Breaking! Piyush Is No More. Cage Of Beauty 24 August 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 66



The episode started with Piyush saying, your belts threw life in me, when pain crosses it limits, you don’t feel it. Omkar said I want to see what you can do for this girl, come hit me for her, hit your brother,hit your bhagwan,hit me,end sangemarmar sartaj,hit me. Why aren’t you?

Piyush said enough, I considered you my brother, even God. I stood by you but I could never understand you, let’s start a new Omi. Let her go, I will come back to you and Mayura said he is right, Please forget everything.

please end this game of hate, I beg you, Please but Omkar shouted no.. Piyush said you have already done the damage, you have scarred her face, I will do what you ask, let her go. Mayura said let Piyush go, I came here, let Piyush go.

Sanjay called Piyush. He said where is Piyush? Megha said no one would know anything, you can’t Mayura. Sanjay said, complain about me to Omkar and get me detained as well, you like doing all this, I feel suffocated around you.

Megha said don’t get in all this it’s for your good. Piyush was a child to Omkar and see what he did to him, you were his servant anyway. Sanjay said you only care about yourself, he left and Megha said they are all crazy.

Omkar throttled Piyush and said you really want to help her right? Now you will suffer for her mistakes and he shoved Piyush. Piyush’s head hits the wall, he was badly injured and fell on the floor. Mayura said what are you doing.. and screamed.

Omkar hugged Piyush and said you were my pride, I loved you the most, I never expected betrayal from you. My heart hurts but I also want to kill you, I am so angry. At least if you die you won’t’ betray me, Mayura said leave him please.

Mayura cried and said please leave Piyush. Omkar said I didn’t do all this, you made me do this, Piyush then tried to get up. Mayura said his head was hurt, let me get to him, please. Omkar, please. Piyush stood up and said hit me, If it gives you peace, hit me.

Your anger might melt down then you let her go. Omkar punched Piyush and his head hits a pillar. Mayura screamed and Omkar asked, are you happy now? See what I did to my bacha because of you, I hit him. Mayura said look at him, please, his head is bleeding,he has fainted, please look at him.

Omkar shook the cage and said it’s all your fault and left. Mayura screamed Piyush.. Mayura said Piyush please open your eyes, I am here. Please. Mayura tried to get out of the cage and prayed, God help me please. Mayura saw the keys on the floor,she tried to pick them and placed her hand out of the cage.

Omkar sat in his car and cried. He said I brought you up with these hands and I hit my bacha with the same hands I will get you medicine bachay. You made me do all this Mayura, I will never forgive you. My bacha.. and he cried.

Piyush moved his hand and Mayura got the keys. She said,i am coming, Piyush and she got out of the cage. A pillar fell on him before Mayura could get to him. Mayura screamed no.. she tried to pick the pillar but she can’t. Mayura said talk to me Piyush, nothing will happen to you.

Omkar came home in anger,sat down and cried. Manjali said what happened? Omkar said, I hit my bacha with my hands,from these hands. I loved him since childhood and he cried. Omkar said what if something happens to him?

I didn’t even look back at him. My bacha.. Mayura has ruined my life, she made me do this, she provoked everyone. My bacha loves me, she provoked him and Manjali said I know.

Mayura recalled her moments with Piyush, she recalled Piyush saying I will be with till I die, She said Piyush was helping her always and she looked at his wound. Piyush was completely fainted. Mayura said I am sorry Piyush, I am sorry.

Mayura tore her dupatta and placed it on his face. She then said, I know you said no sorry and thank you in friendship but I am very sorry and thank you and she cried. Mayura recalled Omkar hitting Piyush,she stood up and wiped her tears.

She came to the temple and said I only asked you for a life partner who loves me as a person not my face. But you tied me to a devil who only cared about my face, I didn’t stop believing in you,he scared my face, harmed my family, even then I still believed in you.

My hope, my friend, my last tear, is also gone today. You took him from me as well. Why? What was his fault?? That he was with the right and not wrong. My belief in you is weak now, I have begged and prayed from you as well. Today my eyes’ last tear is dried with Piyush as well, I will never ask for your help again.

Even if I fall I won’t ask you for help. After today, I have only one mission and that is to destroy Omkar and take everything from him, I will do it without your help. The Mayura who believed in you and good is dead. Today a new Mayura is born who will destroy Omkar. He likes beauty right?

I will take all the beautiful things from him, like he took all my happiness from me and all my relations that were beautiful to me and she left. Mayura said your countdown has started Omkar, I am coming to destroy you Omkar and she left

Manjali gave water to Omkar and said don’t shed tears, Piyush deserved this, drink water. Someone entered the house and Omkar said you.. Why is your face like that? Balli said Mayura.. Omkar said is she okay? He said yes I don’t know about her but Piyush..

He’s dead and Omkar became shocked. He said, this can’t happen,my bacha can’t die. Nothing can happen to him, he can’t die, you are lying and shoved balli. Omkar said you are lying right? Balli tell me? Tell me and shouted. Balli shook his head.

Omkar said no, this can’t be true, my bacha can’t die. How did that pillar fall on him? Why didn’t you save him? Why? He shouted Piyush… he sat down and cried. Omkar said what has happened ma, my bacha.. and he broke things.

Mayura walked outside the temple and recalled Piyush saying you will take this fight even if I am not with you, promise me. Mayura said I will keep the promise I made to you. Your end is the beginning of Omkar’s end.

Manjali said you have to forget Mayura now Omkar. You have no relation with her. Mayura did Piyush’s funeral and said I could forgive my sinner,but your culprit will be punished”…Read more