Mayura Gives Birth To Baby Girl. Cage Of Beauty 18 October 2022, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 140


The Episode started with Omkar asking Mayura’s family to leave. Akhilesh said you are not doing good. Agrima Devi asked her shishya to make arrangement of Havan. Mayura’s family were thrown out from Omkar’s house. Omkar sat in the havan and prayed for his baby. The Doctor asked Mayura to deliver the baby and gave her injection. They heard the baby sound as Mayura delivered. Omkar cried and told Manjiri that his baby.

Manjiri said yes, he took blessings of Agrima Devi and left. The nurse congratulated Omkar and Manjari and said it is a girl. Omkar asked what about Mayura. The Doctor said she will be fine soon. Omkar said I know that nothing will happen to Mayura and my baby. He was about to take the baby but the Nurse said you can’t touch the baby, she is needed to be kept in the incubator and Manjari asked him to understand.

The Nurse kept her in the incubator. Omkar thanked unconscious Mayura for the wonderful gift of his life. Shankar called Akhilesh and told him that Mayura gave birth to a baby girl. He said Omkar has become like the old Omkar and asked him to take Mayura away from there. Omkar then gave money to Agrima Devi, lAgrima Devi became happy and asked him to keep Mayura away from the baby forever, as she is badluck for her and Omkar became shocked.

Mayura gained consciousness and asked about her baby. The Doctor said your baby is fine and asked Mayura to feed the baby. Mayura took baby in her lap and became emotional. She kissed her baby and said Mama will never let any problem happen to you. She said if your Papa does something then I will fight with him and will not let anything happe to her. Omkar asked Manjari, how to separate Mayura with the baby.

Manjari said Mayura’s stain is badluck for the baby. Just then they saw Akhilesh and others coming there. Omkar heard the baby crying and went to Mayura. He took the baby and asked what did you do with her. Mayura said she is my daughter, why will I do anything with her. Omkar said Maa was right, you are bad luck for her, she was scared seeing your scar. Mayura said you are blinded by the blind faith that you are not feeling that you have taken the baby in your lap.

Mayura said she is our baby and the rest is a lie. Omkar scolded the doctor and the nurse for giving the baby to Mayura. The Doctor said the baby needs feeding. Omkar asked Mayura not to be near his baby and said that she is scared of you. Mayura said my baby needs me, don’t separate her from me and she cried. Akhilesh asked Manjari to let them see the baby. Manjari threw money on them and said take the money, we are giving to the poor.

Akhilesh said she is our grand child, we will take them from here. Manjari said you can take your daughter, but not our grand child. Mayura asked Omkar to give the baby to her, but Omkar asked the Doctor to take Mayura to the other room. Mayura asked him not to become mad in blind faith and said she needs both of us.

Akhilesh and the others saw Mayura taken to the other room. Surekha asked Manjari to feel ashamed for not seeing Mayura’s pain. Manjari said she doesn’t feel any pain and asked Bali to throw them out.

Omkar told the baby that he will fight with Mayura for her. Mayura knocked on the door and said that the baby is crying. Omkar said the baby is crying, asked her to drink with his hand. Doctor said the baby needs mother’s feed and knocked on the door. Omkar asked Manjari to make her quiet. Manjari said I will make her sleep, she will be silent,she then made the baby sleep without having milk and gave her to Omkar.

The Nurse felt pity on the baby for sleeping hungry. The Doctor then asked her to be quiet. Mayura was locked in the storeroom and called Surekha, asking her to tell Papa to do something. Surekha said your Papa has gone to the police, but Omkar’s connection is strong. Mayura told her that the doors are locked. Surekha asked her to think of herself as a mother and feed her baby anyhow.

Omkar told Manjari that he will be with his baby and he placed the baby in the incubator. Manjari brought a candle and told him that it was given to her by Gurumaa, to be lighted near the baby. Omkar kept it near the incubator and slept on the table. The Doctor and Nurse went to have food. Omkar’s hand touched the candle and it fell down near the incubator wire.

Mayura prayed to God to protect her daughter. She sensed that the baby was in danger and thinks of how to go there. Just then she heard the watchman entering there. She hits on his head with the vase. The wire then caught fire. Mayura run to save the baby while Omkar was still sleeping.

Mayura was thrown outside her home and her family took her inside. She said she cannot leave her child in Omkar’s hands, she must go. Akhilesh asked what’s the point? He will again kick you out and throw you here. Shuddhi Karan ritual was going on at Omkar’s place. Mayura came there with the police and said, don’t even try to touch my baby…Read more

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