Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Friday Pt2, 16th July 2021

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In this update on Jaana Na Dil Se Door 24th March 2021 Pt1, The Episode begins with Suman asking Vividha why she does not want to go to her Maayka. Ravish covers her up saying they spoke the previous night and Vividha told him that she will go for patphere rasam after he leaves for his duty. She wants to spend some time with me now, as I will be leaving for duty in a few days, he said. Suman smiles. Ravish looks at Vividha, who looks back at him.

Ankit worries and says, if Atharv dies then… Uma holds him. Uma asks him where Kailash is. But he replies that he doesn’t know his whereabouts. I’m telling the truth. Dadi asks Uma to call Kailash again. Uma calls Kailash but he was unreachable. I don’t know what his plan is. What is this man doing? She asks. Suman asks Vividha why she doesn’t want to come with him to the army club meeting. 

Daddy ji and Vipul also go out, Ravish and Situram are not at home. they went for work, can you manage alone? He asks. Vividha replies, yes. call me if you need anything, suman said and left.

Vividha sees Ramakant and Ravish’s pic. She hears a sound and goes to check. She sees the blood marks on the floor and gets shocked.

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Someone passes by.  who is there? She asks. Vividha goes to the room  following the blood marks. She sees the cupboard and opens it. But she found just just clothes there. She shuts the cupboard and gets shocked seeing Ravish and Situram behind her. Ravish asks her, what are you doing here? I heard some sounds and came here to check. How did you come back early?

we went to check the equipment and came back early as the delivery happened soon.  I have seen blood outside, vividha said. Ravish and Situram check and see the blood. no, I got some items and vegs, I will clean it.situram said.  Ravish also gives an excuse.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door 24th March 2021 Pt1

Bhoomi and Aditi talk about Captain Avinash coming for dinner. Bhoomi asks Vividha to sit with them and converse. be ready for the drama, she said. When Ravish’s friend Avinash comes, see Aditi’s face. Kalindi replies, nice. Aditi chose a soldier for her, as the fire from both sides. I seriously feel that if you marry the one you love, you may have broken the curse on our family.

Vividha asks, curse? Bhoomi replies yes. call this curse or anyone’s fate. No love has ever got fulfilled in this family. the person who loved didn’t get his life partner.  and the life partner did not get love also. Suman has hope from you, Kalindi said. That you love Ravish a lot and give him lots of love in his life. Situram comes and tells Vividha that Suman is calling her. Ravish is angry after seeing some papers. Vividha goes to the kitchen and says I’m sorry. Suman asks why?

I should have come to the kitchen before you. Vividha said. Suman replies, I did not call you to work here, you are my son’s life treasure and it’s my responsibility to make you happy. She tells Vividha about the dishes, and the jackfruit.  Ravish likes jackfruit a lot and has made me cook this since childhood, she said. Vividha recalls Atharv and moves back. She makes the spoons fall.

Suman asks her are you fine. Vividha replies, I’m feeling restless. Suman asks her to rest in the room. shall I call Ravish? She asks.  I will go, vividha says and runs crying. She recalls Ravish’s words, Kalindi and Suman’s words.

She sees the idol of the Lord and thinks, at which point did you make me stand? Ravish and Suman have hope from me. but I have given my soul to someone else. What do I have to offer  Ravish and Suman now? Vividha asks herself. She went and heard sound from the same room. What is this sound? She asks. the last time also a sound came from this same room.

She goes inside the room and goes to open the cupboard. Situram appears and asks what happened madam ji? shall I show you the way to your room.  Vividha replies, no. I’m fine and I know the way. She went.

Ravish get worried and sits thinking. He calls someone and tells him, this work is not so easy. I will handle this, leave everything to me. He keeps the papers in the file and keeps the file in the drawer. He shuts his laptop and takes his phone. He then leaves and opens the room door. ravish sees Vividha. what happened, she asks. Is everything fine? but He leaves.

Ravish goes to the room. Situram comes and gives him a file. Ravish asks him, did anyone see you?” Situram replies no. Vividha came here again, but did not see anything.  good, she should not have any doubt, he said.  Fine, situram says. Ravish opens the cupboard and enters the secret passage.

Vividha calls Uma. how are you, she asks and how is everyone? everything is fine here, she replied. The people here are so good and love me a lot. But I feel hurt, Papa has put me in this situation and this is a big crime he committed.  They feel I’m the perfect bahu and wife. they think I will fill their house with happiness. Vividha was crying when Uma asks her not to cry. 

There is a morning after every night.  You first have to see the darkness. I want to know about Atharv, vividha said.  did you find out anything? Uma hears a sound. Vividha asks, what’s this sound? say something Maa. 

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door 24th March 2021 Pt1

Uma rushes to see what it is. She sees Atharv’s blood stained shirt. She gets shocked. Vividha asks her to answer what she has seen. Uma lied, the vase broke by my hands. I will call you later, when I find anything about Atharv. I will inform you. I have to clean the glass. and if anyone steps on it, it will be a problem. She ends the call. Vividha cries and says, why do I feel Maa is hiding something?

Precap: Uma shows the stone he found and Atharv’s shirt to Dadi. there is a murderer’s name written on this stone, she said. Ankit gets shocked. Suman tells Vividha that she is going to meet in the neighbor’s house. Vividha is alone at home when the power goes off. She takes a candle and goes to see something.

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