Mayura Is Taken Captive. Cage Of Beauty 7 December 2022, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 202


The Episode started with Raghav asking Mayura to check the box, which the constable brought there. He said all your answers are in this box and asked her to check. Mayura checked and found burnt files and hard disk etc. He said you went after the accident and I asked my team to get whatever is left, because as per you, Omkar’s innocence is in these files.

He said he got the CCTV footage checked again for her. He said if she doesn’t trust him, then why is he working on this case. He said some other ACP will come and might shut the case. He pretended to talk to his superior and said that he has left this case. He told Mayura that he is leaving from her house. Shankar told Mayura that whatever happened is right. Mayura said even I hope so.

She met omkar and told him that if she did wrong by doubting Raghav and said he got the burnt files and hard disk for her. Omkar said you did right, Raghav must have done this to gain trust from you and so that you stop. Mayura said I don’t doubt Raghav fully, but wants to trust you. Omkar said even I want to live with Tara and you, our family. He asked if she is ready to start life with him again.

Mayura said I will reply after you come out from here. She said right now, I want to give you something and tied a holy thread on his hand for the hope. Omkar hugged her and thinks her answer is yes and thinks he will not let her separate from him due to Vishaka or Raghav.

Raghav slapped Pandey and asked how did Omkar take your phone and made the video. He asked him to see his face and said he will be back on this case in 2 days. He said Mayura will plead in front of him to return back to case. Mayura talked to the new officer, who refused to waste his time on the case. He said he is not Raghav Shastri to help him and gave the paper to Megha.

Megha read and said tomorrow is the court hearing of Omkar. She said we did wrong by letting Raghav leave the case. Mayura said we have to fight the case some day and worried about Omkar. Omkar met her and asked her not to worry. He said whatever the case verdict, I have won in my eyes. Megha told them that they have to take the next hearing date. The new ACP asked the Constable to take Omkar inside.

Later Mayura and Megha came back to the haveli and saw Raghav standing there. Raghav tried to make Mayura regret, as he left the case. Mayura said whatever left is for good, now you don’t have to compromise your duty for us. Raghav asked her to see the burning candle and said very soon you will end up like this and Mayura asked him to go.

Raghav counted all Omkar’s misdeeds and told her that,i thought to help her, but you couldn’t trust me. He said it is better for me to leave from here, bye and all the best. He started walking out and asked her to take care of herself. He sat in his jeep and got upset. He called someone and asked to get the work done tonight. He thinks Mayura has done wrong by not stopping him and thinks, she will regret in sometime.

Mayura told Megha that Raghav did right by getting these files from the office. She said they can show this in court. Megha said she will ask for sometime to get an autopsy report and told her that this hard disk is not working. She asked Mayura to sleep and said tomorrow is a big day for us. Mayura hugged Megha and thanked her. She saw Omkar and her pic and thinks of his words. Someone knocked on the door, Mayura opened the door and the kidnapper kidnapped her.

Next morning, Megha, Sanjay and Shankar find out Mayura was missing. Then Megha got a call from the kidnapper (Raghav’s goon) asking for 50 lakhs, telling her that they have to return the money which Vishaka had taken from him. Shankar asked Megha to handle the case, and said that they will go to PS and file the FIR.

Megha met the Judge and requested for another date. The Judge asked where is Omkar. The New ACP said he is on the way. Shankar and Sanjay informed Omkar about Mayura’s kidnapping and Omkar became worried for her. He told constable that he wants to pray to God before sitting in the car. He prayed to God and said that he will search for Mayura.

Precap: Raghav gave out a shoot-at-sight order against Omkar as he searches for Mayura…Read more

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