Destined By Fate 30 May 2023 Update On Tuesday

Predetermined by Destiny on starlife Tuesday 30th May 2023 update, Kanha visits Kusum and consoles her by cleaning her tears and advising her that in youth at whatever point he used to get harmed, he used to hurry to her and she used to comfort him. He claims that he will soon get his sister married because it is his biggest dream. When the groom’s family comes to visit, Kusum asks him not to let his wife Sayuri stand in front of the guests. She asserts that no matter what others say or how much the world changes, people will place more value on a beautiful face than on nature. Sayuri hears what they’re saying.

When Nakul informs him that Sayuri is not eating, Kahna answers Anjali’s call. He tells Anjali to wait a minute, hangs up, walks over to Syuri, tells her not to be stubborn, and offers her food. She is unconscious after he touches her. He gets strained, asks Nakul to gethe vehicle out, and surges her to the emergency clinic. When Kanha doesn’t call back, Anjali gets impatient and wonders if she should or shouldn’t.

Sayuri’s servant told Saroj that she had a high fever; he asks if Sayuri is just acting or if she is carrying her curse for bothering Kusum. Sayrui always wins, according to Kusum, regardless of their attempts to defeat her. Saroj calls Anjali to inquire if she is enraged at them because she hasn’t seen her in a while.

Inquiring about Kanha, Anjali Saroj claims that Kanha is occupied with his wife, who is acting like she has a fever. Anjali inquires about Sayuri’s current state. If she asked Kanha about a file, Saroj asks, could he stay with Sayuri all night and not come home? She then, at that point, separates call. Anjali hopes Kanha called her once at the very least.

Sayuri is examined by the doctor, and she is informed that she appears extremely weak and overexerted. Kanha reviews Sayuri washing garments. Her health has deteriorated, according to the doctor, making it extremely risky for her to overexert herself, take in too much stress, and not eating enough.

Indu, Bhanu, Rashmi, and Pihu show up at clinic and get stressed seeing Sayuri’s condition. Indu questions Kanha that he vowed to deal with Sayuri, then, at that point, what happened now. According to the doctor, too many people can’t stay in the patient’s room. Kanhas declares that he will return. Everyone leaves.

Rashmi and Nakul stand by in a vehicle while Kanha serves Sayuri entire evening. In the background, a song called “Sun Zara Soniye Sun Zara” plays. Sayuri begins to tremble. Kanha calls specialist.

The doctor injects her. Kanha prays for her quick recovery. Kusum informs Saroj that Rashmi was not with Indu, Bhanu, or Pihu when they returned home. In the hope that Sayuri’s death would have spared them, Saroj inquires as to why Nakul is also staying there. Dhanraj hears their discussion and irately discards his prescriptions. Kusum inquires as to for what reason is he tossing his medication as specialist cautioned him not to miss even a solitary portion.

Dhanraj says its preferred in the event that he kicks the bucket over seeing Saroj’s contempt. Saroj prays to God for her husband’s safety. Dhanraj says her wrongdoings will torment her. Indu wakls outside the house and insults Saroj that assuming she tosses soil on somebody, even her hands get soil.

Specialist advises Kanha that they need to minutely notice Sayuri short-term and will orchestrate a medical caretaker for her. Sayuri will be with Kanha all night, he says. Indu inquires as to whether she can take her driver along to serve tea to Kanha and Nakul. Saroj attempts to embarrass her, yet Indu gives her a bitting answer disturbing her more.

Saroj requests that she escape her home. Indu claims that she is standing outside, that she ought to be proud of her children because of how well they are handling the situation, and that the more Saroj despises Sayuri, the more Kanha will love Sayuri. Saroj remains irritated.

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