Mayura Takes Control Of Tara. Cage Of Beauty 2 November 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 158


The Episode started with Manjari asking Tara to drink juice but Tara refused. Shankar said your Papa must be coming, drink juice. Tara was about to drink the juice, when she saw Omkar coming there. Tara asked Papa,my friend the nurse didn’t come and Omkar signalled her towards Nayan/Mayura. Mayura brought gifts and balloons for her. Tara became happy and hugged her. Mayura said your Pari Maa sent these gifts. She asked her to have food and said if you don’t have food, then how will we go out for an outing.

Manjari asked what are you saying? Tara is unwell. Mayura said not now, after Tara gets fine. Omkar recalled Mayura asking him not to interfere when she is handling Tara and his family members shall not stop her from doing anything and Omkar agreed. Omkar told Manjari that everything will happen as Ms. Nayan wants. He asked Tara where she wants to go. Tara said she wants to go to the park.

Omkar said we will go tomorrow. Mayura asked Omkar to send Tara’s food to the room. Manjari said she doesn’t trust Nayan. Omkar said we will go after a week, once Tara gets well. Mayura talked to Shankar and told him that she has just one week. Manjari talked to the security guards and she said just like Vasudev ji saved Krishna ji, she will save Tara too. Omkar came to Tara and hugged her. He said we will go out today,Mayura thanked him for thinking about Tara’s betterment. He brought her to the hall and made her see the Park set up in the hall.

Mayura said what is this? Why is the Park set up here?” Omkar said the Doctor said that Tara can’t go out so he brought the park here. Tara kissed his cheeks and played in the park set up. Tara got candy floss from a set up candy floss’s shop. Manjari told Shankar that Tara is very happy. Shankar told her that when she runs in the real park then she will be happy. The Servant informed Manjari that Tara’s medicine bottle broke.

Manjari scolded her and went to the hospital to bring it. She saw Megha there, enquiring about Mayura, she came to know that Mayura was not in the house and thinks if it was Mayura who sent Nayan there. Omkar asked Tara what she will do after playing in the park. Tara said she is getting sleep and Mayura said she shall study now.

Omkar said she is my daughter and not yours. Manjari came there and told Omkar that Mayura was not in her house and Megha was searching for her. Omkar said my men enquired about her and told me that her mental condition is not good. He then thinks to find out and Shankar heard them.

Mayura taught shapes to Tara in a unique way. Omkar came there and said I asked you to make her sleep. Mayura said this is also needed for overall growth. Tara said she has learnt all the shapes. Megha came to Akhilesh’s house and asked where Mayura is, she is not in the hospital.

Omkar looked at Mayura’s pic and recalled their moments. He told Manjari that he will show Mayura’s pic to Tara and if she identifies her as pari maa then…Akhilesh told Megha that Mayura is in a specialized hospital. Megha insisted on getting the number. Omkar came to Tara and told her that he will tell her a story. He showed her Mayura’s pic and asked if she was her Pari Maa. Tara said no. Mayura came there and was tensed.

Omkar asked again. Tara said no and she recalled Shankar asking her not to identity the pic. Tara asked who is this beautiful lady. Omkar said may be she is someone else’s pari maa and we got this pic mistakenly. He thinks Mayura might not be Tara’s Pari Maa, but I have to find out about her.

Precap: Mayura had been kidnapped. Omkar came there and asked how are you?…Read more

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