Amazing Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Monday Pt2, 24th May 2021: Episode 145

Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Monday Pt2, 28th June 2021

The Episode started with Sujata saying Suman did not get Ramakant’s love, we can’t cheat him, she risked her life for Atharv, what will happen when she knows Atharv is the reason for Ravish not getting happiness. Vividha said, I did not feel so helpless in life, how will Suman forgive me.

Pandit told Vividha about the Maha mrityunjay jaap, a lady’s husband was unwell, and she has kept the fast for his recovery, women do the jaap all the night and keep the fast, they come to the temple and do puja in the morning. He told the belief that fast kept by true devotion can make prayers fulfilled.

Daddy ji asked Suman, why did she not shout to anyone for help. Suman said, I was in tension that rack will fall on Atharv, there was no time. He said thank God, it was low intensity blast. She asked about Ravish. He said, I called his unit and tried to call the senior, but the communication was blocked, you take rest. She said, I feel unwell here, I will come. She went out.

Vividha asked her to take some rest. Suman asked, did your puja go well? I am fine. Vividha said yes, did you find out about Ravish? Suman said not yet, but you don’t worry, you worked hard, The Lord will hear your prayers. Suman got a call.

Vividha said, I will try to call Ravish. Sujata asked the doctor about Atharv. The Doctor said, his state is worse. Sujata asked how, you said he will get fine after the operation. The Doctor said yes, I am really sorry, if Atharv become conscious, we can do preparations for the surgery to remove last nail, else he can go into coma, despite being alive. Everyone was worried.

Dadi Bua and Aditi looked on. Sujata and Suman were in shock. Daddy Ji asked Suman, what did Colonel say? Suman said, Ravish and his team are hiding in an area, there is no news about them. She cried.

Sujata cried and talked to Dadi Bua. Suman cried and told Aditi that Ravish is missing. Aditi asked Vividha to explain to Suman. Vividha recalled pandit’s words. She went to hospital temple and sat doing Mrityunjay jaap. Sujata said, Vividha has believe in this jaap, Vividha wanted to do jaap all night and do puja at the temple in the morning. Suman prayed that Vividha succeeded in doing the jaap for her husband’s life.

The reporter reported about Ravish and his team inside a building, they were inside the building for 2 hours, none came out, there is just firing sound, we hope that the enemies are shot. Daddy ji and everyone saw this news. Vividha sat praying. Sujata asked Atharv to get up, will you not listen to me. Dadi Bua asked Suman to get courage from her heart if the mind started scaring her. Vividha prayed.

Sujata asked Atharv to take her along, what will I do here without you, even your dad left me, who do I have except you, will you leave me. Suman came and said, nothing will happen to our sons. Sujata said, Ravish is fighting with the enemies, and Atharv is adamant, he is not listening to me, I am asking him to get up.

Suman said, I can understand what you are going through, we have to keep devotion and have hope, we have to believe our Lord, who can’t snatch sons from two mothers same night, Lord can’t be so ruthless. Vividha sat praying.

It was morning, Vividha opened her eyes when Suman held her. Suman said wake up, it’s morning. Vividha asked about Ravish. Suman said there is no news, none came out of the building. Vividha asked about Atharv. Sujata became silent. Vividha said, I have to go to the temple and do puja by tying thread to the tree, I have to complete the puja.

The reporter said, no one has come out of building, Ravish and his team are fighting with the enemies, we have no news about terrorists planting more bombs, I want to appeal it’s better to stay at home, I want to say don’t make crowd at malls and temples. Suman and Sujata asked Vividha not to go the temple and do puja here. Vividha said no, the puja will be complete when I tie the thread to the tree. Suman said, you heard it, there is danger outside. Vividha said, the terrorists want us to be scared, we will not be scared, I can’t leave puja incomplete by fear.

Suman asked her not to be adamant. Sujata said, we are worried for Ravish and Atharv, don’t leave us. Vividha said, don’t worry, I am going to the temple. She went and prayed to the Lord to listen to her prayers. She came to the temple and met pandit. He said, I think you came for Savitri puja, it seems you love your husband and came here to complete fast, you do the puja here, what’s the name of your husband for whom you are doing puja. She got shocked.

Atharv got conscious and came to the temple. Vividha run and hugged him, saying I love you Atharv. She got shocked seeing Suman.


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