Anupama 8 May 2023 Update On Monday

Pakhi begs Anupama not to postpone her wedding on the Starlife Monday 8 May 2023 update. Anupama recounts a sonnet to her depicting characteristics a mother, how a mother gigantically loves her youngsters and becomes intense to get them in the groove again. She opens the entryway and gets back to the party scene where everybody are moving on Tamma.. tune. Pakhi appeals once more to spare everyone’s joy.

Anupama yells for the music to stop and the lights to be turned on. Vanraj asks what occurred. The party is called to an end when Anuj asks guests to leave. Pakhi relays what Anupama said to Vanraj. According to Anupama, Pakh’s wedding has been postponed. Vanraj asks reason.

Anupama describes Pakhi as ungrateful, arrogant, stubborn, and greedy, saying, “How many mistakes shall she count?” how she mocked Anuj and Devika’s hard, how she disrespected this grandmother and uncle in front of guests, and how she tried to buy jewelry worth thousands of dollars, among other things. Leela wonders what would be wrong if a child took jewelry worth 1-2 lakhs. Anupama presents a bill and claims to have purchased $60,000. When they heard that, everyone was stunned.

Anupama informs Pakhi that because of her, her husband granted Hasmukh’s request and made every effort to meet Pakhi’s needs, but ungrateful and avaricious Pakhi demands more. She claims that it would have been preferable for her to divorce Pakhi like Vanraj did; guardians ought to represent a condition that they will uphold their kids provided that they get regard consequently, however guardians will not do that as they love their youngsters monstrously. She continues to rant and describes the ways in which people will question a mother’s upbringing, etc.

Leela asserts that Pakhi and Samar are the children of the same parents, but Pakhi is so egotistical and arrogant. Toshu, according to Kavya, has changed, but Pakhi will not. Devika asserts that Anupama had to work hard to obtain everything, whereas Pakhi received everything in a plate and did not value it.

Anupama goes on to say that Pakhi married Adhik against everyone’s wishes, but she doesn’t even respect him after a week. She claims that Adhik has changed, but she doesn’t explain how they will change their daughter.

She reveals that Pakhi told her that her mother married a wealthy man and became wealthy, and that she married a wealthy boy as well. She says ladies presently consider becoming self-reliant and not subject to any man; Women used to marry high-ranking officers to live lavishly, but now they become officers themselves.

Pakhi is informed by Anuj that even though she is Anupama’s daughter, he cannot forgive her for this one error. According to Anupama, the situation has now reached its limit.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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