Every Girls Dream 31 March 2023 Update On Friday

Krisha sees the room decorated when she emerges from the bathroom on Friday, March 31, 2023, for the Every Girls Dream On Zee world update. Dev smiles as he gives her a rose. Krisha becomes flushed as he brings her nearer. Since this is our first night here, according to Dev, I wanted to make it memorable. They share a bed with each other.

At evening, Krisha awakens and attempts to turn on the lights yet it’s not working. She hears a voice requesting assistance. Krisha tells Dev, “I heard some voices,” as she wakes him up. After turning on the lights, Dev declares that it is nothing. The lights begin to flitter. Krisha hugs him as she becomes afraid. Dev asserts that nothing exists. I saw a shadow, Krisha claims. Dev checks, but finds no one. Don’t worry, Dev says, because ghosts are nothing like that. They both fall asleep once more.

Krisha wakes up in the morning and smells food. Dev is there when she goes to the kitchen. I’m making breakfast for you, according to Dev. Krisha promises to assist you, but he tells her to change.

Breakfast is brought to the family by Dev. When Vamika arrives, Dev requests that she serve Ugra food. Minakshi screams when she sees blood dripping from the roof. All are stunned. Ugra claims that I informed you that this house is possessed by evil forces. Dev is informed by Jaya that I warned you not to open that room, but you didn’t listen.

When Dev checks the roof, there is no sign of blood. He hears the door to their room slam. Krisha supposes assuming they did a mix-up by opening that room?

Dev informs Krisha that there is some kind of power at work here. Krisha tells him, “Don’t worry, I don’t think there’s anything like a ghost,” but he should go to the office so she can find out who is responsible for everything. According to Dev, I won’t leave you alone. Krisha assures him that he won’t have to worry about me. Dev then leaves, stating, “Call me if you need anything.” Krisha hears somebody weeping for help in her room.

Krisha becomes frightened after researching ghosts online. She claims that if I call Dev, he will leave his meetings. Dev calls her and informs her that I have attended one meeting; is everything okay? Yes, according to Krisha, everything is fine here. Dev says, “I want to eat something sweet,” and he asks her to take care of him.

What kind, says Krisha? Come, and I’ll tell you, says Dev. According to Krisha, come to me. Dev gives his approval and ends the call. Krisha once more hears cries for help. She exits the room and surveys the surroundings. She says voices were coming from here after finding a servant watching a video.

Naina rushes toward everyone in the lounge, her face turning red. She claims that the tap was flowing with red liquid. Ugra asserts that Krisha is to blame for everything. Krisha tells Jaya that we’ll find out who’s behind everything, and she asks Jaya to look at CCTV footage. Jaya consents. Krisha moves on. Jaya informs Vamika that no one can question me because I have taken down all of the CCTVs in this house.

Krisha prays to God in her room for the safety of everyone in the house. Dev stops by and gives her a hug. In his arms, Krisha cries. Dev asks, “What took place?” Dev tells Krisha not to worry because he is with her and that strange things are taking place in the house. Krisha gives him a firm hug.

Scene 2: While Krisha is resting in her bed, she hears someone choking her. Fearful, she realizes that it was her dream when she wakes up.

Krisha wakes up in the morning to find Dev bringing her breakfast. He claims that I am attempting to behave like a normal husband. When she enters the bathroom, the mirror shows blood. They discover a frightening message written in the mirror when she calls Dev there. Krisha informs Dev that opening this room was a mistake. I’ll find out who’s behind everything, says Dev.

Dev asks Krisha’s family who is behind her being scared. Who wrote on the mirror in our room last night? According to the staff, we did not enter the residence last night. Dev responds, “Who is attempting to frighten Krisha?” Ugra tells Krisha to stop chanting. Naina claims that your wife is blinding you. Dev declares, “I know what this family can do; you people have been attempting to hurt me, but I was silent; now I’m speaking up.

” He informs the family that you have all wronged Krisha and that although I have previously forgiven you, I will no longer permit you to frighten her. Who would do that, Jaya claims that this is genuine blood? Raghav points out that there is no blood on my hands. According to Dev, I will search every room for evidence.

I won’t let you do that, Kach says. Vamika, according to Dev, will be my first obstacle. He departs. Krisha is informed by Jaya that Dev is engaging in all of this because you opened that room. Dev begins looking through Vamika’s room. Jaya hears Vamika whisper that our pictures are in the cabinet.

Dev is looking through Vamika’s room and is about to open her cabinet when Krisha stops him and tells him that there is nothing there.

Dev begins looking through Ugra and Naina’s room. Ugra claims that Krisha is to blame for everything. Krisha asks Dev to put an end to it, but he refuses. He goes to Raghav’s room and looks around. Rati says I have opened every one of the drawers. Raghav yells at Rati, “You ought to have perished along with your father.” Dev yells at him to not treat her that way. He emerges from the room to find Kach there after spotting a shadow.

According to Dev, I will now search your room. Kach tells him I won’t let you in when he finds his door locked. Dev is instructed by Minakshi to stand up for his love after the door is unlocked. Dev discovers his safe after searching his room. He finds jewelry inside when he opens it. Dev asks, “What’s going on?” Did you only steal from your family? He departs there with the boxes.

Dev is asked to search Jaya’s room as well. Dev asserts, “You are my mother, I can’t do that.” Jaya claims that you brought Krisha back, but that does not mean that you would insult other members of the family. Says Dev, family? Raghav was able to stop Kach from stealing jewelry, as everyone knows. Dev is asked to accompany Krisha when she arrives there.

When everyone comes to the lounge, their plants are all dead. Ugra inquires of Dev, “Will he also search rooms for that?” Raghav asserts that he will not accept the existence of an evil force in the house. Jaya claims that I instructed you not to open that room, but now we will be responsible for the fire.

Krisha and Dev enter their room. Krisha asks, “What if there is a power that is evil here?” Dev says, “I don’t think so.” Someone wants us to believe everything, and they’re trying to fool you.

Raghav hears Ugra point to the bottle and respond, “Dev tried to search us, but I failed his plan.” She burned the plants by spraying them with acid, as shown in the flashback. She demands that Raghav conceal this bottle.

The servant is asked to clean the mirror by Dev. He claims that I am afraid of the evil forces. Dev says then you leave the work. Because they are afraid, Krisha tells them to stay. Dev himself cleans the mirror and says, “I won’t let anyone scare you.” Sudha calls Krisha and informs her that Guruji will meet with her today. She says yes, and the call ends. Dev is requested to return to the office by Krisha. He departs. Jaya appears there and declares that I will soon separate them.

Rati prevents Raghav from removing an acid bottle from the house. He asks her to leave while concealing the bottle. Rati tells you to behave yourself, and she walks away. When Krisha brings Guruji to the house, Raghav is attempting to leave. I don’t feel any evil power in this house, Guruji tells Krisha. Then, Krisha asks, what’s going on here? The acid bottle is hidden in the kitchen by Raghav. Vamika creates his video while hiding.

Krisha and Jaya speak with Guruji. Before he leaves, Guruji informs Krisha that you have a pure heart so that no one can hurt you.

Krisha calls Dev and reports that Guruji believes there are no evil spirits in the house as well. Dev claims I informed you. When Krisha hangs up on the call, she discovers some sexy footprints in her room. Dev is attempting to call Krisha yet her telephone isn’t working. Dev tries calling Jaya, but she doesn’t answer. Krisha finds her way to Vamika’s room by following the footprints.

She hears crying in her room, and a blanket is put over her. When Krisha comes out of her room to find the footprints gone, she throws it away.

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