Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Monday Pt2, 28th June 2021

The Episode started with Atharv falling down the stairs. Everyone rushed to him. Ravish and Vividha shouted Atharv!!! She asked someone to call the doctor. They took Atharv to the room. Vividha asked, why is he taking long? Ravish said, the doctor gave a sleep medicine to Atharv, he would be sleeping.

Adaa said, I think he got up, some sound is coming from his room. Everyone run upstairs to see Atharv. Ravish and Vividha called him out and looked for him. Atharv laughed like a kid and hid behind the bed. They found him. Atharv behaved like a kid again, which shocked everyone.

He asked, why is everyone tensed? Sujata asked him to stop it, everyone is worrying. Atharv asked for his plane. Ravish asked, what are you doing? Atharv asked, did anyone get my plane? He went out and saw the decorations. He thinks forgive me Sujata, Ravish and Atharv, now no heart will break. Sujata and Vividha worry. Ravish and Vividha called Atharv out and went to look for him. Vividha stumbled. Ravish held her and Atharv saw them.

Vividha cried and said, how did this happen? Atharv came back and was fine. Ravish said don’t worry, we will take care of him, we will take him to a doctor. She said, he got hurt at the same point. He said, he will be fine again. She asked how and cried. Atharv looked on. His hand touched a vase and it fell down. They saw Atharv hiding.

Atharv took a paper and made a plane. Vividha asked him to listen. Atharv said, see my aeroplane, I made it myself, come we will fly. He cried and got away. He said wow, it’s a beautiful place, whose birthday is this. He laughed seeing a banana and talked to Adaa.

He asked Adaa to come and play with him. Kalindi said, how can this mad guy marry Vividha? They all became shocked and felt bad. Suman said Kalindi is right, Atharv’s state is such, how can Vividha and Atharv marry. Ravish and Vividha looked at Atharv. Vividha cried and signalled Ravish. Atharv thinks you both have bear a lot, now I will do this for the two of you.

Vividha cried. Atharv saw her in the mirror. He cried seeing her crying. She said, why did this happen, when everything got fine, he became normal, will sorrow and pain get less in our life or not? He said, I know you are hurt now, but this will just give you happiness in the coming life.

I did not think someone will come in Vividha’s life who will love her more than Atharv. He said, till when will you deny your love for Ravish, even if I ignore the letter, how can I deny your feelings for Ravish, which I have seen in your eyes, Ravish and I love each other, the one whose love is one sided will sacrifice. He recalled Vividha and his moments.

Vividha also saw him. He realized she was looking at him and started acting like a kid. She called him out stopped him. She said, you wiped your tears just now, why were you crying? He said I felt bad seeing you crying, Ravish cancelled the party, see I am also crying, I will tell him not to cancel the party, come we will party and he left.

Vividha went to Adaa. Adaa hugged her and they cried. Vividha said I feel strange, Atharv became like before again. Adaa said, I used to have fun playing with him before, but I was glad when he got fine, I don’t like kiddish Atharv. Vividha said me too. Adaa said sorry, I should have held his hand, he fell down by leaving my hand, he got hurt. Vividha said no, it was an accident.

Adaa said when he fell, I felt like he left my hand. Vividha asked what, when you got him, what was he doing. Adaa said he was sad, I was recording and asked him to get ready fast and come. Vividha asked did you do recording? Adaa said yes, till he fell down, the recording was on. Vividha checked the recording. She saw Atharv leaving Adaa’s hand and falling down the stairs. She became shocked and cried. She said Atharv did this purposely.

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Monday Pt2, 28th June 2021

It’s night, Ravish asked Sujata to have food. Sujata said I don’t want to. He said no one wants to have food, but it’s important to have food, this phase will be for some time. He asked Vividha how is Atharv? She said, Atharv is fine, I called him for dinner. Suman asked Ravish why did you get the decorations removed? Ravish said we will talk about that later. Suman said you are seeing Atharv’s state. He said we will talk later about this, everyone start eating.

Atharv came and said I am also hungry, give me food. Vividha looked at him and observed him. She gave him a plate and took a plate. She said this is not your plate, you used to have food in just your plate. He acted and said yes, I was giving this to Suman. He took another plate. Vividha said even this plate is also not yours. Atharv became tensed. Everyone looked on.

Atharv said I was giving this to Ravish, give me food. Suman said I don’t think you can marry Atharv, will you marry a mad guy? Vividha said yes, I will marry him in any state he is in. Atharv cried hearing this.


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