Mayura Omkar Recalls Tara. Cage Of Beauty 3 January 2023, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 234


The episode started with Mayura coming home. Sachin asked her what’s the matter? She was looking very happy. She said tomorrow is her birthday. Sachin asked whether she invited Ishan. It’s very important for him and his mother to come tomorrow. She said he has to come. Just then Ishan’s video call came in.

Mayura confirmed that he’s coming with his mother and Sachin left. Mayura then told Ishan that he has to do the biggest blast tomorrow. Is he ready? He showed her a preview, he took pictures of Mayura and hugging Omkar. She said she is very excited for tomorrow. He troubled her a lot, now he will know that it was his biggest mistake.

Next morning, Dayimaa wished Mayura a happy birthday and threw rose petals at her. Mayura said she knew that Dayimaa will be the first one to wish her. Mayura’s family came next. They wished her a happy birthday and gave her gifts. Mayura’s dad said they will celebrate her birthday in a grand way at night. He confirmed that Ishan and his mother are also coming. They can do their business deal as well.

They left and Mayura was sad. She told Dayimaa that just like every time, they gave her expensive gifts. In order to save their time, they are using her birthday party to make business deals. She is not able to understand whether her dad kept party for her or for his business deal. Dayimaa said the party is happening, she should just be happy. Mayura said, yes. She said her special friend is coming tonight and something special is going to happen with him, she can’t wait.

Omkar’s mother wished him a happy birthday. She prayed that all his dreams come true. She told him to take blessings from God for today at least. He said she is her only God, her blessings is enough. Naina said the day when Omkar remembers God, God will be surprised. He asked where is his gift.

She asked him to organize a party tonight, then he will get his gift. He thinks about Mayura’s party. Omkar’s mother reminded Naina about her cousin’s engagement tonight. Naina said they will do party after the engagement. Omkar received a message and went away. It was Mayura’s message. She wished him a happy birthday and said she hopes he’s coming to the party. He thinks of what he will tell to his mother and Naina.

The party started and Mayura was waiting for Omkar and hoped he doesn’t ditch her. Dayimaa told her to get ready.

At Omkar’s house, Naina came and asked his mother about Omkar. Omkar’s mother said he took out the clothes long time ago and asked Naina to check. She went to his room but he wasn’t there. She called him but he didn’t pick up. She wondered whether he went somewhere with or for Mayura.

Omkar reached Mayura’s house. Some friends asked whether he was invited or he just came to eat free food. Omkar answered him back and shuts him up. Omkar was then looking for Mayura. He thinks where did he got stuck. Once he shows his face to Mayura, he can go back to his house and spend time with his mother and Naina. Sachin scolded Dayimaa for dropping juice and breaking a glass. She said it was a mistake.

Omkar told Sachin that mistakes do happen. Instead of shouting, he should calmly make her understand. Sachin asked Omkar who is he? From dressing, he looks like he’s from the catering team. Omkar said clothes keep changing and it’s not a smart thing to judge someone by his clothes.

He gave Sachin his own example that he’s wearing such nice clothes but still what he just said wasn’t too smart. Bela was shocked hearing that. Sachin told Omkar that he will deal with him later and left. Dayimaa was happy meeting Omkar. She said if Mayura has friends like him, then she doesn’t need to worry about her anymore.

Ishan came. Sachin and his dad greeted him and they asked about his mother. He said she got an important call, so she stayed back. Mayura’s dad asked she’s still coming, right? Ishan said once her call ends, she will come. Ishan went to meet Mayura. Sachin’s dad told him to tell the servants to take good care of Ishan and his mother.

Omkar wondered where Mayura was. She came in a beautiful red dress and smiled looking at Omkar. Ishan went to her and wished her. She asked whether the plan is set. He said absolutely. Mayura said she will deal with Bela and told Ishan to keep her dad and brother distracted, so she can get some time to play with Omkar one last time before breaking his heart. Ishan went to Mayura’s dad and brother and told them that his mother’s car broke down. They said they will go and pick her up personally. On the other hand, Mayura’s friend dropped a juice on Bela’s dress, so she went to wash it.

Mayura walked to Omkar and he wished her. She wished him back and thanked him for saving her life. They gave gifts to each other. She requested for them to open the gifts together. They both gave each other a chain and a star pendant. He said, Tara? They get unclear flashbacks of their daughter Tara and looked at each other.

Ishan came and asked whether there is any dance or not. She said of course there will be dance. Ishan said they will do couple dance then. Mayura’s friend said they can start with her. She took out a chit and Omkar’s name came up. She went to Omkar and gave him her hand but he was uncomfortable. She took his hand and said in college, he danced with her, now it’s her turn.

Precap: Vishaka arrived at the party as Ishan’s mother. She asked Ishan to introduce her to his friend. Mayura, Omkar and Vishaka got shocked seeing each other…Read more

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