Mayura Steps Up Her Game. Cage Of Beauty 2 November 2022, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 159


The Episode started with Mayura thanking Shankar for saving her identity. She said how did Omkar become doubtful about Tara’s Pari maa. Shankar said we have to do something before omkar takes any step. Dadi asked Megha if Surekha reached her mausi’s house.

Megha said yes. Omkar’s guards came there and asked where Mayura was? Akhilesh said Mayura is not here. They said they will take Akhilesh from there, Mayura came there and thinks Shankar sent her at the right time and told Omkar that Nayan is at home.

The guards took her to a godown. Omkar came there and untied her hands. Mayura asked when did you come to Jabalpur. Omkar asked if she felt any pain, how are you? Mayura said you have snatched my daughter and asking me this. She then said Tara is at home and she needs to go home. Omkar asked her not to act and made her hear fake voices of her family members asking her to take care and that they will bear the torture, don’t worry.

Akhilesh then called Police. Mayura realized that they were fake voices and continued to act. The Guard showed the doll and said she regards this doll as her daughter. Mayura asked him to return his daughter. He asked if this is your daughter.

Mayura said yes and she fainted. Omkar called the doctor and she gave her injection. She said she will gain consciousness after 12 hours. Omkar then asked the guards to drop her to her house safely.

Mayura told Akhilesh that she has to go now. Manjari calleld Omkar and told him that Tara is insisting to have food from Nayan’s hands. Omkar asked when did you send her? Manjari said 4 pm. Mayura was leaving and said bye Papa. Megha asked who is she? Mayura said Nisha. Megha got a call from Sanjay that they will lose a big investment and asked her to get money. She asked him to focus on work and ended the call. She found black ink finger prints on the wall and became doubtful.

Omkar came to Nisha’s house and asked her father to make him meet Nayan. Nisha’s father scolded him. Omkar got inside the room and found Nayan/Mayura resting. Mayura got up and told him that she is unwell. Omkar said he came to ask if she will come tomorrow. Mayura said how he can say this and Omkar left. Mayura thinks she will be one step ahead of him. She went out and asked the auto driver to take her. Megha came there and called her Mayura.

Mayura said she is Nisha. Megha threatened to tell Omkar. Mayura asked her not to tell Omkar. Megha said I know that you are doing this to get Tara, you have to help me in return. Mayura asked if you she was in any problem. Megha said I will not tell your secret to anyone, especially not Omkar. She said there is a price to keep it a secret. She asked her to give money to her else she will tell the truth to Omkar and get money from him.

Mayura said you are blackmailing me and asked why, does she need money. Megha said she needs 40 lakhs and told her that Sanjay had suffered loss and he needs to repay the money. She asked him to get Omkar’s signature on the papers and that Sanjay can easily operate his account and Omkar will not know but Mayura refused. Megha the threatened to tell Omkar and asked her to yearn for Tara all her life.

Omkar told Manjari that there is no connecting link between Mayura and Nayan, but his heart is not accepting. Manjari asked her to fire Nayan. Omkar said Tara stays happy with Nayan. Just then Tara brought a drawing and said one is Nayan and the other one is Nana ji.

Omkar became shocked and dropped the glass from his hand. Tara then became scared. Omkar asked when did you meet her? Tara said on holi day. Manjari said Nayan might have made some old guy meet her as Nana ji and Omkar became tensed.

Manjari shouted at Mayura for breaking Tara’s medicine bottle. Mayura said she will get a new one but Manjari said no need. Omkar told Manjari to let her go. He then followed her to catch her red handed…Read more

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