Manjali Begs Mayura To Save Omkar’s Life. Cage Of Beauty 6 September 2022, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 82


The Episode started with Mayura telling her father in law about Aishwarya saving Omkar, when she shouted calling his name. Shankar asked her to save Omkar from his enemies and Mayura looked on. Omkar thinks of Mayura. Shankar said I don’t want you to be punished for someone else’ mistake. Mayura said she will find out who is behind the conspiracy. Aishwarya told Manjali that she was shocked and couldn’t believe that Mayura can do this.

Manjali said I don’t know what she will do and said she is worried for Omkar. Aishwarya said I feel that Mayura will do something, we shall be careful. She thinks tamasha will start now. Omkar was exercising on the treadmill, Manjali came to Mayura and asked her to stay far from her son.

She said my new bahu and son can’t come closer even at night, as you are near them, I will make your chutney with silbatta. Mayura asked are you done and asked her to spill her venom. Manjali asked, do you want to argue, we will fight all night and warned her not to go near Omkar or Aishwarya tonight. She said my son and daughter in law will start their life together.

Mayura said even she don’t have any interest to spend time with Omkar, if only you plea, I will not go near him. Shankar heard them, Manjari said go. Aishwarya said if she does anything then? Manjali said she can’t do anything. Aishwarya thinks something will happen and Mayura will be blamed for it. The Guard came and gave protein shake to Omkar and Omkar drunk it. Manjari brought protein shake for Omkar and Aishwarya said same sipper.

Manjari said what is happening? Just then Omkar vomited poison from his mouth. Aishwarya said my suhaag and acted to cry. Manjali asked her to be quiet and asked Aishwarya and bali to handle Omkar,she then run to call Mayura. Aishwarya thinks once Omkar dies, Mayura will be blamed for it and then I will become Sartaajani…Shankar saw Manjali running and stopped her.

Manjari told him that Omkar drank poison and she is going to take Mayura’s help. Shankar said it is Omkar and your bad deeds. Manjali shouted and cried for Mayura. She said you are a doctor, save my son. She came to Mayura’s room and pleaded infront of her to save her son being a doctor. Mayura asked what happened? Manjali said Omi drank poison and is on the verge of death.

Shankar said Mayura pleaded infront of you and Omi, but you both didn’t listen to her pleading, Omkar is my son too, but he has done a sin and needs to be punished. Manjali asked him not to say this but Shankar said he is a rakshas and shall get punishment. Manjali touched his feet and asked him not to curse his son. She said I will bear all punishment, but don’t punish him. She turned to Mayura and found her missing.

Mayura run to Omkar and asked Bali to help him get up. Omkar sat with Bali’s help. Mayura then sent Bali to get her medicine box and said I will not let anything happen to you. Aishwarya thinks you can’t save him, Manjali and Shankar then came there. Mayura made him drink medicine. Manjali asked her to save him. Omkar vomited the poison and rested his head on Mayura’s hand. Aishwarya thanked Mayura and Mayura said poison cases are very delicate, we need to monitor him all night as we can’t tell which body part will be effected.

Aishwarya thinks my plan is not failed, anything can happen to him in the night. Mayura said nothing will happen to him. Shankar asked Manjali to come and take rest. Manjali said she will take rest and Mayura said she will call her if needed. Manjari took Aishwarya with her and Mayura covered Omkar with blanket rubbed his hand and took care of him. Mayura slept while sitting down on the bed and Aishwarya became tensed in her room. Manjali was also worried in her room while Shankar tried to sleep.

Omkar woke up in the morning and found her sitting down. He kissed her on the cheek and said my Mayura..Mayura turned her face…He saw the scar on her face and became shocked. He thinks of her words and thinks she tried to poisoned him.

Omkar asked Manjali to pack the bags. Mayura woke up and asked where is Omkar? Manjali said he went for honeymoon. Mayura then thinks, his life is in danger…Read more

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