Cheska Is Arrested. Heart And Soul Thursday, 4 November 2021


Heart And Soul Thursday, 4 November 2021

The police arrive at the location where Cheska was found. They asked the neighbors if they had found Cheska and showed her picture to them, they all said they hadn’t seen her. 

They then move towards Daren’s house. They heard the doorbell rings. Auntie Salia checks and tells them that it is the police at the gate. They stood at the gate and asked if they had seen Cheska De Villa and showed them a picture. Daren said they know nobody like that. 

Daren’s mother comes out and tells them that what her son is saying is true. But Crisan said they were lying. Alice asks, does it look like she is lying? 

Diego bids Daren a goodbye and they leave. Cheska thanks Daren’s mother, but she tells her not to thank her. He who is walking with a fake identity. Crisan, Cheska or someone else. 

Daren defended her but his mother said she might have done something really bad that is why the cops are after her. She scolded her very much. Daren consoles Cheska and holds her hand. 

Crisan tells Diego when they got home that she is having a feeling that Cheska is in Daren’s house. She takes her bag and moves out to look for her. Diego follows her. They went to Daren’s house and stood at the gate. Diego asks her that they have to go but she refuses. Diego goes and she follows her. 

Crisan comes back to Daren’s house and started spying. Cheska has taken some trash from Auntie Salia and was going out to discard it. Crisan sees her and hides. 

Crisan, Geraldine and Alan go to Daren’s house. They found Cheska coming out. Crisan held her hand. Geraldine tells her she can’t believe she is alive.

She is very happy to see her. But Crisan tells her she is very dangerous. Alan too wanted to call the police but Geraldine asked him to stop. 

She goes to Cheska and tells her how much she misses her. They both weep.

Sir Daren asks where Cheska is. They go out and see Cheska speaking with her family. 

Cheska reveals to Geraldine what happens in the sea. How Crisan pushed her into the sea. She also reveals to her that the Crisan they know is Crisel. Alan tells her to stop saying that. 

They speak with Geraldine and they leave.

In the car Alan tells Geraldine that whether she likes it or not they will report to the police about Cheska’s whereabouts. 

At home Geraldine was thinking about Cheska saying Crisel is the one they are leaving with. She also remembers Grandma Nissi saying Crisel is living in Cheska. 

Cheska tells Macoy and Noli the next morning about what had happened. Daren orders Cheska to get them in. Cheska tells Macoy not to put up any fight with Daren. 

Geraldine and Alan go to the police station that day. 

Black lady comes to Crisan who was brushing her hair and feeling happy that she has Diego and her mother’s love. 

Daren is sitting with Noli, Cheska and Macoy when his mother comes and asks if he is speaking to criminals. Their driver comes and tells them that the police are here to arrest Cheska. The police take Cheska away. 

Heart And Soul Episode 105

The episode begins with Cheska, Geraldine, Alan and Crisan at the police station. A misunderstanding erupts between Cheska and Crisan. 

Raymond comes to meet Geraldine with a handcuff on his hands. Geraldine asks what happened but he refuses to. 

Diego and Vincent are at the hospital conversing. Diego wasn’t looking good so Emmanuel asks what the problem is. He tells him Cheska has been handed over to the police for Emmanuel’s death, this is what she deserves because hadn’t not been what he did his grandpa would have been alive. 

Vincent remembers when Raymond tells him he was the one who killed Emmanuel. Then, Vincent asks Raymond if he believes that Raymond is the one who killed Emmanuel. 

Diego said the truth is out and everything shows it was Cheska who killed him. He goes out very angry. Vincent goes to him and tells him he has a word with him. 

At home, Geraldine gets angry at Crisan for lying against Cheska. She scolds her and tells her never to lie to her again. Crisan weeps. Alan consoles her and tells Geraldine that she is sure she is traumatized because of the incident that happened. 

Diego and Vincent arrive at the police station and ask where Cheska De Villa is. Cheska is seen sitting with her lawyer who said he is the one handling her homicide case. The lawyer asks if he is the one who killed Emmanuel De Villa. Diego and Vincent go to her. 

Diego shouts at Cheska, and this makes Vincent confess that it was Cheska who killed Emmanuel De Villa. Diego gets shocked. The lawyer tells him he is Cheska’s attorney, is he willing to tell them the truth? Diego asks if it wasn’t Cheska then who is it? 

Vincent reveals that it was Raymond who killed Emmanuel De Villa.

Diego cried and was very angry hearing the news. 

Alan tells Geraldine that Cheska is the suspect in Emmanuel’s death. They have to be fair with the documents. Diego asks Cheska to forgive him for misunderstanding her. 

The attorney tells Cheska that Vincent will be her witness and he hopes his witness will make the court discharge her. She hugs Vincent. Cheska thanks him. Vincent asks Cheska to forgive him for not telling the truth earlier. 

The attorney tells Cheska that Daren is the one who asks him to help Cheska in her case. Geraldine arrives at the police station with Alan. They were told that it wasn’t Cheska who killed Emmanuel according to a witness but Raymond. The police tell Geraldine that it was Daren who asked the attorney to help Cheska’s case. 

The police go to Raymond and tell her that he is now the prime suspect of De Villa’s death. Diego enters and gives Raymond such a hot slap for killing his grandpa that he fell from his chairs.

 The police take Diego away. Raymond gets angry with Vincent, but Vincent says he cannot allow Cheska to pay for a crime that he committed. 

 Cheska gets released. The attorney brings Cheska to Daren’s house. Daren’s mother still didn’t want Cheska in the house. 

The attorney said he believes Cheska is innocent. But Alice said that doesn’t change the fact that she is a criminal. Daren begs his mother to stop taunting Crisan because he has promised her he would release her. 

Diego goes home and tells his mother about Raymond being the one who killed Emmanuel. 

Geraldine and Alan arrive home. Crisan asks Geraldine what happened but she didn’t mind her. Alan tells her that Cheska has been released because Raymond is the one who killed Emmanuel. And that Cheska has been taken to Daren’s house. 

Daren was playing guitar when Cheska went to him. He tells her that this is his house and she is welcomed anytime. He has already lost the love of his life. They were speaking when Geraldine came and called Cheska. Cheska hugs her. 

Geraldine tells her she is sorry for whatever she has done against her. But Cheska said it isn’t his fault, it’s all because of Raymond. Geraldine asks that she go to the house with her but she refuses saying she can’t stay with Crisan in the same house. Geraldine weeps but wouldn’t listen. She stood at the gate weeping. 


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