Jaana Na Dil Se Door 13th April 2021 On Adomtv- Episode 86-87

Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Friday Pt2, 16th July 2021

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This Jaana Na Dil Se Door 13th April 2021 On Adomtv episode begins with Vividha asking Atharv what he is doing. He walks to her. And asks, why did you take this bat with you? She takes the bat and throws it away and asks him to tell her what happened to him. this time she won’t leave him alone until she has spoken up. 

Atharv holds her hand and caresses his face. Vividha asks him to say something. Atharv gets close. Ravish comes there at the moment and calls out Vividha. Atharv and Vividha hear him. Atharv tries to go but Vividha asks him to stay there. Ravish won’t harm you, she said, I will talk to him. She tells him to wait. Ravish knocks on the door. Vividha calls out at Atharv. 

Ravish hears her and knocks on the door. Vividha opens the door and Ravish asks what she is doing here. Atharv got scared hearing Ravish’s voice, it means something is wrong. Vividha said to herself. what is happening? Ravish asks, and why are you in this room? I don’t know, Vividha replies, maybe I’m going mad, I don’t know what people are doing, it’s all confusing. Vividha gets dizzy. Ravish holds her and calls Situram. He asks him to first call the doctor.

The Doctor checks Vividha and tells them that there is nothing to worry about, just asking her to take some rest and have food on time. Suman asks Vividha if you are fine, you fainted. Vividha recalls meeting Atharv and sees Ravish. She says no, I had a weakness. Ravish sees marks on her hand, as if someone held her by force.

Suman asks Vividha, did you see anyone there? Vividha lies that she just went there on her own accord. Suman tells Ravish, you should be with Vividha. Vividha replies, i can take care of myself. Ravish thought to himself, was Atharv there? and why is Vividha hiding it from me, why is she saying this, maybe she feels I’m going wrong. She feels I am responsible for all her problems.  I wish I could tell her everything, but it’s too difficult. Atharv, you can’t hurt Vividha this way, he said.

Dubey cries and tells Uma and Dadi that Kailash is dead. he was upset for many days and having a feeling of guilt, and so he went to the temple barefooted climbing 1001 stairs. Uma asks why? Was there was no other way to go to the temple. Dubey replies, no. there was no other way, you tell me if I can help in any way. Dadi asks what Dubey said. 

 He is working for Kailash, Uma said. he lied about Kailash climbing 1001 stairs, it was difficult for him to climb just 10 stairs at home. Why will any man climb so many stairs just to die? I’m sure Kailash is alive, but the question is, what is the drama behind the blood-stained kurta? What does he want to do by proving he is dead?

Suman tells Daddy ji that something is not right, it’s not a good sign, something happened between Ravish and Vividha, vividha got scared and fainted in the temple and she fainted today at home. Daddy ji tells her the doctor said there is no need to worry, it’s just a weakness. you know, Suman began, all this has occurred in this house before, and he said…

Flashback shows a moment where the tantric Baba told them a black shadow is on the house and will be around every suhaagan, happiness will be ruined and sorrows  will fill the house.  Daddy ji asks him to stop the nonsense he is talking about and get lost. 

But the Baba continued saying no one will be saved, everything and everyone will be ruined, I can see it clearly. Daddy ji asks him out. The flashback ends. What he said was true, Kalindi says. Kalindi was almost mad. She cries. Ravish comes and tells them they are being superstitious, nothing will happen to this house as it was established with love, Vividha was just weak, she will be fine, your love is her protection.

Atharv comes to Sujata and asks her to wake up and see, what did he get. Ravish comes and gets shocked seeing Sujata hurt with her forehead bleeding. Ravish calls her to wake up and asks what happened to her. Atharv replies, i don’t know, she is sleeping. 

Ravish sprinkles water on her face. Sujata gets conscious. Ravish asks her what happened, you got wounded, shall I call the doctor. He asks, She replies, no need. Atharv hit me with the bat.

Ravish gets furious and slaps Atharv hard. Atharv and Sujata get shocked. Sujata begs him no to beat him.  you know he tried to hurt my wife, Ravish said. I will not bear this, this is about my wife and you also. 

Atharv replies, no, I didn’t do anything. Ravish tells Atharv about Suman who is a caring mother and is serving him 24 hours, and what did he do, he has hurt her. He warns him that if he hurt anyone again, he will chain you.

Sujata replies, no. Atharv wasn’t like that, if I got a scratch, he used to cry for me, if anyone spoke to me with a loud tone, he used to fight for me. Atharv sits making a sad face. Sujata added, he used to feed me food every day and massage my legs till I fell asleep. 

That was my son Atharv, he loved me a lot, if I got hurt, he used to lift me in my lap and walk, he kept my name with his name, Atharv Sujata. Atharv hears her words and recalls Sujata. Atharv holds his head and shakes up.

Sujata asks if he is getting an attack again. Ravish holds him and asks her to get the injection. Ravish gives him the injection and makes him rest on the bed. Sujata cries saying, they made him like this. Ravish too weeps seeing the state Atharv is in. 

He holds Sujata and Atharv’s hand.  I should have understood that Atharv does not know what he is doing, Ravish said. it’s beyond his own control, I am sorry for slapping him.  why will anyone beat the man who is beaten up by fate, he said. its not your fault, you did a lot for us. Sujata pacifies Ravish.

 where are you Sujata? Uma cries. She sees some light in Sujata’s house. Guddi asks Uma to come as it’s getting cold. Uma shows the light in the room. Guddi said,  we all know, no one is there, maybe its just a  reflection.


Atharv gets too angry and too calm, says Sujata.  i think I should lock the room from outside, Ravish said. Atharv runs again when Situram checks the room. Atharv catches Vividha.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door 13th April 2021 On Adomtv

The Episode started with Kalindi saying you are worried for bahu a lot. Suman replied, yes, she is my bahu. Kalindi said, you feel everything is happening wrong, Vividha stayed in tension, everything between Ravish and Vividha is not fine, do you want Vividha to get mad? you say Ravish and Vividha should be happy as you did not stay happy in your personal life, do you want them also stay unhappy in their marriage like you?.

Suman said, Kalindi, Ravish came and asked Kalindi, how can she blame such cheap things on Suman, can’t she see Suman is really worried for Vividha, I know you are my dad’s sister and I respect you a lot, I did not give anyone the right to insult my mum, you will behave nicely, I hope you understood what I said else and Suman made him quiet.

Vividha thought of Atharv and Ravish’s lying to her. Suman came to her and got soup. She asked Vividha, have some soup, you will get energy. Vividha said, I was coming to have dinner. Suman said, no need, I will send dinner to the room, I know you did not get the happiness which you expected, have patience and trust in the Lord, I promise I won’t let you and Ravish get in any problem. Vividha said I know nothing can happen to us when you are with us.

Uma woke up by the sound of a cow. She asked Guddi to wake up and hear the sound. Dadi Knocked their door and asked why is gungun shouting, where is Ankit? Guddi answered, he went to his friend’s place. Dadi said, we will go and have a look. They took sticks and went out. They saw that the room door was opened, and said, don’t know what is happening, even gungun the cow is restless. Guddi said, we have to know who is there.

Ravish took care of Atharv. Sujata asked, are you sure medicines will benefit Atharv, sometimes he gets angry and then become calm, I just don’t understand him. Ravish said, we have to trust the doctor, the medicines are new and will take time to affect him. He asked for room the keys. She said, I haven’t seen it. He said fine, I will ask Situram to lock the room, I will take my leave now, take care and Ravish left. Sujata fell asleep. Atharv had the key in his mouth and smiled.

Dadi asked Guddi not to go, maybe its Atharv’s soul who came to get justice. Guddi said, if it’s Atharv’s spirit, can he hurt me? don’t be tensed. Guddi went to see. She tried to switch on tge lights and said the fuse might have blown. Suman said, Diwali gifts are done. Vipul asked Bhoomi to promote the local lights. Bhoomi got a shock by usinmg the branded lights and Vipul made a joke. Suman asked Kalindi, what happened to your hand.

Kalindi replied, I got hurt and asked, what is happening here?. Vipul said, it’s an electric leak, it can be dangerous to use bulbs. Suman said, call the electrician and get it fixed, its Diwali tomorrow and it shouldn’t be dark.

Kalindi said,the house darkness is taken care of, instead of heart darkness. Suman asked, are you taunting me? don’t act smart, mind your tongue and see your work and She went away. Kalindi said, she is speaking like this because she thinks she is in control, she is the house owner, but one day this will be ours, then I will not waste time to hear her anymore. Vipul said, it means we will look owners from servants, why the delay, let us begin our work.

Ravish told duplicate key to Situram. He said, I am going to the head quarters, I have work to do and won’t be able to answer calls and he went. Vividha asked about Ravish. Situram replied, he went to the head quarters. He thought to lock room fast. She asked, where is his office, did he take a phone? Atharv kept pillows on the bed.

Sitaram said, the phone is kept off the headquarters, I have to go now. He went and checked on Atharv and Sujata. He assumed Atharv was sleeping and shuts the door. He didn’t see Atharv sitting outside the room and hiding in the darkness.

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door 13th April 2021 On Adomtv

Suman told Kalindi that she is going to Mrs. Malhotra’s house, Ravish went for work and everyone else went to party, Vividha was alone, it’s your responsibility to take care of her. Kalindi said, don’t worry, I will take care and Suman went. Kalindi said, I will take such care that Suman will see and she smiled. Vividha was worried. Atharv came into the corridor and held her and she got shocked seeing him.

She asked, where do you go? He held her face but She said no, you are not my Atharv, he did not stare at me like this, he did not touch me like this. He held her against the wall and shuts her mouth. She screamed and asked him to leave her.

Vividha ran away from Atharv. Sujata woke up and saw Athav gone. Atharv fell down in the lights wire. Vividha switched on the lights.

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