Broken Bonds 7 May 2023 Update On Sunday

Broken Bonds: Vedika says, “You made us such a good breakfast” in the Zee World Sunday 7 May 2023 update. Vedika inquires where Rishi is going. She says he goes to office with aai in any case he battles with aai here. I’ve learned a new word, Roli claims. It is referred to as complex. Grown-ups are so muddled.

Samaira informs Kuldeep that she is working while you are occupying yourself. We must conclude things. He claims that you made the choice to leave, not mine. What thoughts have you had regarding the house? She promises to speak with the attorney. You are intelligent.

Second scene: Chandrani visits Samaira’s house. She says Phirki.. The house cleaner says lady is inside. Phirki acts as though she owns the house. Before removing her slipper, she asks Phirki to make her tea and orders the maids to leave. Phirki is terrified. She calls Samaira and says Chandrnai is here. According to Samaira, your biji visited my home. Why? According to Kuldeep, I’ll talk to her.

Are you at Sam’s house, Kuldeep asks? If she agrees, why can’t I stay with my son? What should I do? Shubhra’s Madhura does not like me. I came here because Samaira doesn’t want me in her house. Samaira says I really want to sell this house. When this house is sold, I will leave. Samaira says we will live in Dubai. Chandrnai says I generally needed to remain in Dubai. With my half-DIL, I’ll have fun.

Scene 3
Shubhra gives breakfast to Madhura. She says I’ll take care of it later. Shubhra and Rishi leave. I’m coming, Shubhra tells Kuldeep over the phone. Samaira must stay with you until I arrive. She phoned Anand. Rishi says how about we go. It’s getting late now. Shubhra says office is off today. Roli says yayy we should go for excursion then, at that point. Shubhra replies, “Yes, prepare.”

Kuldeep is questioned by Samaira: “Are you asking your biji to annoy me and stay there?” According to Kuldeep, I would like Biji to always be with me. I know something is in the works between you and your mom. I will expel your mother. Kuldeep says biji will accompany us. She should remain there until then. According to Samaira, she won’t stay at my house. According to Kuldeep, you planned to sell that house. You are now acting as though that house contains a treasure. What have you concealed? She says it’s not your problem.

Samaira is leaving for Mumbai.. Kuldeep says listen please.. Vedika comes. Kuldeep is hugged by Rishi and Roli. According to Shubhra, they were missing their dad. Vedika is noticed by Samaira. According to Shubhra, only Vedika can awaken the human in her. Samaira says I can’t leave you all with Kuldeep.

I need to go to Mumbai. From here, go. According to Shubhra, children need a family photo for a school project. I only have five minutes. They take family photograph. VEdika looks sad at them. She gets Samaira’s attention but is ignored. On the bench, she sits. Samaira says enough is enough, leave my house right now. I must now travel to Mumbai. Shubhra announces our departure. They move on.

The kids give Kuldeep a hug. Vedika goes to Samaira and tells her that Rishi and Roli are embracing their father, and Shubhra tells her to come. May I also give you a hug, mama? She embraces Samaira. Samaira is uncomfortable.

She gives her a hug. Kuldeep and Shubhra both smile. Vedika thanks her mother. Samaira asks how are your classes going? She agrees. SAmaira says did your instructor Mrs. Gupta chide you once more? She asserts that she never reprimanded me.

Samaira asks, and what about your poetry contest? Vedika claims that I came first. Congratulations, according to Samaira. Let’s go, Vedika, says Shubhra.

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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