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The episode started with Mayura saying this is just a rash from jewelry. Where are you going? but he rushed out. Omkar came out and said I have to go to hospital right now, we can’t wait for a second. Omkar said to Piyush we have to go to hospital, get the car ready. Piyush said but this is just a rash. Omkar said this isn’t just a rash,get the car ready. Mayura became confused. Manjali said let me see,Omkar then said we have to go and Manjali said you are right, take her to a doctor, I am coming and they left.

Manjali said what if she finds out about Omkar’s reality. Manjali called the doctor and he said I will do as you say.

Mayura, Omkar and Piyush were at the hospital. Mayura said Piyush what happened to him, I am fine, It’s just a rash but he reacted so much. Piyush said I know,he reacts weirdly sometimes. He said there are women who cry in pain but their husbands don’t care,they don’t even offer medicine but you got a husband who freaked out at a rash, he is doing all this for you, what else do you want? I don’t understand what girls want, If a husband doesn’t love, it’s a problem, if a husband loves a lot, it’s a problem. He said show me the rash and he checked. Omkar came in and caresses Mayura’s face and said are you okay? She said I am fine don’t worry and the Doctor checked her.

Ashu said Rinku, Monu.. Tell me what happened? What happened there? Monu said there was a man there, I saw a shadow, It was a tall lean man and Ashu became shocked. He said who could be? Monu then asked did you see anything?

A nurse said send more staff, Sangemarmar sartaj is here with his and Ashu heard it. He said what? Omkar is here with Mayura.. Omkar said maa she had a scar, would it be fine? Manjali gave him medicine, she hugged him and said everything is fine don’t worry. Ashu then came there. Mayura saw him and hugged him. Manjali then took Omkar to the room. Ashu said is everything okay? Mayura said I got this rash from the necklace and we came here. Manjali said this Piyush must have called him. Mayura said why did you come here? Piysuh said that wedding day in the washroom.. Mayura said what? Ashu said your cousins slipped but they are fine.

Ashu said I came to see Rinku and Monu. Mayura said let me go and meet them as well but Omkar said no Mayura, don’t worry, Piyush is with babu ji and Piyush said always at your service. Manjali said take care of him. Mayura left with Omkar and Manjali and Ashu became worried. He recalled Monu said it was a tall lean man. Piyush said did they tell you anything about the accident, how it happened? Ashu said no they didn’t tell me anything.

Everyone came home. Mayura said sorry you had to be so tired because of me. Manjali said you are our bahu rani, don’t worry. Sanjay then came there. Manjali said thank God Mayura didn’t see you, she would be worried for Megha. He said I brought this tube and Manjali said stay here tonight, we might need something. Sanjay said but Megha is home alone but she said so you will forget Bua? He said no no and Manjali said then stay, do the wedding night tomorrow.

Mayura came to the room and said sorry our wedding night is ruined,he came close to her, Mayura cried and said sorry. Omkar said I know you are tired, we should sleep and Mayura slept in Omkar’s arms and he caressed her face.

It was morning, Sanjay said good morning Megha and sorry, Bua ji asked you to do meetha ritual. She said I made tea,I added sugar as well, I am done and he left. She said I am having this boring tea and Mayura is doing all the rituals there with celebrations.

Omkar did arti the next morning and Mayura came to join him. She said I am late to the arti the first day. Omkar applied sindur in her hairline. Manjali said always wear sindur, sorry I am late and Omkar said it’s okay. Manjali said but wake up at the right time from tomorrow.

Omkar said it’s okay and hugged Mayura. Piyush said Omkar is getting distant. Ashu said Omkar isn’t a good man, I have to inform Mayura.


Manjali said wake up on time from tomorrow Mayura and don’t be late for the arti. Piyush said new bride, keep up. Omkar hugged Mayura and said it’s okay, don’t worry about it. Piyush said Omi is on the other side. Manjali said we have to do the ritual and Omkar said Mayura shouldn’t have a problem.

Shankar asked the maid where are all the servants? Omkar said we will have only female staff now, male staff would stay out of the house and Shankar became shocked. Piyush was watching video of the wedding.

Manjali said to Mayura this is kitchen, only really likes sweets. Manjali said Piyush told me. Shankar and Omkar watched the video together, Manjali said we will make kheer today and Omkar peeked in. Mayura’s hand was about to burn. Omkar rushed in and said Mayura you could burn yourself. He shouted and said I asked you maa not to trouble Mayura. Mayura said I am fine, It happens in the kitchen. Omkar said it’s a big deal, what if anything happened to you. Mayura said why do you love me so much,you cared about me not my beauty, when I used to play with colors dadi used to tell me that it might blacken my color, but you said you were worried that something would happen to me not my beauty and she hugged him. He said in heart, you and your beauty are the same thing.

Rinku and Monu were leaving and Ashu asked them if they remember anything? Monu said we told you what we saw,we might miss our bus.

Shankar said to Mayura, promise me you will be wise on every step. You will handle this house, your husband and yourself well. Mayura said I will try to do my best always and he said stay happy. She said thank you papa ji but he said no, thank you and she left. Shankar said Omkar’s wife, you don’t know what you have to face here.

Ashu came and Shankar said welcome. He said he wanted to meet Mayura and Omkar. He then heard Mayura saying Omkar ji no.. and run inside. He saw Omkar carrying up Mayura and they were smiling. Everyone looked outside and Mayura was happy. Omkar looked at everyone and Mayura was awkward. Mayura said papa is everything okay? Is Megha fine? Tell me what is it. Ashu said after I speak the truth, someone else will be worried not me, I lied to you. Rinku and Sonu were in the hospital. Mayura said what happened to them, are they okay? Ashu said they are okay now? Yes they are, but the one who’s not okay is Omkar Sangemarmar Sartaj, Omkar is responsible for what happened to them. Everyone was shocked and Mayura became confused. Mayura said what are you saying papa. He said they told me it was a tall lean man wearing golden shoes, see the photo. He said the color on his shoes in these photo is the one we had in the washroom.

Ashu said to Omkar don’t do this drama. Tell everyone that you did this to Monu and Rinku, everything that glitters is not gold. Some people show something and are something else. Mayura stood in front of Omkar and said I am sorry papa,you taught us to call right, right. I know Omkar was wearing golden shoes, but so was everyone, the entire family. Piyush, papa ji everyone was wearing golden shoes, It was a dress code, you shouldn’t have said all this without knowing the truth. You taught me that so why.. and she cried. Mayura said Omkar can never do that, ever since I got married he has been only taking care of him and she continued crying. Ashu said no.. Manjali stood in front of Mayura, held her hand and Ashu left.

Manjali said on a call to Ashu, forget what happened, come to the house this evenign,Mayura will be happy. She said it will be fun insulting them. Mayura hugged Omkar and said forget what happened…Read more

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