The Real Cheska Returns From Hell. Heart And Soul 25 November 2021, Thursday


Heart And Soul Thursday, 25 November 2021 episode begins with black lady teasing Theresa’s soul who got hit by a car and died. Black lady tells her she will be taken into the darkness. Theresa begs her to please give her a second chance. Theresa’s soul is dragged to the darkness. Crisan was sitting with Diego in the hospital when Macoy and Noli arrived because they saw the video on their phone of how Raymond came back and caused havoc. They ask where he is and Diego reveals to them that the police are handling the situation. 

He tells them about Crisel being shot by Raymond. Geraldine goes to the lord and prays to him to bring back Crisel. He should forgive her for all her sins because she knows she is an understanding and forgiven God. 

Crisel is in the ICU, the doctors check up on her. Vincent asks about her condition and is told her vitals are dropping. Suddenly, she dies. Her soul leaves from her body. Black lady came to her and said because she rebelled against her she wouldn’t allow her to enter the body. Crisel pushed black lady and was about to enter Cheska’s body. Just when she was about to enter, black lady held her hand and pushed her away. 

She turns her hand around and hands her over to the agents of the darkness. Crisel’s soul is then taken away. Geraldine sits with Diego and Crisan at the hospital and weeps over Crisel’s situation. Vincent goes to Geraldine and breaks the news to her that she couldn’t survive. 

They went into the hospital and confirmed it themselves. They weep over Crisel’s body. The doctor tells Geraldine that they are sorry, they’ve really tried their best.

Raymond got down from the truck he was hiding and said to himself that he will not die like this. 

Suddenly, Cheska appears near her body. James and Diego’s mother are speaking about Crisan. They go into the house and Raymond comes and lies at their gate. 

Cheska goes near her body. She looks at her body and cries. She tells herself that she is back. She places her hand on her body and enters. Suddenly she woke up from the hospital bed. Crisan and Geraldine were shocked. The doctors get amazed and tell Geraldine that they have to check on her as this is unbelievable. They check on Cheska. With Geraldine’s third eye closed, she couldn’t see who is in Cheska’s body. Cheska lifts her hand up and got amazed too seeing that she is back to life.

Geraldine and Crisan go out and inform everyone about it. Vincent shouts, what!? How can this happen because she was confirmed dead. Cheska was there when black lady came and said hi to her.  She tells black lady it’s true what you said, I am back to my body. Cheska remembers when she was in the darkness and being surrounded by agents of the darkness. 

She started calling her mother and father from the pit of hell where she was, begging to be released when black lady came to her. She sees black lady and tells her, I know you. She remembers when she died, black lady had come to her with some agents from the dark. She asks black lady, why did you do that? Black lady tells her, the question should be, why am I here? She asked black lady, what does she want? 

When she finally gets her body, she asks black lady, why is everyone acting strange? Why are they not calling her Cheska but rather, Crisel. Black lady explains to her that Criselda had possessed her body. Crisel calls out to black lady for help. She was at a place where many other spirits are.

Noli tells Crisan she is happy for her. 

Crisel remembers all the happy moments she had with Crisan and Geraldine. She cries from the dark. Cheska said, what the hell is Crisel, who lived her life? Black lady tells her and that is the truth. 

Cheska said that because Crisel inhabited the body, they didn’t even mourn her death. Black lady reveals to Cheska all that happened? She said she doesn’t get what black lady is saying. Black lady tells her she is the twin sister of Crisan. Cheska said she doesn’t know her and then black lady replied that I know her. Vincent tells Geraldine that Cheska wants to have a word with her.  Black lady tells Cheska to accept that she is Criselda. Meanwhile Criselda still weeps from the hades. Crisel closes her eyes, she opens her eyes and sees the light. 


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