Jaana Na Dil Se Door Friday, 3rd September 2021 Episode started with Ravish requesting everyone to trust him and accept Kangana.

He said I miss my mum today, she always believed in my decisions, she regarded me a good army man, she did not take much time to know whether I am right or wrong.

I wish she was alive today, she would have understood my decision, she would have accepted us heartily, any person can take mum’s place, but can’t become mum.

Sujata left. Ravish said you all have right to get annoyed, but we two are at the target of your hatred, I did not expect anything, I just have expect from myself.

Ravish and Kangana turned to leave. Sujata stopped them. She came with aarti plate and kalash. She reminded Ravish that she has regarded him a son, she did not want to turn away from responsibilities.

Guddi cried. Sujata said I promised myself I will never let you miss your mum, not even today. She did their grahpravesh. Vividha stopped them.

She said when bad sight catches house’s happiness, then lightning diya is not needed to do aarti of bad fate, Ravish wants us to welcome Kangana, then fine, we will welcome her by blowing off the diya, a big abshagun is going to happen.

so we will welcome an abshagun by an abshagun. She blew off the diya. Ravish said I did not wish to hurt Guddi ever.

Kangana was about to hit the kalash. Guddi said you are much wrong, I have explained to you many times, you promise me.

She showed the ring and said Kangana and Ravish have crushed my happiness under their feet, they can celebrate it, no need to hesitate. She placed her ring in the kalash.

She asked Kangana to kick her relation else this celebration and rasam will not get completed. She cried and run.

Kangana walked into the house. She went upstairs with Ravish. Everyone looked on. Vividha came and taunted Ravish asking did he throw his uniform and courage as well, why did he do this, does he have answers, he promised to marry Guddi.

when she asked him if he is serious, he said yes, where did he throw her happiness, what does he think, Kangana loved him, she needed a husband to win the custody case, so she trapped you.

Ravish asked her to stop it. She said you have cheated us, you killed your trust, you were an example of sensibility and loyalty. He asked her to stop it, what does she want, I will answer it, you just want me to bear everything silently as if I am a puppet, not any Ravish.

whatever you did and said, I always stood with you, never asked anything, but today when I took a decision, you are behaving this way with me, life snatched everything from me, I lost my dad, mum, and family members.

just for you, I never asked anything, did you ask what am I feeling, if I am lonely, what I need, I am your servant, I will do what you say, did anyone think of what I wanted to do.

Atharv came and saw them. He took Vividha along. Kangana said everyone is going away from you, they all are misunderstanding you, you should have not done this, I did not wish to go through this. He asked her to rest, he will get her bags and he left.

Vividha thought of Ravish’s words. Atharv asked her why is she silent. She asked what shall I say or do, Ravish has done this, was he left to cheat us, I thought Ravish loves Madhav a lot, but I was wrong.

such long relation and friendship, he has forgotten everything, he wanted me to welcome his new wife happily, I can’t do this, she is like a black spirit on our family.

Ravish passed by in the corridor. She said Ravish ruined everything, we have tolerated a lot in these years, so much passed. Ravish heard her and left. Atharv said we have to have patience, we can’t get emotional.

She said it’s not about winning or losing case in court, Madhav is our biggest responsibility, we lost someone who was close to our heart, whatever Ravish did, did you not get angry, we trusted him the most.

He said it doesn’t matter to me, but Ravish has given me the deepest wound, as this case has already started, we can’t take any wrong move, we have to win this case, one wrong decision can make us regret, just think of Madhav, we can’t lose him.

She said Ravish was ready to do anything, he could not do this for you, where did his loyalty go. Guddi came and asked who is talking about loyalty between brothers, shall we talk about loyalty between sisters, did you stand for me, you knew I love Ravish for long, you knew his feelings for Kangana, who got her home, you got her after knowing everything.

you did not think what effect will fall on my relation, you gave her a chance to make place in Ravish’s heart again, everything was fine till she came, but you had to get her here, Kangana has snatched Ravish from me.

Vividha stopped Kangana and asked her to remember, that she has donated the roof to her. She asked Kangana not to talk to Madhav.


The Episode started with Atharv defending Vividha. He said Vividha has just seen goodness in Kangana and gave her a chance. Guddi said I respect you a lot, today don’t defend Vividha please, it was not about giving a chance.

it was about Vividha becoming great, now Vividha has become great, your chance to Kangana made her ruin my life, now Vividha has to bear the burden of my ruined life, I have lost my new life forever. Ravish heard Guddi.

Guddi said Vividha got angry at Kangana as she wronged her, not me, she did not tell Kangana about my problem. She scolded Vividha and cried. Atharv said it’s wasn’t Vividha’s fault and Guddi left. Atharv hugged Vividha and she cried.

Ravish got the dresses from Kangana’s bag and asked her to arrange her things in the cupboard. She said I drew you away from your family. He said don’t worry, they will understand me some day. He placed the pic and lef and she became sad.

Kangana came to the kitchen to make something for Ravish. Sujata said when you both did not come to eat, I have kept your plates ready. She passed the food.

She said this house has rule that no one should sleep hungry, but just think you are cheating this house.

Vividha saw Madhav sleeping. She thinks of Kangana and Ravish’s marriage. Atharv came to her. Guddi saw Ravish’s pic and recalled their engagement. She cried.

Sujata also cried in her room and looked at Khushi. Atharv and Vividha came there and looked on. They became sad.

Kangana looked Madhav’s pic and cried. Ravish hels her. Vividha looked at Madhav’s pic and cried hugging the pic. Atharv saw her and held her hand.

It’s morning, Sujata fed Khushi. Madhav came and joked at Khushi. He asked Vividha why was she sad. Vividha said nothing, eat. Kangana came there and asked Madhav to come with her and have breakfast.

Vividha said he will sit here. Kangana said I want him to have breakfast with me. Vividha said I want him to stay here, it doesn’t matter what you want, he will sit here with his sister and dine, this happens in normal family. Kangana asked do you call this normal, Khushi can do anything.

Vividha taunted her. Kangana said I am taking Madhav along. Vividha stopped her. She said I donated this house roof to you, I have set some rules for Madhav which were not followed.

but it will be followed now, you won’t talk to Madhav, you won’t touch him. Kangana said you can’t draw Madhav away from his mum. Vividha warned her.

Atharv asked Vividha to calm down. Vividha said it’s enough now, when a person dances on the head, we should show her the place. Ravish said you can’t draw Madhav away from Kangana.

Vividha said you also stay away from Madhav, you won’t talk to him. Ravish said Madhav is my son, I am his father. Vividha said you are no one to Madhav, you don’t matter to him.

He asked what did you say, he is my son. She said no, you are not Madhav’s father. She asked Sujata to take the kids and go inside.

Vividha stopped Ravish from touching Madhav. Kangana asked Vividha has she gone mad. Vividha said no, I came to my senses now, I will do anything to keep you two away from Madhav.

Ravish said you did not come to your senses, it will be late when you get to your senses, seeing your doings, Madhav will leave you and come to Kangana. Vividha angrily slapped Ravish. Everyone became shocked.

Vividha raised his hand again. Kangana held her hand and asked her to think before raising her hand again, I can bear my insult, but not of Ravish. Atharv asked Kangana to leave Vividha’s hand, I don’t want to forget that you are a woman.

Atharv said I don’t understand why Ravish did this, I don’t regret that Kangana made a grave of our favors, I regret you putting soil on that grave along with her.

Ravish said I am just trying to get together and make everything fine, after seeing what Vividha did, I feel we can’t reach any conclusion, now I will see how Kangana does not get Madhav’s full custody. They all looked on.

Madhav asked Vividha if she is angry at him. Vividha asked do you like Kangana. Madhav said I won’t go to her if you say, I promise.

Vividha said Ravish doesn’t no know right and wrong. Atharv said this is not that Ravish, who loved and respected Vividha. Ravish said to support the right thing, sometimes we have to stand against family.


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