Crisel Shoots Raymond & Defeats him. Heart And Soul Tuesday, 19 October 2021


Heart And Soul Tuesday, 19 October 2021 episode 87

Now it’s time for their escape plan. Crisel helped Cheska to pass through the windows and got down. Crisel also passed through the windows in that same way. They both got down and met Theresa. Raymond looked through the window and saw them.

 Cheska hugged Theresa and went to hide behind some rocks. They run from there and go. Raymond takes his pistol and car, and goes after them. Alan arrives with the policemen, when the police arrive, Geraldine was nowhere to be found. 

Cheska and Crisan are seen on the road running while Raymond chases them with his car. Crisel got hit with the car. Raymond gets hold of her, she screams Crisan’s name to come and help her. 

Cheska by then had escaped from Raymond. Cheska (Crisan) calls Crisel and remembers their childhood moments that no one will leave the other. 

Cheska heard her scream and went to the direction she heard her voice. Crisel kept screaming Crisan’s name and this baffled Raymond who told her she is Crisan, why is she calling Crisan? He ties her up to the truck and drives her back home to the beach house. 

Geraldine arrives at the beach house and starts calling out to Crisan. She met Theresa who scolds her for what she and Raymond have done to her child Crisan. It resulted in a heated argument and then to a fight between the both of them. Raymond arrives and tells him to stop fighting. 

He takes Geraldine to the room that Crisan was staying in and finds out that she is tied. She tells Raymond he is such a wicked person. He tells her he is doing it in order to get to her, so they would move to somewhere far and continue their life. Geraldine tells him she is done with him. 


Cheska returns back to the beach house. Geraldine goes to Crisan and calls her. Raymond goes on his knees and tells her he is really sorry. He needs a second chance from her. 

But Geraldine will never do so, and Raymond puts a condition before him. He held her hands and was taking her out but she hit his underside and went to untie Crisan. Raymond got up and covered her face with a handkerchief. 

She fell unconscious. He ties her up. Geraldine gets conscious and looks in the window to find out that she is in a boat, and finds Raymond in the boat also. 

Crisan and Crisel going to save Geraldine

Heart And Soul Episode 88

The episode begins with Geraldine in the boat. Raymond comes to speak with her, but she replies angrily. Raymond slaps her. Theresa goes to Crisan’s room. She removes her mouth cover, and Crisan kept screaming Crisan’s name. But Theresa also asks why she is calling out to Crisan because she herself is Crisan. 

Cheska arrives in the room and calls her Crisel, this confuses Theresa and she asks why they are calling each other Crisan and Crisel. She gives her the keys to the chains, and unties her. 

They find Geraldine’s wristband on the floor and ask if she was there and where is she? Theresa tells them she is with Raymond, he has taken her in a boat and has gone overseas. Theresa asks them that they should go.

They run out of the room and go, heading towards the beach. Alan is shown in the car coming with the police men, he promises he is coming to get them. Cheska and Crisan arrive at the sea. Theresa goes to them. They see a speedboat there and get on it, going to save their mother. 

Raymond realizes Geraldine is hurt from the slap, and cleanses her wound. Crisan and Crisel caught up with Raymond’s ship. He sees them and starts firing gunshots at them. They jumped from the boat and got into the waters. Geraldine pushes Raymond into the water and his gun falls from his hands. 

Alan and the police men arrive at the beach house. Alan started calling Crisan. He meets Theresa asking about Crisan. Theresa tells her they have been kidnapped by Raymond. 

Theresa tells them what happened that Raymond kidnapped Geraldine, and then Crisan and Cheska chases her with a speedboat. She tells him they are heading to Hong Kong. Cheska and Crisan swim to the boat, but Raymond comes and pulls Crisan’s legs.

 This made Cheska jump onto the waters and they both fought with Raymond in the waters. Alan arrives at the beach with the police men. He finds a speedboat there and gets on it alone. He goes after Raymond. 

Crisan and Cheska get into the boat, and unties Geraldine. Raymond also climbs onto it. He beats Crisan and Geraldine. Cheska takes the gun and aims at him. Raymond got hold of the pistol and they started to fight for it.

 Noli goes to Macoy and tells him nothing has been heard of their Frenny. Diego goes to them, they explain to him what had happened. 

They take Diego’s phone and call Theresa who tells them what had happened. The police come to Theresa. The fight for the pistol got vigorous. Crisel lays hand on the gun and shoots Raymond at his legs. 

She further pressed his wound with her legs. She then beat Raymond until he felt very weak. 

While they take up the water jacket, Raymond gets up and takes the gun and aims at them. He aimed at Cheska and shot but Geraldine hit the gun so he failed his aim, and the shot landed on some flammable liquids on the ship. This set the boat on fire. They all jumped out. The ship got blasted. Crisan and Crisel got hold of a piece of wood.

 Geraldine was also seen with her jacket on. She was almost drowning when Alan arrived there. He sees her and goes to rescue her. Geraldine tells him to save Crisan and Cheska.  The police arrive there also. Raymond gets hold of a speedboat and sped away. 

Crisel and Crisan are shown in the waters, they recall their past. Crisel was almost running out of life. The rescue team takes Geraldine to the shore. Geraldine gets up and tells Alan to go and save Crisan and Cheska. Alan goes. They gave Geraldine a cloth to cover up herself. 


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