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Jaana Na Dil Se Door Monday, 16th August 2021 Episode started with Guddi telling them about her wound. The client said Atharv, many people left in darkness, we did not leave, thanks for this lovely evening. Ravish said we have our work, come we will complete it. Dadi asked what work. Atharv made an excuse. Ravish signalled Vividha. Ravish asked Guddi to take care of herself. They all went upstairs.

Vividha said before they all know this, we should find out. Ravish said we can end this matter now, come. They all went to Kangana and saw her throat cut. They all rushed and made Kangana lay on the bed. Vividha called the doctor. Everyone came there and became shocked seeing Kangana.

Dadi asked what happened. Dadi Bua asked Ravish who cut her throat. Doctor treated Kangana. Police came and Ravish saw inspector and asked him to come. Inspector asked them to go out. Atharv said I will stay back, you all go. Inspector asked the constable to check the room well.

He said I will come back for interrogation. Everyone became tensed. Dadi said I don’t understand, how did this happen. Atharv said just the police can tell us. Dadi said I understood whatever is happening in our house is because of someone’s bad sight.

Ravish said much happened tonight, we are tired, I think we all should go and rest. Elders go. Vividha said I think we should check if Kangana got conscious or not. Ravish, Vividha, Atharv and Sujata went to Kangana.

Atharva said she did not get conscious, we will check later. They went out. Ravish said someone tried to kill Kangana, but the cut was not deep to take her life, I don’t know when will she get conscious. Vividha said we did mistake to give her drugs. Atharv said we had to clear our doubts, the wait got long.

Ravish said but do you think this girl is wrong, she was attacked, it was her good fate that she got saved, I think the murderer is someone else. Atharv said I don’t think so, there was Kangana’s hairpin found near Vipul’s murder spot, she tried to create differences between me and Vividha.

Ravish said but there can be other reason. Vividha said maybe Ravish is right. Atharv asked why will murderer kill Kangana. Ravish said maybe she has seen his face, that’s why. Sujata asked who will be that person. Vividha said there were many people at the party. Atharv said Kangana was with us.

Vividha said no, Kangana was alone for some time, I was with her, I heard someone coming, so I came out and heard Dadi shouting, so I reached in the hall, I saw Guddi’s hand bleeding. Atharv said Guddi said her hand got cut by kitchen knife, why did she run out of the house. Ravish said she knows this house well, did she get so much confused to run out of the house. She asked what do you mean, Guddi did all this.

It’s morning, Guddi saw Sujata, Atharv, Vividha and Ravish. She asked do you all think I tried to kill Kangana, how can you think so, that I will try to cut her throat. Atharv said we are not blaming you, we are just asking. She asked what’s the difference in asking and blaming. Ravish said we have seen blood on your clothes.

She said I told you my hand got cut while making sandwich. Sujata said we can’t deny all this, we trust you, but outsiders won’t, Kangana was attacked when power went, your dupatta and hands had blood, we have no way than asking you, do you want to tell something to us.

Guddi said my hand was cut, I was tensed seeing blood, I did not do anything, how can you think so. She said I did not keep my dress, why would I keep blood stained dress, are you thinking it was Kangana’s blood on my dress, and I have washed the dress to erase proof, don’t you trust me, you are blaming me. She justified.

She said Atharv you trust on me right, do you also think so. Atharv said we will do this later. Guddi asked Vividha will she blame her. Vividha said no, like situation is seen, I know something which none knows, Guddi liked Ravish since much time. Ravish became shocked. Vividha said Guddi likes Ravish even now. Sujata asked what. Vividha said yes, Guddi likes Ravish.

Vividha said I know my sister can’t do such wrong work, I trust Uma’s upbringing, Guddi can’t kill anyone. She hugged Guddi. She said I want you to accept in front of everyone that you did this.

They became shocked. Atharv asked what. Vividha said there is someone who is doing all this, we felt Kangana is behind this, but she was attacked too, now if Guddi accepts she did this, the murderer will think we have doubt on Guddi, he will be relaxed and do some mistake, by which we can catch him. Atharv asked how will we do this, we don’t know him, how to make this reach him that we doubt on Guddi.

Vividha said we tried to doubt on Guddi, but I did not see anyone. Atharv said the person is very clever. She asked can we find him or not, if his target is one of us then. He asked her not to worry.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door Monday, 16th August 2021


The Episode started with Vividha saying we will trick the murderer. Atharv asked how will we make this reach the murderer that we trust Guddi. Ravish dragged Guddi out. Everyone tried to stop him. Ravish said none will come in between, laws will see her, I am taking her to the police station.

Sujata told Dadi, Ankit and Bua Dadi to calm down. Vividha and Atharv acted and asked Ravish to leave Guddi. Ravish said no, Guddi tried to kill Kangana, I will not leave her, she has done a crime. Guddi apologized and promised she won’t do such mistake. Atharv said yes, she is part of our family.

Vividha and Sujata looked around. Sujata said forgive her. Vividha said I request, please forgive her for my sake. They looked around and think. Ravish said fine, I won’t take you to the police this time, you won’t be seen around Kangana now. Guddi nodded. They all looked around.

Atharv and Vividha came to the room. She said I hope our acting succeeded, we all tried to doubt on Guddi, everyone was involved in the plan, I don’t know what’s happening, I did not see anyone. Atharv said he is clever, he heard everything and knows whatever we do.

She said who is he, why is he after Kangana, can we catch him or not. Atharv said I hope we catch him, two people died till now. She became worried and said if one of us is the target of that man then. He consoled her and hugged. He said nothing will happen to you, I am with you, we are alert.

Atharv locked the doors. Ravish said none can come inside now. Madhav asked what are you doing. Vividha asked him to come and sleep. He said Kangana did not say story to me, so I did not get sleep. He asked what are you all doing here, what’s this. Ravish said I told you about the game, we don’t have to let anyone come inside, we will get points. Madhav agreed. He asked what’s the game. Ravish asked him to get that sofa here, as he was much strong. Atharv and Vividha kept sofas. Madhav acted as if he did some work and said I am so tired, I will sleep now. Sujata asked him to come and left.

Vividha asked is Kangana fine. Ravish said she is unconscious. Vividha went to see her. She saw Kangana sleeping and left. Bhoomi came to Kangana and recalled Vipul. She became angry and took the bridal dress from the cupboard. She said I know you killed Vipul, so you got hurt now. She wore Kangana’s dupatta. Ravish said I checked the doors again, none will come inside, good night.

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door Monday, 16th August 2021

Bhoomi said this family doesn’t care for Vipul and me, everyone should be punished here. Vividha saw some shadow and went out.

She saw someone in bridal dress and followed. She saw Kangana sleeping in the room and thinks who was that girl. She came back to the room and layed down. She got blood on her hand and saw Atharv sleeping beside. She switched on the lights and saw blood on the bed and on Atharv’s clothes. She paniced and shouted to everyone, asking them to call the ambulance. She asked Atharv to keep lying. Atharv became shocked seeing the blood on his clothes. She checked his stomach and said I am not wounded and not hurt. They saw the blood on the ground and followed the marks. They saw someone and went to see. They became shocked seeing Bhoomi.

It’s morning, everyone cried for Bhoomi’s death. Dadi said some family member is leaving always and cried. Madhav asked what happened to Bhoomi. Vividha took him. The Inspector sent the body for post mortem. Everyone cried.

Inspector asked who has the reason to do this with your family, tell me if you remember anything. Vividha and Atharv checked Kangana’s room. Vividha asked Sujata for the phone. Atharv said it will be in our room.


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