Crisel Is Exposed. Heart And Soul Monday, 1 November 2021


Heart And Soul Monday, 1 November 2021 episode 99 begins with Cheska hiding and Crisan not seeing her. Crisan leaves from there. The man asks Cheska if everything is alright.

Diego speaks with Daren and introduces himself to him. The driver comes and takes him downstairs. Crisan sees Diego and goes to him. 

They stood there, looked downstairs but didn’t see Cheska who was standing behind the car where the driver and Sir Daren were standing. 

Cheska was speaking with sir Daren when he got angry and rushed into the car. Cheska also entered the car and they drove off.

Diego takes Crisan to her home, Lola comes home and this makes Crisan furious that she won’t have the time to spend with Diego. Diego wished her goodbye and went home.

 Black lady comes to Crisan and tells her what to do. 

Theresa goes to the cells to meet Raymond with gossip of Alan and Geraldine. Theresa talks I’ll of Geraldine, and Raymond asks her not to talk I’ll of his wife anymore. 

Lola and Crisan are eating when she asks a question about Diego. Asking if she is having an affair with Diego. She tells her to stay focused on her dreams and not get involved in any kind of illicit affairs.

Crisan fumes with anger and starts exchanging words with her. Meanwhile Diego was hiding behind the door listening to what was going on. 

Lola remembers the childhood days of what she knew Crisan to be and a different version of her now. Don’t forget I have told you Diego is hiding and listening to what was going on. 

Lola blankly tells Crisan that she knows she is not Crisan but Crisel. Diego heard this and opened the door slowly to listen clearly. What he Heard shocked him even. Lola gets angry and leaves the room. He met Diego on the way who asked her the meaning of what she said. 

She tells Diego that the person she is seeing is not Crisan. 

Diego remembers the weird behavior of Crisan lately, how she tried kissing him. How she get angry all of a sudden. How Macoy told him that Crisan is not Crisan, but she is Crisel. What Noli said about her. How Crisan has been answering him lately,  how she was desperate to see Cheska and how she fought with Noli because. 

Lola tells her what the whole truth is, that she is Crisel. Diego also remembers her childhood days when Crisan tells him she has been seeing Crisel. Diego also remembers the incident on the bus when the accident occured.

 How an unknown spirit started fighting Crisan and him in the bus causing the accident. When he held Crisan but a strange forced filled her down the cliff. Lola left, and Diego is left with the truth. 

Black lady comes to Crisel and tells her that now her truth is out. 

Alice speaks with Daren, telling him that he has taken the liberty to invite his friends over for a pool party. He asks his mother why she would do that. While they were speaking, Cheska overhears their conversation. 

Crisel is very angry with Lola and follows her silently, she pushes her Infront of a car and almost gets hit by the car. Theresa is also at home speaking with her mother about the Crisan and Geraldine issue.

Diego goes home and tells his mother what he just heard about Crisan not being Crisan but Crisel. James teases him. They ponder over this issue. 

Cheska goes to Daren and puts up the issue of his girlfriend and the accident issue, which angers him. 

Cheska packs her belongings that if Daren isn’t willing to allow her help him, then it’s no use staying in the house. She goes to Alice and tells her that she is leaving the house. 

Heart And Soul Episode 100

The episode begins with Diego dining with his family when he receives a call from Daren. He excuses them and goes. Geraldine and Crisan at home trimming their fingernails and speaking about Cheska and Diego. Diego goes and meets Daren. They talked and talked, Daren invited him over to his birthday party.

Diego accepted. They had a handshake and Diego left. Cheska calls Macoy and tells him her location that he should come and pick her up. A dog started barking at Cheska. 

Diego goes to Crisan’s house. 

Daren was also in his car when the driver saw the dog with Cheska. Daren and the driver got down and drove the dog away. They get Cheska back into the car.

Crisan starts flirting with Diego begging him not to leave her. 

Daren arrives home with Cheska. Cheska tells them how Daren had saved her. 

Cheska calls Macoy on the phone. Macoy had by then arrived at the location and didn’t see Cheska. Cheska was telling him what had happened when his battery died.

Black lady tells Crisel that she is such a drama queen as to the kind of drama she can put up. Crisel cries fearing that she might lose Diego. Cheska goes to speak with Daren and offers to help him but he pushes her away.

Macoy had arrived at the gate and saw this. He fumed with anger after seeing Daren push Crisan. Macoy jumps over the fence gate and goes inside to beat Daren. Macoy is thrown out. Cheska tells him to be patient with things. 

He can’t always be fighting for her. Macoy leaves. 

Cheska goes to sir and pleads with him for what had happened. Daren also says sorry to Cheska and for the first time, gives her a handshake. 

Macoy goes to Noli and tells her what happened that night.

Cheska goes to Daren the next morning. He tells Cheska that there is going to be a party. 


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