him now.

Twist Of Fate 11 February 2022, Update Friday Aryan says chucks messaged me just now and he didn’t tell me. Tanu says Ranbir is calling you. She sends Shahana that Prachi is calling her and is upset and crying. Shahana goes. Tanu says I was telling that Ranbir is calling you. Aryan says ok and tells that he can’t leave this thief here. He says if Ranbir wants to talk to me then he will come here. Tanu says I will go to my room and asks Mitali to tell that she is in her room. She pretends to go and hides behind the pillar. Aryan thinks the thief is tied and thinks if everyone is fine between Prachi and Ranbir. He goes.

Twist Of Fate 11 February 2022, Update Friday Tanu thinks they are predictable and sprinkles water on Somdutt’s face to make him gain consciousness. He gains consciousness. Tanu says I will open your rope and asks him to run away. She says if Abhi comes here, then he will beat you very much and I can’t do anything. Somdutt says he will not go without money. Tanu asks him to run. She tries to open the rope and sees Abhi and Pragya coming there. Abhi asks what is she doing? Tanu gets shocked. Aaliya also comes there.

Prachi thanks Ranbir for taking stand for her. Ranbir says I don’t want to talk about it. Prachi asks him to listen. Prachi says she wants to thank him and you can’t stop me from thanking you. Ranbir says when you don’t want to listen to me about you, you are feeling good when I spoke about you with someone else. Prachi says she is thanking him for taking stand for him. Ranbir says he can support her for seven births even if she is right or wrong, and not doing this for her thank you and wants her not to leave him. Shahana comes there and tells Prachi if she cried. Prachi says no. Aryan comes there and asks Ranbir if he called him. Ranbir says no. Aryan says Tanu aunty is upto something. They all run.

Pragya asks Tanu why she was opening the rope. Aaliya asks if she wants him to flee. Tanu says no and gets tensed. She says she was tightening the rope as it got loose. Abhi says you got to know this, sitting in room. Tanu says I was hungry and going to kitchen, he was trying to open the rope, I scolded him and tightened the rope. Aryan and others come there. Aryan says you told me that Ranbir is calling me. Tanu says this is the problem of today’s generation. Shahana says you told me. Tanu stops her and tells that they all are behaving as if I am a culprit and asks if she is called here to get insulted. Abhi says she came to marry, don’t question her. Tanu thanks him.

Twist Of Fate 11 February 2022, Update Friday Abhi says now the thief will say. He opens Aryan and Ranbir to open the rope and tells thief that only he will touch him, but nobody can save him from him and his anger. Somdutt says you can’t beat me. Abhi threatens to kill and bury him in the farmhouse. He says I can catch your lie. Prachi says when someone’s lie then the eye ball gets small. Ranbir looks at her. Somdutt asks them to let him go. Pragya asks if you are our guest whom we will leave. Somdutt says some truth can’t be spoken. Abhi asks if you are becoming hero, asks him to push and run.

Somdutt pushes him and runs. They run behind him. Somdutt threatens showing knife. Ranbir, Aryan and Abhi catch him. Rhea comes there. Abhi promises Somdutt that he will let him go and will save him from police too, and promises to give all the jewellery too. Somdutt asks are you sure? Aaliya says I will record it in the camera. Tanu worries that if he tells the truth that Pradeep and her secret will be out. Abhi asks him to tell the truth. Somdutt points his finger at Tanu.

Tanu says he is lying. Prachi asks if she told the reason. Somdutt says she had only asked me to steal and tells that she is very bad person, how can anyone do this with her family. He walks towards Prachi and accuses her, asking her to tell. Prachi is shocked. Rhea smiles. Ranbir gets angry on Somdutt. Prachi asks what are you saying? Pragya says first you took Tanu’s name and now my daughter’s name. Somdutt says I don’t know her (Tanu) and knows just your daughter. Pragya asks him to tell her name. Somdutt gets tensed.

Pragya tells Abhi that he was lying. Abhi says I know. Rhea says why would he lie, when you are giving him everything. Pragya says whatever is seen is not truth, he is taking Prachi’s name to hide the person who asked him to steal. Rhea says if Prachi didn’t ask him to steal then who asked him. Somdutt looks on. Tanu recalls threatening to kill him like Pradeep, and promises to get him out of PS. Police comes there. Aaliya tells that he had stolen in their house. Police arrests and takes him. Tanu offers to drop Pragya home. Pragya says I will go by myself. Tanu says ok, we will meet for marriage day after tomorrow.

Precap: Tanu gets shocked seeing Pradeep alive. Pradeep says you are silent as if someone gets silent on someone’s death, deadly silence. He says I love Pragya more than you, I had a relation with you and I don’t think that I need it, as you was lying to me and marrying Abhi. He says where there is no trust, there is no relation. He shows knife to her. Tanu gets scared.

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