did atharv kill guddi

Did Atharv Kill Guddi?

Atharv has been blamed for Guddi’s death after he himself accepted that he strangled Guddi to death. Did Atharv Kill Guddi? Is he the black cat he is referring to? Atharv might have referred to himself as the black but it was not Atharv who killed Guddi. Then why did the fingerprint test match with Atharv’s?

Atharv took the coat worn by the black cat, and he has become the new black cat, but the old black cat who has worn the black cat coat earlier is the real culprit.

When Atharv was taken to the mental hospital, the real culprit was very happy and seemed relaxed but Atharv will be back from the mental hospital after his life was in danger. Vividha and Ravish went to the mental hospital to save his life on time.

This could also mean that someone is secretly after his life, who could it be? Did Atharv Kill Guddi? Atharv revealed that, on the night that Guddi was murdered, he fought with Guddi for the pictures which were Vividha and Atharv’s pictures when she was destined to expose Vividha and Atharv to Ravish’s family. 

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But Guddi refused and didn’t give Atharv the pictures. That could explain why Atharv’s fingerprint matched the one Guddi’s neck, because they fought. And so Atharv might think that he was the one who killed her.

But he very well knows that there is another black coat, the black cat coat has been found, and Ravish and Vividha have put up a private investigation to find the owner of that black cat coat. The owner used that coat as a cover so that no one will find out about him, but the secrets shall surely come out.

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