Crisel Goes To The Light As Cheska Returns. Heart And Soul Monday, 29 November 2021


Heart And Soul Monday, 29 November 2021 episode begins with Geraldine and Crisan clothing Cheska, and wishing her a goodnight. Diego arrives home and sees Raymond lying at their gate. He was badly injured. He rings the bell and calls his mother and James. They all come to the door. Raymond begs them to help him else he will die. They had pity on him and lifted him up to the room. Diego calls the doctor to come to his rescue. His mother advised him against helping him this way and warned him saying he is a criminal but Diego still insisted on helping him. 

The police come to Geraldine and tell her that Theresa has been hit by a car and she died on the spot. When she asks about Raymond, they tell her Raymond escaped from the grips of the police and hasn’t been found yet, but they are doing everything to get him. 

Raymond narrated his story to Diego. Flashback shows the moment he was escaping from the police. He got into a taxi and the driver asked if he should be taken to the hospital but he refused. He asks for Diego’s forgiveness for this last time and promised he would be the father that he should have been. Diego shed tears. 

Crisel is seen in the light. She was very happy at the sight she saw and the happiness the light had to offer. She sees her late father Noor. Theresa’s mother goes to her corpse at the mortuary. She weeps bitterly. Geraldine and Crisan also go there. Crisan goes to console her. Crisan remembers the day when Theresa helped them escape from Raymond when he kidnapped them at the beach house. Crisan gave good testimony about her. She also weeps bitterly. 

Black lady goes to Cheska and reminds her of the work she has given her. 

Crisel returns to the world and tells Crisan how much she will miss her. Flashback shows their happy moments. She goes to Crisan and hugs her. Crisan feels the ghostly chill. 

Because Crisan couldn’t recognize her, she felt the urge to enter Theresa’s body when the light appeared to her. She said sorry to her dad and didn’t go into the light again. Black lady takes Crisel to see Cheska. Black lady tells her Cheska has returned. When Crisan was with Cheska, Crisel tells her that it is not her but Cheska. 

Black lady teases Crisel so that she will come and join her once again. Crisel got angry and wanted to fight with black lady but she couldn’t. Black lady vanishes with her. 

Vincent comes to Diego and recommends that they hand Raymond over to the police but Diego trusts that Raymond has changed. Diego cries very much. Black lady still grabs Crisel’s neck so that she will teach her a lesson. Crisel was chasing black lady when the light appeared to her but she refused to go into it. She goes to Geraldine’s house and tells Crisan that she is here. 

Heart And Soul Episode 23

The episode begins with Crisan speaking with Cheska thinking that she is Crisel. Meanwhile Crisel’s soul was standing nearby watching what was going on. When Crisan left, Cheska scolds Crisel asking her how dare she live her life. They began exchanging words. Cheska tells Crisel she has seen much worse from where she came from, that is hell to be precise. 

Diego covers her father with cloth, he also remembers when he sacked her mother and her from the hospital and asks them never to come near him again. 

Crisel tried explaining to Crisan that she is no more in Cheska’s body but Crisan didn’t hear. So she struck the candle, but Crisan still didn’t see what it meant. 

Cheska goes into the bathroom. Black lady comes there to see her. She goes near the mirror, seeing her face, she rubs her hands on her face and realizes that she has had a burnt face. Black lady teases her saying she has a nice dress but with a disabled face. She got angry and smashed the glass against the mirror. Crisan and Geraldine come there too. Crisel’s soul comes there too. She fumes at Crisel and blames her for making her ugly. 

Raymond is brought to the dining table. Diego’s mother Lilian slapped him when he started being a mischief and said if not for Diego, he would have left him there to die. 

Raymond pleaded with him to forgive him for all he has done against her. Diego goes to his mother and asks her to come though it’s a difficult situation for all of them. 

It’s Teresa’s funeral, families and sympathizers come and bid her farewell. Cheska asks black lady so Theresa is going to hell? She replies yes, she is going home, which is hell, the only place for evil doers.  For a very long time, Cheska sees Diego. She hugs him so tightly as if there is no tomorrow. Black lady tells her to stop that drama and act like Crisel. 

At night, Cheska is on her bed and asks black lady why she has to be so close to Crisan. Black lady explains to her that she shouldn’t forget she is Crisel, and they are always close. Crisan comes and lies with her on the bed. She bids her goodnight. Crisel’s soul taunts Cheska. Cheska wakes up and takes Crisan’s hands off her body. She remembers when she fought with her in the past and said she can never be her friend. Cheska goes out, Crisel follows her. 

Cheska is seen with a knife in her hand.