Geraldine D!es & Sees Crisel. Heart And Soul Monday, 15 November 2021


Heart And Soul Episode 109

The episode begins with Grandma Salia and Daren seeing Cheska leaving the house at night. They walked to her and asked why she was leaving. Cheska lied to them and said this was her own decision. Meanwhile, the truth of the matter is that Miss Valarie sent her packing and asked her to leave the house. Cheska tells Daren and Auntie Salia that she appreciates all they have done for her.

 Daren tells her not to forget to call him anytime. Cheska takes the teddy bear he has given her and hugged it. Daren tells her not to call her sir Daren anymore but simply, Daren. Cheska and Daren hug. Cheska leaves that night while crying. Auntie Salia and Daren goes back home.

Cheska and Alan are taken in the carrier into the hospital. They meet Vincent and tell him they had an accident. They had fallen unconscious and had a head injury. He directed them where to send the patients.  Crisan and Diego are in the house. She receives a call, she answers it and it was Vincent. He informs her that her parents have been involved in an accident. Crisan hurriedly leaves with Diego to the hospital. 

Noli tells Macoy there was no need to put up a fight with someone who is disabled. Cheska comes to them and informs them what had happened. Crisan and Diego arrive at the hospital. They meet Vincent who tells them they had fallen unconscious. Vincent tells them the doctors are doing everything they can to save their lives. Crisan weeps. 

Cheska shows Noli the teddy bear. She asks where it is from, if it is from Daren? Noli teases her that this is a new love story. The chapter one was with Diego. 

Daren and his mother had a misunderstanding where Valarie confessed that she sacked Crisan. He got angry and fell down, he started gaining his eyesight. He started seeing things blurry. His mother wakes him and said she is sure very soon, she will be able to see clearly.

Crisan goes to Alan and weeps. Noli asks Cheska questions about Diego if she still has feelings for him. But she ignored the question of the day as Noli put it.

Flashback shows the moment when Crisel goes to save Crisan. She fell sick and was sent to the hospital, and almost died. Flashback ends.

At the hospital, it was reported that Geraldine’s BP is dropping. She wasn’t breathing. Geraldine dies and her soul leaves her body. She was lying down. She vanishes and goes to Crisan. Geraldine looks at her and sees that she is not Crisan but Crisel. 

Heart And Soul Episode 110

The episode begins with Geraldine’s soul looking at Crisel and scolding her. Her soul moves back into her body. The doctors  check and said her pulse is normal but she has felt unconscious. Vincent tells Crisan that Geraldine will soon be well. There are no brain injuries. Crisan moves back. Black lady comes and teases her that now her secret has been exposed. Geraldine now knows she is Crisel and not Crisan. 

Crisan holds Geraldine’s hands and she feels conscious. 

Alan is still unconscious. Geraldine goes to him and weeps telling him not to leave him because she cannot survive without him. Geraldine remembers how the accident occured when Alan asked her to remove her seatbelt because they have no option now than to jump from the car. Theresa comes to the hospital and taunts her for taking away her bebe. 

Diego goes home and tells her family the accident that has occurred to madam Geraldine and Alan. 

Geraldine gets discharged from the hospital and meets her friend Jenny. 

She tells her how she saw her soul leave her body and she saw a different person in Crisan. Genny tells her what she experienced was an out of body experience, and the only way to make her doubt certain is to contact an expert. She gets into her car and moves away leaving Crisel behind. 

Black lady comes to her and made fun of her. Geraldine goes to Lola from there and tells her that what Anicia said is now coming clear to her because she herself saw Criselda in Crisan’s body. She tells Geraldine that what she saw was a near death experience. After death, others see light, and the people they see come to meet them, it’s either they join them or they ask the dead to join them. 

Geraldine tells her she found herself out of her body and she saw Crisel in Crisan’s body. Lola and Geraldine gets to the house. Upon seeing Lola, she got afraid. She remembers how she was taken to the church, and how she collapsed upon reaching there, she also remembers when she was tied in the church. 

Lola asks if she is Crisan, she answers that she is Crisan, but Lola exposed her saying she is not Crisan but Criselda. 


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