Jaana Na Dil Se Door Friday, 17 September 2021 Episode started with Atharv saying your small details are taking me to the truth, you can’t hide the truth, I promised you I will fail death and come to you, I will find the truth, you know I don’t break my promise and he left.

Dadi asked the servant to get more servants to help tomorrow for the Chautha ceremony. Everyone cried for Ravish. They all talked about Ravish who saved many lives by taking bullets to himself. Atharv consoled Sujata.

Atharv recalled Vividha’s defense given by Ravish. He asked what did Ravish train you for. She said a lot.

He recalled Ravish and thinks he was not an ordinary man, he was an army man and could manage 10-15 people at once, how did Vividha stab Ravish so easily, how can this happen.

He recalled Vividha’s words. Uma asked her to take some rest now and he left. Atharv checked all the knives in the kitchen. He said one is missing. Khushi came there and showed him something.

He asked her is she hungry, does she want something else and she left. He looked on and left. Kailash fed Khushi. He asked her will she do one work for him.

Atharv looked at Vividha’s bindi and imagined Vividha. She asked him not to put wet towel on the bed. She cleaned the bed and he cried. Vividha also imagined Atharv. He held her and wiped her tears.

She restes in his lap. Khushi took a knife in hand and went to Atharv. He woke up and was shocked seeing her. He asked Madhav why is he sad.

Madhav asked him to take him to Vividha. Atharv promised he will get Vividha home soon. He recalled leaving the fruit knife on the table. He asked her to give the knife to him. Khushi acted like stabbing him and he became shocked.

It’s morning, Sujata said the kids got affected by all this, Khushi doesn’t say anything, but she understands, we should talk carefully in front of the kids. Atharv said I feel Khushi wants to tell us something. Sujata asked why will she tell, she wasn’t inside that room and she left.

A lady talked to Vividha, and said you stood for me, you look innocent like a kid, you can’t be a murderer. Vivida recalled seeing Khushi holding the knife. She became shocked and heard Atharv coming. She asked her to hide. Atharv and Kangana came there.

They all left. Vividha shuts the door and asked Khushi why did you do this, why did you kill Ravish. Khushi looked at Kailash and signalled he has stabbed Ravish.

Vividha asked was Ravish troubling Papa, did you do this for Papa, don’t worry, sometimes innocent people do mistake, I will not let anything happen to you. Vividha said sometimes, an innocent’s mistake forces other innocent to take a tough decision. Madhav asked Atharv is Vividha coming.

Atharv said no, I promise I will get her soon. Madhav said my schoolmates said mumma killed Ravish, is this true, why do they say that. He asked do you trust them or me, remember they will say a lot of things, they don’t know Vividha, do you think mumma can do this. Madhav said mumma can’t do this, she is very nice. Khushi heard them.


Lawyer asked Vividha to sign on the papers. Vividha refused. Atharv said you are taking blame on yourself as you think Khushi did this. She asked him not to get Khushi punished. He said Khushi did not do this.


The Episode started with Madhav telling Atharv about Vividha saving him and taking the blame of his mistake. He said she is very nice, she can’t do this, she is the best mumma. Atharv agreed and took the kids.

Ravish’s Chautha ceremony was done. Everyone cried. Atharv came with the kids and thinks if he was there, he would have saved Ravish. He recalled Vividha’s words and Khushi. He called Khushi and took her upstairs.

The Lawyer told Vividha that Atharv had to attend Chautha, so I came alone, you will come out soon. She said I just want punishment, not any bail. He asked don’t you want to defend. She said what shall I say, I murdered Ravish.

He asked her does she know the punishment, she can get hanged. She recalled Atharv and her moments. She thinks of Khushi and said whatever the punishment, I am ready for it.

Atharv asked Khushi where were you when Ravish got stabbed. He signalled her and asked her was she here. He took her to the room and sign to ask if she was here when Ravish was stabbed.

He asked her where was she, was she not at home, she would be somewhere in the house that day. She showed her Kailash’s room. She asked were you in this room that day. She nodded. He recalled Vividha’s words.

Lawyer asked Vividha to sign the papers, it’s necessary. She refused to sign the papers, I am ready to bear any punishment. Atharv came and asked for what crime, which you did not do. She said enough, I don’t want to talk. He said you are taking blame on your head, as you think Khushi did this, tell me.

She said it’s nothing like that. He said you are lying, you feel Khushi did this, you are innocent. She said she is our daughter, we can’t put her in danger, we got her after many years, let me take this blame, don’t tell anyone.

Atharv said Khushi did not do this, she did not kill Ravish, she is also innocent. She became shocked.

Dadi made Kangana do the rituals for soul peace. Kangana kept food for the crows. Uma asked Sujata why is she looking around. Sujata said don’t know where Atharv went. Uma said he would have told you.

Dadi said the birds will come. A Lady said crows doesn’t eat food when the soul doesn’t get peace. She taunted Kangana and she cried. Sujata said Kangana is Ravish’s wife, who else will keep the food. The Lady said Ravish is not getting soul peace because of this girl, she is unlucky. Dadi scolded the lady.

The Lady spoke ill about Kangana. She asked them to kick out Kangana, she is unlucky. Atharv came and asked who gave you right to decide this. He brought Vividha home.

Uma asked her how is she. Dadi hugged Vividha. Lady said Ravish’s murderer has also come to his Chautha, he won’t get peace. Atharv asked them to leave. Lady said just few people came here and you are insulting us, asking us to leave, if you know what people are saying, you will die by shame.

Atharv said it doesn’t matter, you are not ashamed to come here and show fake sympathy, Kangana is a widow, she lost her husband, how much do you know about our family, Ravish loved both of them a lot, don’t make fun of our sorrow, go away from here. Lady said we don’t want to get insulted, think why did crow not eat the bhog food.

Atharv said crows will come, you all leave. Kangana said they are saying the right thing, everything ruined because of me. He said no, don’t shed tears for them, crows will come as these people are gone. Crows came and ate the bhog food. They all smiled and pray.


Atharv showed Vividha that Khushi’s hand is not reaching the knife set. He said Kailash took the knife to that room.


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