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Atharv sees Madhav’s parent’s contact in a newspaper, he calls them and was going to meet Madhav’s parents so that they would have their kid. The full update of Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Tuesday Pt1, 13th July 2021 is here..


The Episode started with Chintu said we can contact this boy’s family now. He showed the newspaper and said his name is Madhav. Atharv took the newspaper. Suman got worried. Atharv called Vividha. Vividha said Ravish, it’s some unknown number.

Ravish stopped the car and answered call. Atharv said I read about Madhav, he is safe, he is just scared. Ravish told Vividha that Madhav is safe. Ravish thanked him. Atharv said I can understand, tell me where to get him. Ravish said I will come, thanks.

Atharv said I will get him near the garden area, it’s not far from my house, can we meet there. Ravish said fine, can we know your name. Atharv sans Raghav. Ravish said I will reach soon.Vividha asked Ravish to take her to Madhav soon and they left. Atharv asked Madhav to rest, I will take you to your parents. Madhav asked shall we leave now.

Atharv said not now, we will go in some time. He took Madhav to the room. He asked him to sleep. Madhav said my mummy said one should not sleep with shoes. Atharv asked him to remove the shoes. Madhav said I don’t know, my mummy makes me wear shoes and she only removed it, can you get off my shoes please. Atharv helped him out. Madhav held him and slept. Atharv looked on.

Atharv sat by his side. Ravish and Vividha are on the way. Suman scolded Chintu. Chintu and Kalindi asked what happened. Suman said Chintu ruined everything, what was the need to show ad to Atharv. Guddi asked what’s wrong. Suman said you know who is that child, he is not any run away kid, he is Madhav Vashisht, Ravish and Vividha’s son.

They all got shocked.Suman said I worked hard for 4 years that Atharv and Vividha do not come in front of each other, you have ruined it, I will not let them meet. Madhav woke up and asked Atharv to get up, I have to go to my parents. Atharv said fine, we will go. Suman saw them. Atharv went to the washroom.

Madhav sat to wear shoes and tried to tie the laces. Guddi asked what are you doing. He saw Suman. Guddi asked what are you seeing there. He said bad Badi Maa, did she go. She said there is no one, don’t be sad, keep smiling.Atharv got ready. Madhav asked him to hurry up. Atharv said let me get ready. Madhav said my mummy and Papa are not coming to take you, why are you getting so much ready. Atharv asked what are you staring at, we are going, wait.

Madhav greeted him and said it’s late, come fast. Atharv asked him to go downstairs. Madhav said you will take more time if I go.Atharv asked do you talk to mummy and Papa this way. He said this boy got me a headache. He said I am glad you are going. Madhav said I am more happy, my mummy and Papa love me a lot, my Papa is the best. Atharv asked what’s his name. Madhav said Ravish, and mummy is also very nice.

Atharv asked what’s your mummy’s name. Madhav said Vividha. Atharv started thinking. Suman and Guddi hid and looked on.Atharv said whatever, it’s good we got them, else you would have gone to the orphanage. Madhav asked if you left me in such place, I would have run away and taught you a lesson. Atharv smiled and said naughty, wait.Ravish and Vividha reached the place and waited. She became worried.

Ravish asked her to relax. Madhav run in the house. Everyone smiled. Atharv said he is a problem, he is not a kid, he is so naughty. Guddi said we have to drop him to his parents, but you have a meeting, you won’t be able to reach on time. Suman signalled Guddi.Vividha said maybe he is waiting somewhere else. Ravish said we stayed here in this city before, they will come, wait. Guddi said we will drop Madhav. Chintu said I will drop him. Guddi said yes, it will be good and Atharv agreed.

Chintu took Madhav.Madhav teased Atharv and he smiled. He stopped Chintu and said I will drop him. Suman became shocked. Vividha said call him and ask when will he come, I will call. Ravish said he called us, he will come, Raghav will come. She asked Raghav. He said yes, that man said this name. She recalled Raghav’s incoming call on Suman’s number and thinks why do I feel strange by this name. Guddi said but you have a meeting.

Atharv said no, I will drop him, I spoke to his dad, he is my responsibility, the meeting is not important. Suman stopped him and gave him milk. She cleared the powder from the glass. She asked Atharv to drink , he drank it and left.Ravish asked Vividha not to worry, they will be reaching. She asked Ravish to call him. They saw the white car coming.Precap:Madhav got down from the car and run to Vividha and Ravish.

Vividha hugged him and cried. He said I am fine and hugged Ravish. Vividha walked towards the car saying Raghav ji, thanks a lot.

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